Megaman Mysteries Adding and Cleaning

Good Lord, did this update take forever! It’s been a while since I last updated the mysteries (since about January) and a whole lot has cropped up since then!But don’t think you’ve seen every new addition to the articles if you’ve just been looking at other places. No, I’ve dug up some new tidbits all my own as well. Although, I must admit that a great deal has been found by other people, just as dedicated as I am to uncovering more MM factoids and tidbits. But pay attention to the Game Gear, Power Battles, MM7, MM8, and MM4 (spoiled somewhat by the above) for my own additions.

Not only that, but I’ve also added some choice images and info from the R20 artbook to a few choice articles. I did this judiciously. The images are of low quality on purpose. While I want to show people how the various behind-the-scenes information might be strung together, I also want to support Capcom in their awesome MM artbook. So, consider the images here teasers. If you want better, I suggest buying the book. It’s coming out in English.

But this isn’t just about adding things. The Mysteries have all been cleaned up. Data of a similar type has been moved around, the intro for MM3 Mysteries now serves as the intro for the entire set of mysteries, and both the Star Force and Battle Network articles have thumbnails. Laziness on my part stopped me from doing that at first, but it really had to be done. As nice as it is to get the information straight away, it made the articles look like shit. On top of that is some judicious editing here and there to improve flow.

Maybe my next update on the mysteries won’t take so long … that’d be a good way to cut down on the work involved!

PC sprites, Megaman Mysteries

You know those ugly Megaman PC sprites I have? Well, the PC3 sprites have been completely re-ripped. Frenkel, of S&F Productions, has made a sprite viewer in DOS and I used that to create extensive sprite sheets containing …. every single sprite in the game. Including many unused sprites.

Which brings me to Megaman Mysteries. Not only are notes on the PC games expanded, but also some tidbits on debug modes for MM5 and 6. GoldS has found some interesting things about the SNES games, especially X1. MM9 has some things that people already know about. And Star Force has more “lost” BN5 textures. Even MM1 has a new sprite discovered … an unused door!?

A Mess of Mysteries and RM Strategy!

Good Lord, this update took a long time to organize. And, really … I didn’t even get everything I wanted in there. But it’s been held up long enough. I present … the big Megaman Mysteries update.

And it really is the *big* update. There’s something new, even if it’s just a *little* something new, in each and every one of those articles. Megaman 3 has a couple unused sprites now found. Megaman X has Command Mission and xtreme beta pics. Miscellaneous Classic Mysteries has the secret of Crorq’s driver in PC3 (among other things). But that isn’t even the biggest update.

The really big update comes in the forum of massive updates to just about all BN games courtesy of, mostly, Mega Rock.EXE of the Rockman EXE Zone. He’s the super sleuth of the BN series. And thanks to him and a member of his community, Starforce (who wrote the article), we have a (you guessed it) Star Force Mysteries section, covering things discussed in his forum. Wouldn’t have happened without ’em … mostly because I still haven’t actually played any Star Force games.

But we’re still not through yet! My article on Rockman Strategy receives it’s first update in … maybe years. Namely notes on how to cheat … and a rather frustrating boss in the game – Capricorn. And how to cheat your way to victory. And it also now contains save states that can take you straight to the final and seni-final levels of the game! So, you don’t have to struggle your way through it if you don’t want to.

The Downloads section also now has Save State Masters, a handy save state altering program made a long time ago by a pal I haven’t seen in a long while – Nightmare Zero. An oldie, but a goodie; I don’t think he’d mind me posting his old program.

So, that’s it for now. I’m beat!


The Video Section has now been integrated into the Coppermine Gallery. Hooray for workarounds! Videos by Classi and the christmas card by Anime Master are now located in the appropriate section. The War videos are fine the way they are, I think.

New to the section is the Rockman 3 commercial that premiered at Rockman Perfect Memories. I didn’t steal it from them, tho. I stole it from Nico Nico Video (aka Japanese You Tube). Even so, out of respect for their getting it first I have waited this long to put it up.

The Classic Megaman Mysteries section has gotten another update. This time, videos donated by Joseph Collins have been added to the Megaman 7 part of the article. They’re of him playing through the Sample version of the game.

Updates have slowed somewhat …. mostly due to behind-the-scenes beating around of ideas and such. Rest assured though, we are still going on strong!

The Business of War

This is one of the final updates for the Business of War!

The penultimate stage is up! As are the last of the Stage Summaries. Let’s all give Raijin some applause. He’s worked hard to make all these summaries and I know I would be lost without them.

