Happy 2017, Mechs Meet 2016

Another year has gone by. There have been laughs and there have been tears. And there was the Mechs Meet, wherein the team meets up in real life for real life shenanigans! Which amounts to just kinda hanging out and chillin’. This time the write up was done much, much later, but the important part is that it was done! Read up on the latest meet and see the photo gallery too.

The Mechs Meet and Art

It came, it rocked, and now it’s over. And once more a log of this year’s Mechs Meet is now up. This time it’s brought to you by none other than myself (with some additions by Magnet and Snake) instead of just Snake himself taking notes. So it’s a slightly different flavor of log this time around.

And here’s some long-awaited art I’ve wanted to add to the galleries. I’ve been saving these for a rainy day, but there’s actually a backlog of content to be posted, so the sooner, the better! Here’s some recent-ish art I made inspired by Captain N and some old Megaman Team Community Christmas art made when that was a whole thing. It features the Mechs, so I figured I’d post it up here.

Mechs Meet 2014

Just over a month ago, Gauntlet, Needlegal, Rich, our new Sparkman, and I converged on Topman’s home city of Montreal for our (almost) annual (usually) summer meet-up. As usual, I’ve chronicled our shenanigans with a log and photo gallery. Special thanks to Rich for contributing to the write-up and to Spark for contributing to the pics!

Mechs Meet 2012

It’s that time of summer again. A few of the Mechs made it out to the Toronto area for FanExpo, a trip to Canada’s Wonderland, and the usual bouts of gaming and nonsense. Check out the log and the gallery.

Mechs Meet 2011

About a month ago, we gathered in Gauntlet’s neck of the woods once again and had some good times seeing FanExpo, driving around the Toronto area, missing turnoffs, doing impressions of comedians doing impressions of celebrities doing impressions of other celebrities, and playing video games. Check out the log and the gallery.

Mechs Meet 2010!


Does it seem a few weeks early? Well, the gathering was a month early, it happened a couple weeks ago. There may be videos of some sort later on, if we ever get something useable out of them. That’s not my department, I just write about it. Don’t forget to check the photo gallery too.

It’s that time of year again.

Meanwhile, I also snuck in that last little AXE walkthrough update I wanted. The boss guide now has full details on each version of each boss.

AXE Walkthrough Penultimate Update

Coming at you live from the Mech’s Meet where I can apparently make updates even on the road. It helps that I finished these two walkthrough pages before leaving and just needed to uncheck a box over here on the other side of the country. So today is the last two walkthrough pages that were stinking up the index page with their lack of linkage. Maps and Virus Breeder. Now I could probably say the walkthrough is finally complete, but there are a few more tasks to complete in the existing pages before that. At least now the links are all there so it looks complete to the naked eye.

Mech’s Meet 2009 Log

It’s that time again. That time when I ramble on about all the fun we had when the team travelled in from all over to spend a few days hanging out, sightseeing, playing games, and coming up with obscure in-jokes with which to baffle the rest of you.

Read all about it here!

The Mechs Meet 09 Ends

Some may have noticed my absence over the last week. This is due to the 3rd annual meeting of the Mechs that ended just today. Well, I have returned from my trip to the states and, although shorter than some of the other meets, it was definitely memorable since I finally got to meet Spark Chan live and in person. As always Snake is handling the log, so you can expect those to come up soon.