A Surprise new site!

So there I was, casually surfing the net, when Classic Gaming pulled the rug right out from under my site! And not JUST my site …….. every site UMMXZ was hosing including Planet Megaman. No e-mail, no message left, no warning. Nuthing.

And this suits me just fine since I had just finished setting everything up at the new URL which you have obviously found if you’re reading this.

Of course I’d LIKE to have set up a redirect for a while. That’d be nice. But that ain’t happening, at least not in the foreseeable future. So, good-bye Classic Gaming and Hello Zelda Universe (via Planet Megaman).

Everything here has been set up to work with two exceptions. The roms and the A-H speak section. Why? Well, I never intend to update the roms. Ever. And the Xtreme Team ……… has been dealt with in such a way that I’m satisfied. Seeing as that’s that I probably won’t return the A-H speak section anytime soon, but …… you never know.

And so here we are. Two years after we moved to Classic Gaming. Hopefully this place will be even bigger and better.

A-H section returns, Chinese Game mystery solved, Pirate game page split up! Oh, and more images have been added to the bios..

Back in the day, this page achieved high recognition because I relied to the many flames that were thrown at us in a section called the “Ass holes speak”. When I moved to the new server, Classic Gaming had a bit of a problem with profanity used there and also the flames had cooled allot, so I ditched the section. Well, lost content always bothered me, so I waited until a time when I could return the section. Now, armed with a powerful disclaimer placed prominately on the page, the section returns! And I’ve added a new entry to it as well (which will mark the final update for that section). View the old section in the miscellaneous page.

A few days ago I was contacted by a dude who actually own one of the pirate games listed on my page – Rockman the Power Battle PC! Go to the Chinese games page to see startling discoveries and information that will intrigue you for an entire minute! Also, I added more to the “Rockboard” game.

Finally, I split up the pirate games page. There’s just too many images! Y’know, I once told Auto that Rock wasn’t too popular among pirates, and he told me I was dead wrong ……. and it looks like I was.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. TV images of Needle and Hard have been added to the bios. Courtesy of Wolf Eclispe.

Second Year Anniversary! Grand reopening!

We’re back ladies and gentlemen! On a bad-ass server with more room, more bandwidth and more technical support! This move couldn’t have happened at a better time either for it is (as I have mentioned before) our second year anniversary. Outlasting the vast, vast majority of Megaman Teams, the Mechanical Maniacs have survived and prospered.

The first update you should notice is that I added new custom mugshots to replace the old mugs from multiple games. This is to reflect the image I want to maintain for the team. Another cosmetic update is that I have removed the comet cursor from the page. Apparently many people didn’t like it, but were “too nice to tell me”!!! OY! Perhaps next time I ask for feedback, more people will say something.

I have removed the A-holes speak section. Classic Gaming prohibits the massive swearing and racially offensive remarks usually thrown at us by people in the section. I was given the option of merely censoring it, however, it serves little purpose anymore so I removed it. I don’t update the section anymore anyway so I was toying with the idea of removing it before the big move. However, the “Book of Larceny” can still be accessed in the miscellaneous section for it’s the very best out of that entire section. Also added to the miscellaneous section is the polls once found in the left frame.

Another new epilogue has been posted continuing the adventures of the Megaman 3 Team. Who can stop them from littering our planet with their garbage?? Read “Littering is Bad For Our Planet!” by me – Gauntlet!

The Guestbook has returned. I think the insanity has died down by now. At any rate, it’s now being maintained by Geminiman, not I.

Also returned is the roms section featuring pirate and freeware roms. If you don’t get my meaning it has LEGAL NONCOMMERCIAL roms. No licensed Megaman games. Find your illegal stuff elsewhere, you hooligans! The Mechanical Maniacs respects and maintains the integrity of the video game industry and will never aid you all in your evil quest to rip them off! *laughs* You can find pirate games in there though. Kick ass rare pirate games which is what I love about the emulation scene.

The image gallery now includes the Super Transforming Metool animation I made of the 8-bit metool. A 328 frame animation. It’s probably the LAST animation I’m gonna do for a very long time. Also new in the gallery is Neo Geo Pocket single sprites. Rare as can be these sprites can be found no where else! Well, that is until Sprites Inc. finally gets around to fully ripping them.

And now the Game Graphics section has been fully completed. I had originally planned on stretching out the releases for the level maps over a long course of time, however, I decided to stop playing these games and so the section now has the last of the MM3 robot master level maps available for you to download!

I also found a new team to the links section. However, it had already disbanded when I found it. Cossack’s Soldiers. If you know of any Megaman team NOT on my list, whether it be active or disbanded tell me. Updating that list is a fun hobby! I also added the Ultimate Megaman X and Zero Webpage to the links section. They were kind enough to host us, and their site beats all anyway!

