Megaman Mysteries, The War

Megaman Mysteries as been updated. Megaman 3 Mysteries getting a few more updates, amazingly enough. Found some more magazine scans and added a new screenshot of Megaman backside edited into the get weapons screen while rewriting that paragraph to reflect the new information. I also added a hacked rom (including emulator and savestate) showing Protoman “transforming” into Breakman.

I also rewrote the few paragraphs about Breakman. Some people thought that I thought Protoman was brainwashed. Well, I never did. So I rewrote that part of the article and added some information on Protoman’s story (that I was unaware of when I wrote first wrote the article).

Megaman X Mysteries now includes an unused frame for Valguarder’s head.

Misc. Classic Mysteries includes actual screenshots proving that, as everyone knows, the game *is* Rockman 8.5.

Expect some more information, especially concerning Megaman 7 and the EXE series. That stuff still needs to be organized some before I can include it.

In other news, Magnetman’s War project has started. A new subforum has been created for it. It’s a pretty exciting project in it’s scope and it includes almost all the classic series-based Megaman teams.

New forum! Old X-F epilogues!

Yes, that’s right! Although I don’t like to move after only a year, we’ve moved the forum anyway! The downtimes, spambots, accidental bannings, and everything else is done away with! The old board will be shut down about Sunday, so save what you want quick.

In other news, Ben has found some old X-Force stuff which lets me update the Sinister Six’s X-Force epilogues section to be more complete.

Firstly, their origin story has been posted. Along with their very first epilogue, long thought forever lost. Next a new Dawn’s intro and part one of an ep that would forever change the X-Force (it was never finished). This introduced the last X-Force team which had Class and Ice in it. I’ve also added the X-Force:AU eps. Ben was very excited about the whole concept when he started, but it fizzles out after only four eps (in two two-part stories). Now he hates them. Nevertheless it’s there (and was referenced in one of my own eps). Finally, all the old bios that Ben gave me (along with the ones I could find on are now in a member’s section. Which about rounds the X-Force Nostalgia section off, I’d say.

The X-Force eps (along with the S6 ones) really meant allot to me. They were part of my very first experiences here in the Megaman Community (and the internet in general) and seeing them all as a complete set brings allot of good memories back. They may not mean much to new people, but to me they’ll always be special. So check ’em out if you haven’t already!

No Update ….. Sort of ….

Well, there’s sort of been an update ….. I’ve been fixing alot of the back-end code stuff. Hopefully those with slower modems will notice a difference….

Of, and be sure to visit the forums. And to design a villain for the Design a Villain contest.

Feb 11th Update: Decided to re-code the entire site in XHTML. I figured this would be fast with my HTML prog, but ….. naturally trhere were bugs. ALOTTA bugs. SHOULD have fixed ’em all by now, though. An, hopefully …. the site will run alot faster now. And if it doesn’t, then …. I’ll just stab myself in the leg …. or something.

Forum Issues

Just to make an announcement.

We know there are issues with the forum. We’re bugging the server to fix them. This is all we can do about it. Until it’s solved, just bear with it.

That is all.

MM3 No Jitsu!

Long story short: I cannot work with Nyne anymore. Working on MMC was one, big, uphill battle. And I’m through with it.

So we’ve moved from MMC! Now we’re with the Sinister Six on our own space and forum! So …. be there or be square!

New Layout!

The FTP was restored TODAY!

And with it comes the dawn …. of a NEW layout! GONE is the cluttered leftframe! GONE are cluttered image galleries! The site now works with the “nuts & bolts” section by using it as a site directory while the main links are at the top and bottom!

The Image Galleries have received MASSIVE redesigns. Now they have THUMBNAILS. Lots …. and LOTS ….. of bloody THUMBNAILS. SOMEBODY better pat me on the back, because making all those things was hard to do.

The forum has also been moved. So, flock there, ye faithfulls, if you haven’t already.

Past layouts have been added to the Nuts & Bolts page, including the previous 8-bit layout.

*wipes sweat from brow*

whew…. that was a LOT of work.


It’s a new month and a new epilogue. This one was made by Geminiman. Good readin’!

Meanwhile …. UMMF is still down. But that’s okay since I have bigger things to worry about. Go to the “temp.” forum for chatting and general question-asking.

Also, we have one spot left for affiliation. So either I gotta find a new one myself, or someone has to send me a request.

Also, I’ve been receiving complaints about the full-screen ads …… well, I can’t do anything about that. Hell, I get unlimited space and it’s free and all I gotta do is write about Megaman. So, if the cost is a full screen ad (which is easily gone if you refresh, by the way) then boo-friggin-hoo, I don’t care.

UMMF Down …. again

Damn, our forum luck is bad.

Seems the recyled hosting people discovered Ed was hosting other people and revoked his membership. Without notice. So this time posts and accounts made directly after the reopening were lost.

I do NOT have the luck when it comes to forums, do I? Well, it should be back in a few weeks. Again. For now, the old Proboards have been enabled to give us a place to talk while we wait for things to get sorted out.

Image Gallery, Pirate Sprites, New Quiz, forums

Yet another update. This one has a nice bit o content.

First up is new unused sprites. From Megaman 4. Ever wonder why they never made more sprites for the Wily talking bit? Wonder no more.

Also, there is more added to the Rocman X sheet in the pirate sprites section (in the image gallery). Remember how, in the pirate games section, I said it was based off a gameboy game called “ThunderClashman”? Well, I ripped those sprites too. And they’re even more like Rockman than in the “Rocman X” game! Go look.

New Quiz made by me. “Which Megaman are you??” Are you Megaman X, Megaman EXE, or possibly ….. the MM1 box art Megaman!? You know the drill, go to the quiz and fill it out!

Also, I’d like to announce that the forums are NOT DEAD! Sigmah moved them to the bluebomber server to avoid the glitches that were plaguing his server. The move is “temporary”. In fact it moved a month ago, but people for some reason didn’t bother checking the announcement that the forum moved. Must be blind. At any rate, there’s no need to re-regester, all your accounts and posts have been preserved. The link to the forums on this page is correct.

Chinese games, pirate games, guides, NP images

Both those sections have now been updated with a few new games. The pirate games page has gotten so huge, I may just have to split it up.

Also updated is the guides section. I’ve added a short essay on Megaman pages. My thoughts on what makes a good webpage and what makes a bad webpage. Writing began at 3:00 AM, so that guide is a tad more surly than others I’ve wrote.

In the profiles are better scans of the Nintendo Power MM3 guys. Although I left the small size restrictions, they really are bigger than the originals. Considering how big the galleries are for the characters, I may just have make the section have more of a gallery-style feel to it. In related news I’ve linked to Wolf Eclipse. He’s letting me use some MM TV show images featured on his site. After editing, they’ll appear in the profiles page.

Also, remember to check out the Ultimate Megaman Forums (which, for all intents and purposes is MMU). Most of the main MM teams convene there, so it’s an ideal place to see what’s happening in the team-scene.