AXE Walkthrough Penultimate Update

Coming at you live from the Mech’s Meet where I can apparently make updates even on the road. It helps that I finished these two walkthrough pages before leaving and just needed to uncheck a box over here on the other side of the country. So today is the last two walkthrough pages that were stinking up the index page with their lack of linkage. Maps and Virus Breeder. Now I could probably say the walkthrough is finally complete, but there are a few more tasks to complete in the existing pages before that. At least now the links are all there so it looks complete to the naked eye.

AXE’s EXE3 Walkthrough, art, comic

I’ve been spending the last month and a half finishing up the walkthrough, at least the storyline part. All nine chapters have been finished. There were ten chapters before, but that was just so it would match up with VI’s EXE1 walkthrough, which is also numbered wrong. I just combined the “Helping Tora” and the “Plantman” scenarios as originally intended. Now I just need to add supplementary pages for the walkthrough, which shouldn’t take much longer. I already have most of the data, just need to organize it.

Also updated today are Akutare’s and Beastman’s art galleries. My embarassing Inter-Mission comic experiment continues with no discernible improvement, except perhaps in the lettering department.

AXE Art, EXE3, Navi Marks, and Comic

Annihilation updates again with stuff in the art gallery, new sprites in Drill’s and Beast’s bios, and an in-depth guide to Bubbleman’s scenario in the walkthrough.

There’s a big update and overhaul to the Navi Marks Gallery. Now’s definitely the time for your own submissions, since I’ve pretty much wrapped up the official portion of the project, added a template and guide, and revealed some of the very unorthodox symbols from various outside inspirations I’ve made over the years.

Then, to top it all off, there’s a very special Inter-Mission…in comic form. DRAWN comic form! Crappily drawn at the last minute using an old script by Nijubu and full of amateurish mistakes since I haven’t drawn a comic in years and was never very good at it to begin with drawn comic form, but drawn comic form nonetheless. Drawing a regular comic series is something I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, and now I’m finally taking the first steps towards it.

New Annihilation updates

Well it wasn’t “very soon”, but here it is. Check out the Fiction section for a couple stories introducing a couple of our new members, and another account touching us up on one of the guys that stuck around. These stories have been finished for a few months, but wouldn’t you know it was MY job that kept getting put off for weeks and weeks. I finally brought over the rest of the old site though, which means it’s shutting down. If you look around, you may find a few things that are relatively new in the sense they probably should have been on the old site but were instead just sitting unused on my computer for some reason. One such lost and found work is the Battlechip database which can be found under “Data“. There’s still a lot of unfinished projects laying around and hopefully we’ll actually complete them some day. Next update should see the start of the new main storyline, some special artwork to accompany it, and if we’re lucky, some other tidbits, and if we’re really lucky, it will actually be done within the month.

Gauntlet’s Guide to Galvatron Mk2

With Unicron seeing a Guide, is it a surprise to find that I’ve written a new guide to Galvatron as well?? Well, it shouldn’t be!

This guide has a detailed analyses of the evolution of Galvy’s design. From his toy version, to his comic version and the TV magazine version – no stone is left unturned!

I’ve also reformatted the EXE guide and the MM3 guide to reflect the layout of the site and not to have their own layouts. Just seems more professional…

Epilogue! Quizzes!

What? A new epilogue up? Do I even make those anymore?

Well, I haven’t made one, but Spark Chan has! Part one of her origin story has been uploaded and is ready to go!

Also, the Quizzes have all been fixed. Not the images are hosted under Photobucket, which I believe to be MUCH more stable than Planet-Megaman will EVER be. May they never need fixing again! Furthermore, the links to the Quizzes have been moved to the Nuts and Bolts section. For further cleanup, the Megaman Battle Network Guide link has been removed and can only be found in the Guides section now. So take those quizzes and read that guide!

Additionally, the site is going up and down due to PMM’s attempt at a site restoration. So, please be patient with that.

Epilogues, EXE Walkthrough

The epilogues section was updated once again with the add-on story done in the old EZboard forum. Those of you who used to frequent it may recall this insane epilogue. Well, it’s been sprited, edited, and is all set for viewing.

Anyone who remembers the old team Viral Infection must recall that the lion’s share of updates went to the walkthrough. And so, after hours of tedious work, I have resorted the walkthrough here for everyone to see! Shall this become a new section – game walkthroughs? Will there be even more? No. But this is quite possibly, the most in-depth walkthrough of Battle Network EVER so, if you haven’t played the game or are STILL having some trouble, you may wanna check it out. The only thing that’s missing is the chip index since those images were lost.

Walkthrough, Animations, Epilogues

The Walkthrough has been updated. I was never happy with how the last few “hints” turned out, so I’ve made them better. Changed are the hints for Needleman, The Doc Robot stages, and the Wily stages.

Geminiman has given me more of his sprite animation for people to view. You can find them in the Image Gallery.

And the epilogues have finally resumed. Series 4 has begun with a brand new epilogue by myself.

Affiliation has been going well. There’s one spot left now.