Lastly, and most importantly, I have added a new, long-awaited section. The manga scans featuring selected art from the Rockman Megamix mangas! The selection is pretty decent and is sure to grow with time! No, these are not the same images you’ve seen in a dozen other Megaman sites, these images have been scanned by me, Gauntlet, from my own collection. Satisfaction guaranteed!!

Ass holes, Guides, member’s bios

Usually I don’t do two-day updates, but a flame war in the ol’ forum abides updates in at LEAST the ass holes section.

The ass holes section features a new entry from the guestbook and a all-new e-mail from “Ninja Gaiden”. And my hunch as to he really is is proven correct. This and some forum entries are in the ass holes section.

And since the flame war was with the (who else?) Xtreme Team, I update my guide to “the stupid pointless feud with the Xtreme Team” in my Guides section. It’s updated whenever something new with out stupid, pointless feud happens. Mostly so I can just point people to the reason they hate our guts. And also as a stress reliever. A big thanks to Magma Dragoon from the X-Force for his support in this – in the Xtreme Team’s forum no less. He’s a pal.

And, in a lesser note, I have added new images scanned from Nintendo Power magazine to the bios page! I have made the images transparent on the images from Auto that were not transparent before, and have updated Top’s image which was not of Auto’s collection. I have also added custom sprites I made (the ones I use in epilogues). I’ve also found manga scans of Snake and Top, but I’m waiting permission to use them. Hopefully, I’ll get said permission. Copies I took are cleaned up and all ready to be used.

And now, awaiting more nasty replies in my G-book and e-mail from people who “are not part of the XT” (yeah, right), Gauntlet is signing out.

Ass holes

Well, I was almost without updates today, but someone decided to try and flame the site again. It’s our old pal, Ninja Gaiden! I suppose I should thank him, because if he hadn’t I probably woulda went with one of my patented BS updates. This time I had some fun and, instead of totally deleting his entry I merely edited it … a little. Hah! I also added some real quotes from people who’ve read the section over at the bottom.

Epilogues are going strong. I’ve almost finished #8, but I’m not releasing it until S3 is good and ready. Just thought I’d tell you that so you don’t think I have forgotten it.

Some bad news thought. The Megaman X4 team has shut it’s doors. MD is feeling a little low. Go drop him a line. His site is listed in the team links section located in the links section. The X-F page DOES load BTW, it’s just a javascript thing, so you have to wait for a few seconds. It does work though.

Ass hole, misce., links, guestbook

Well, it’s been a bit, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy lately. Still am, actually. Progress is slowing, but it hasn’t stopped.

First up, a new ass hole. This one actually wrote something almost intelligent, and thus I respond. We get too many idiots trying to flame us, it’s more work to actually respond to that nonesense.

I’ve updated the team links a little. The Homestead teams don’t look like their coming back any time soon, so I’ve moved them to the former teams section. Pharoah says he’s gonna revive the MMX3 team, but until it actually happs, it’s gonna stay put on my former team section.

I’ve added a “retro” version of the site in the mice. section. Basically, it’s how I think the site might’ve been in 1996. If you weren’t into these MM pages back then, you might not know that things were subtly different. I even found a sprite of Pixelboy!

The Roms were hosted on Homestead. The roms are now blocked by Homestead. The roms section does not work. I dunno whether it’d be worth my time to redo that section. It gets PLENTY of hits, but I dunno if it’s worth the trouble of reopening it. If you want the roms section active, e-mail me or post something in the forum. Otherwise, I won’t bother with it.

Speaking of forums, I’ve finally figues out what was wrong with the Senac one and have taken control of it. I’ve erased posts and issued bans to the appropriate parties. I’ve made it match the rest of the page as well.

The guestbook has gotten pretty damn full and so I move onward to another. Unfortunately the one I signed up for is very, very slow, so I might not use it. I’ll let you know when I’ve decided on a new one.

You might be wondering whether I’ve forgot about the epilogues. I haven’t, actually. My staff and I are actually working on them as we speak. We have quite a few done, but none are going to be posted until we have enough to satisfy me.

I’d also like to announce I came in second in Sigmah’s Ultimate Fan Art Contest (also known as UFAC). Hooray for me! My entries wil be posted …… eventually.

Ass hole

A very special ass hole has been put in the ass holes section. And, for once, it’s not the incoherent asshole who usually gives the site trouble! Frankly, those assholes aren’t even worth replying to. So go, and veiw the ass-hole action.

I’ve also updated some links. Snakeman’s base seems to be down. I’ll give it another month or so. I added Acts of Gord. Fear the Gord!

Ass holes, Image Gallery, Rogues Gallery

2 weeks worth of the same exact person in the ass holes section. See the amazing waste of time!

Topman recently made many faces showing a different emotional state. Image gallery for that! I also fixed the big MM groupshot.

The Rogues Gallery has also been updated with more current information and more rogues!

Remember to check over at the Sinister Six’s site for Ice’s new epilogue and Character gallery. I helped him with that. Try to guess which parts had my influence!