Encore Part 2

It’s the first new epilogue of a brand new year! And what better way to start things off than to dwell on the distant past? Encore Part 2 is now up! And this one actually contains the long-lost intro to the new Sinister Six (which I re-purposed to fit their current continuity).

But that’s not all! I finally noticed that the old Sinister Six Epilogue Contest was never sprited. Yeah, the winner of that thing has been lost to time along with every single other submission. But now the runner ups can be read as proper epilogues. And, yes. I do, occasionally, preform site maintenance on the old site.

Encore Part 1

A few years ago, when I was making the long lost origin of the S6 I had totally forgotten this epilogue even existed!

Back in the day Gary really struggled with how to introduce the "new" Sinister Six and went through several ideas. I remember he asked for my help on it once, but I didn’t like some of the ideas presented and couldn’t really think of a good way to get them to work. Years passed by and I made a "filler" story for him as a joke and shortly afterwards he died. And the story went completely forgotten.

And then I rediscovered it right after filling in the gap myself. Welp, it can still be salvaged! Presenting Encore Part 1! This story deals with some of Gary’s old ideas for an S6 revival that just didn’t see the light of day.

Continuity-wise the story takes place shortly after Ice VS Red and at the end of Series 4.

What’s New is Old

So now you know the untold story of the New Sinister Six. But did you know the Mechanical Maniacs played an integral part in it all? It’s true! Read all about it in What’s New is Old.

Also, all this S6 stuff made me nostalgic, so I updated a bit on the S6’s old page. I remade the Nostalgia Section so it has a layout like one of the S6’s old ones (and added an old Main Page to complete the look). That version of the site was never properly saved anywhere and it kind of went through an evolution. I also found (and archived) Ben’s version of the site (which is probably by favorite version). It’s a pity Archive didn’t have the background (and that Ben himself didn’t have it anymore either). There was also a mess of broken backgrounds and tables, so I fixed that as well.

What’s Old is New

Series 9

It’s throwback Thursday! After compiling notes for the Megaman Teams Wiki I couldn’t help but be reminded that the story of the New Sinister Six’s introduction was left to notes on the site and references in a joke epilogue I made to fill the void at the start of their series. You see, the Sinister Six stories weren’t written in order so there was once large gaps in the series with placeholders for half formed ideas and half written stories. A big hole that was never filled was the introduction to the New Sinister Six.

Well, no longer! It’s high time the hole was filled! So it must be, so shall it be! Based on the notes Gary left behind I bring you the intro of the New Sinister Six: What’s Old is New!

More Soccer Sprites

The Megaman Soccer Conversions Revival sees another update – this time featuring characters form the Sonic crossover! I made most of these, but Radix helped out as well. I also revised The version at the Sinister Six as well, removing most of the new addition there. It feels wrong to constantly update the S6, so I kept the sprites that seemed within the confines of his project and removed the rest.

Raijin has a good thing going with his AXE farewell story, so I’ll leave the updates to him for a time …. and prepare more of my own. And if there’s ever more new characters added to the Classic Megaman canon you can bet there’ll be another Soccer Conversions update!

Guestbook archive

Speaking of old stuff only I really care about, here’s something else everyone’s forgot about – the Guestbook! For a long, long time we had a guestbook here at the Mechs. It moved around a bit, but we eventually settled on Lycos’ Guestbook. That worked out well enough …. until Lycos decided to discontinue the service back in 2012. Now, everyone knows I can’t let minutia like that simply die, so I archived not only all the Mechs content, but the Sinister Six’s as well. And those entries really meant more to me than the ones for the Mechs. It’s just evidence of how long lasting and well loved the site was back in the day. And so, I have painstakingly restored saved copies of the Mech’s guestbook and the Sinister Six’s.

The S6 guestbook presented a bit of a conundrum. Gary experienced a lot of problems and there were actually flames in his book. So I decided to keep flames he responded to and delete those he didn’t. I feel it shows a bit of the site history, so I opted to include them. Anyway, for those interested feel free to browse the archives.

Soccer Re-Revivial and a Lost VI Adventure

This project was completed some time ago in the forums, but I’m only getting around to posting it now. A big thanks to Snakeman, Spark Mandrill, Kaos, and General RADIX for their contributions to this ever-expansive project. View the entire gallery here and at the Sinister Six.

What’s more is that a long-lost part of Viral Infection’s history has now been found by Spikeman. Thanks, Spike! Now Chapter 1 of VI’s saga is viewable in it’s entirety.

Mega Man Soccer Conversions Revival!

Does anyone remember Gary’s old Megaman Soccer Conversion Project over at the Sinister Six? I have always found that to be one of the most memorable projects ever done on that site. And tremendously nostalgic too as it was carried over form the old Ice Palace. Not to let an old idea die,I’ve decided to revive and continue his old project over at the forums. Already we’ve gone through the missing robots from 6-8 and continued on through 9 and 10 and have continued on to cover the various miscellaneous official robot masters and main characters not already covered in Ice’s old project.

This is a forum-based project so follow along in the forums.

Many Sinister Six Updates

Wait, isn’t this site dead? Well, yes. But, due to a variety of reasons, a few links ended up broken. Upon inspection, it was a few more than originally thought. There were some things I had intended to post that were not. And the layout was spread throughout all the pages, making an update infuriatingly difficult.

No longer! I’ve spent the last few days bringing the S6.com up to snuff. The Nostalgia Section has a number of updates.

The Character Profiles, Meet the Six, Sinister Six 101, Ask Cyclone Man, and Sinister Six Survivor all have fixed images.

The Adoption Section, Manga Comic Series, Cartoon Show, Contest Page, Hall of Fame, Mega Man Sprites, PowerBattle Sprites, Conversions, Megaman VS the Sinister Six, Megaman and the Sinister Six Timeline, Megaman Trilogy, Card Game, Sinister Six News Section!, Smash Bros Melee (MMC Style), Awards this site won, Win Iceman’s Award, and the, Hall of Fame / Tribute Graves are all sections that were done a long time ago, but were never added … until now!

But there’s actually a bit of relatively new content too! The Fiction page boasts several stories unseen for years. At a height in the community the S6 went through a small sort of surge. Our own Magnetman created the Sinister Six AU as a way of being an unofficial Sinister Six member. This would lead right into our own event Business of War, made several years after these stories. Whoever was into War will definately want to check these out.

So, for the first time in years and on the Sinister Six ever check out:

Answers (unfinished)



Impact (unfinished)

Economic Ruin

and the Revenge of the Scissor Army (unfinished)