Epilogue! Quizzes!

What? A new epilogue up? Do I even make those anymore?

Well, I haven’t made one, but Spark Chan has! Part one of her origin story has been uploaded and is ready to go!

Also, the Quizzes have all been fixed. Not the images are hosted under Photobucket, which I believe to be MUCH more stable than Planet-Megaman will EVER be. May they never need fixing again! Furthermore, the links to the Quizzes have been moved to the Nuts and Bolts section. For further cleanup, the Megaman Battle Network Guide link has been removed and can only be found in the Guides section now. So take those quizzes and read that guide!

Additionally, the site is going up and down due to PMM’s attempt at a site restoration. So, please be patient with that.

Weeeee’re BACK!

And none too soon, may I add. Heat wants to wait a bit before bringing the rest of PMM back online, but everyone’s coming back, don’t worry!

As for this site, I’ve done a few internal reorganizations, but it should all be functioning as well as before. Except for the Mechanical Maniacs Moments, while are completely messed up, and the quizzes which ought to be hosted on-site anyway.

However, I do have an update! Check out the Nintendo Power Image Gallery for Megaman 2 image madness. There’s even some new Megaman, Wily, and enemy images so check out the last few of those to see some new ….. and crappy stuff!

Epilogues, Sprites

Series 5 chugs along with another new epilogue! This one actually taking place IN Series 5! No flashbacks or anything. Behold as the ‘Maniacs move into their new base in the newest ep made by yours truly.

The sprites gallery is also seeing an update. I’ve updated the “Gauntlet sprites” gallery with a new recolour of my Doc Robot sprite (in official colours now) and a new custom – Needleman EXE! It’s my first EXE style sprite so I think I did a good job of it. But, the main sprite gallery is also updated. Under “Custom Sprite Creations” I’ve put my second Captain N Sprite Sheet! The first one was surprisingly successful (and got me connected to CaptainN.net to boot) so I’ve made a second. This one features MUCH better sprites than the first with customs and scratch sprites. It has a nice “New tank” right next to it, so it’s impossible to miss.

So, how about that Halloween banner? Pretty freaky, eh? I bet it gave some of you guys chills. Since it was up for only a week, I’ll leave it up for another week.

Also, I noticed the quizzes were somewhat …… totally screwed up. Yeah. Well, those have been fixed too.

For this last segment, I’d like to showcase other “Mechanical Maniacs” across the web. See, even though we have the very unlikely team name of “Mechanical Maniacs”, there are two other pages on the net featuring the SAME name! Mechanical Maniacs – A Japanese (maybe) site featuring mecha! Mechanical Maniacs – A team of mechanics making ….. stuff! Other Mechanical Maniacs ….. unless you become Megaman Teams ….. we salute you!

Image Gallery, Pirate Sprites, New Quiz, forums

Yet another update. This one has a nice bit o content.

First up is new unused sprites. From Megaman 4. Ever wonder why they never made more sprites for the Wily talking bit? Wonder no more.

Also, there is more added to the Rocman X sheet in the pirate sprites section (in the image gallery). Remember how, in the pirate games section, I said it was based off a gameboy game called “ThunderClashman”? Well, I ripped those sprites too. And they’re even more like Rockman than in the “Rocman X” game! Go look.

New Quiz made by me. “Which Megaman are you??” Are you Megaman X, Megaman EXE, or possibly ….. the MM1 box art Megaman!? You know the drill, go to the quiz and fill it out!

Also, I’d like to announce that the forums are NOT DEAD! Sigmah moved them to the bluebomber server to avoid the glitches that were plaguing his server. The move is “temporary”. In fact it moved a month ago, but people for some reason didn’t bother checking the announcement that the forum moved. Must be blind. At any rate, there’s no need to re-regester, all your accounts and posts have been preserved. The link to the forums on this page is correct.

Epilogue Character Quiz, MIDI Boom Box, images

A joint project with Gary of the Sinister Six, we created a “Which epilogue character Would You Be?’ quiz! It encompasses both our epilogue series and even some of the X-Force. A must-see for both fans of our epilogues … and fans of quizzes! And if you’re a fan of neither, well …. check it out anyway!!! You can find it either on the left frame or the Epilogues section!

The MIDI Boom Box has been updated with MIDIs taken from our pals, the late Cossack’s Creations. Since Skull founded this site, I don’t think he’d mind us using his MIDIs. We were good friends before he had to leave the community. Also added is something I’ve been waiting to add for a long, long time……. credits for the MIDIs. They are listed in the player. I see writing these MIDIs as difficult to do as drawing a picture and the authors deserve credit, so contributers are listed. I would have done so sooner, but I didn’t have the right program to let me make MIDIs before.

Added more images to the gallery. This time one of Lennon Forte Chan drew, and a variant colored version which Lennon colored. I also added screen shots of the MMX Beta once featured in Nintendo Power. Good show!

Also, Sparkman, if you’r reading this, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for quite a while now! So, I’m asking you to drop me a line. Very important.