Also up is a list of Sword Users, also compiled by Raijin. We’ve just noticed there were quite a few swords being used in the War and we decided to keep track a bit. Beware of spoilers!

Also up is a flash Map of War. This was made by me and Raijin. Raijin was invaluable in making the initial images and actually looking up where everything was. I just made the Flash file.

Also up is the Live Action Buisness of War videos made by Anime Master as well as commentaries!

War’s running into the home stretch now … and the best is yet to come! Stay tuned for the end of the epic that rocked the Team Scene! The end of the Business of War … it’s coming!

But that’s not all! A big hand goes out to Joseph “Doc Lithius” Collins who used my Rockman Mega World level select codes to bring us accurate damage data on all bosses from the Rockman Megaworld game. I’ve compiled that, as well as the codes, and some new observations into a single article that is now online. Now we can see which weapon is, statistically, the best of the best from the first three Megaman games!

The Most Awsomest Update EVA

Hot on the heels of our incredible video update comes something even more spectacular. News that will rock the Megaman Gaming community to it’s core. Or, at least, the gaming community that loves the Classic Series.

Long have I ranted about how perfect a collection would be if they made master weapons transferable from game to game. Little did I realize this game had already been made. Ladies and Gentlemen (and children of all ages) I bring you: Rockman Megaworld codes! Using a level selector code I found (and values I actually had to guess, which made the code a damn hassle) I have made it so that you can bring any set of weapons you wish into the first three megaman games. Follow the above link and scope out the Wily Wars section for more information.

Megaman Mysteries

Classic Megaman Mysteries has a bit added to it regarding the Rockman 7 Sample edition recently covered by Sprites INC. I actually helped research it and wasn’t going to cover it until I had 100% adequate material … however allot of people are planning on writing articles on it and, since I helped to research the game, I’d be remiss not to pump out an article to try and beat out some other people who hope to do the same. So I’ve merged what I know with the stuff already covered on MM7 into the main Classic Mysteries article. Enjoy.

Misc. MM Classic Mysteries now sees info regarding MM5GB as well, to complete the “impossible battles” coverage.

Videos, Megaman Mysteries

Wow. Allot of updates today!

First up is the new Video section. That contains, not only Business of War stuff, but also a Megaman 3 video made by Spark Chan (Classi Cal).

Next up is a humongous Megaman Mysteries update. it really is huge. Not only have all the articles been formatted (so reading them isn’t a chore), but there’s lots of info present.

Megaman X7 has a new screen of an X7 E3 promo (just the title screen tho). And X2 has some crap added to it.

Classic Megaman Mysteries has the removal of some USED sprites and an unused sprite added to MM8.

MM3 Mysteries has some technical stuff added thanks to Sean Kelly. There’s some interesting notes on Geminiman’s starfield and the Rush Drill concept as well as others.

Megaman Battle Network Mysteries sees a huge update, thanks (for the most part) to Mega Rock.exe.

And Miscellaneous Megaman Mysteries sees notes on many games, particularly the Gameboy series (thanks goes to Jade and Nightmare Zero on that).

Megaman Mysteries, The War

Megaman Mysteries as been updated. Megaman 3 Mysteries getting a few more updates, amazingly enough. Found some more magazine scans and added a new screenshot of Megaman backside edited into the get weapons screen while rewriting that paragraph to reflect the new information. I also added a hacked rom (including emulator and savestate) showing Protoman “transforming” into Breakman.

I also rewrote the few paragraphs about Breakman. Some people thought that I thought Protoman was brainwashed. Well, I never did. So I rewrote that part of the article and added some information on Protoman’s story (that I was unaware of when I wrote first wrote the article).

Megaman X Mysteries now includes an unused frame for Valguarder’s head.

Misc. Classic Mysteries includes actual screenshots proving that, as everyone knows, the game *is* Rockman 8.5.

Expect some more information, especially concerning Megaman 7 and the EXE series. That stuff still needs to be organized some before I can include it.

In other news, Magnetman’s War project has started. A new subforum has been created for it. It’s a pretty exciting project in it’s scope and it includes almost all the classic series-based Megaman teams.

Megaman Mysteries

You have ….. NO idea how long I’ve been waiting to announce this.

Megaman Mysteries now encompasses Megaman Battle Network! I’ve scoured the internet for all the BN beta images I could find to bring you a very long and in-depth article on the differences between the final version and the beta as seen in many, many, MANY screenshots.

This is also the first mystery article NOT written by me. I like Battle Network, but I’m not certain of my knowledge. And so, this article was written by Raijin K. Take a bow!

If you have anything more to add that we might have missed feel free to e-mail me. But, for now: read on!