Retro Rewind: Old stories return! And The Mechs Meet 2018!

The past is present as old stories return! First up is SanityisOverRated’s Darkman’s Robot Warriors series! This was quite the hit right at the beginning of the Team Scene, but hasn’t been seen online in years. Back in the day the Mechs were briefly hosts for these stories while Stoneman switched servers.

These are posted without permission, which gave me pause. But I don’t think he’d be TOO mad about my desire to unearth his old work. So if I’ve misjudged apologies in advance.

If you scroll just a bit down you’ll notice a new banner – one leading to the Sinister Six! That’s right, the Sinister Six is now a part of the Mechanical Maniacs, retaining it’s own layout and all it’s content. It’s stories along with those of the X-Force and Darkman’s Robot Warriors can all be found on the Fiction page. It’s looking … really crowded, actually.

You see, a few weeks ago the domain has expired and it took me over two weeks to even notice it was gone. After talking about it with Rich and Ben we felt we no longer really needed that domain, especially since the Mechs and the Sinister Six have shared the same site since the Planet Megaman days. So instead of buying it up again the decision was made to let it go and merge the Sinister Six with the Mechs. I’ve also taken the time to reorganize and rename a few folders to, hopefully, make a bit more sense internally.

As for as epilogues go you may think it nearly impossible to make sense of it all, given the sheer amount of content. Well, I’ve got you covered. I’ve created and greatly revised the Epilogue Timeline which contains the adventures of the Mechanical Maniacs, Sinister Six, X-Force, Cossack’s Comrades, AND Wily’s Warriors in a comprehensive, chronological list detailing points of convergence and filters! This list has been and will continue to be updated.

And, last but not least, the real life adventures of the mechanical Maniacs have been posted detailing this year’s photos and log! This has been ready for quite some time, actually, but just hasn’t been posted yet. So have fun reading up on our latest trip to Montreal!

We haven’t had n update this substantial in quite some time, so I hope you enjoy it.

New forum! Old X-F epilogues!

Yes, that’s right! Although I don’t like to move after only a year, we’ve moved the forum anyway! The downtimes, spambots, accidental bannings, and everything else is done away with! The old board will be shut down about Sunday, so save what you want quick.

In other news, Ben has found some old X-Force stuff which lets me update the Sinister Six’s X-Force epilogues section to be more complete.

Firstly, their origin story has been posted. Along with their very first epilogue, long thought forever lost. Next a new Dawn’s intro and part one of an ep that would forever change the X-Force (it was never finished). This introduced the last X-Force team which had Class and Ice in it. I’ve also added the X-Force:AU eps. Ben was very excited about the whole concept when he started, but it fizzles out after only four eps (in two two-part stories). Now he hates them. Nevertheless it’s there (and was referenced in one of my own eps). Finally, all the old bios that Ben gave me (along with the ones I could find on are now in a member’s section. Which about rounds the X-Force Nostalgia section off, I’d say.

The X-Force eps (along with the S6 ones) really meant allot to me. They were part of my very first experiences here in the Megaman Community (and the internet in general) and seeing them all as a complete set brings allot of good memories back. They may not mean much to new people, but to me they’ll always be special. So check ’em out if you haven’t already!

Mess of S6 Updates

All week was spent on getting the Sinister Six up to speed, so here’s the whack of updates I did for our friends over there. So I’ll just make like a Megaman News site and just quote my exact words from over there.

This is one monster of an update by that zany ninja Gauntlet! It’s high time we get all of Iceman’s Epilogues on the site as well as some things that have been missing from here. So, here goes!

First off, Odin’s and Fusidane’s bios are up in the profiles page for the sake of completion. Things ended badly with Odin and Fushi was barely a part of the S6 before dropping out of sight … but I’m all about record keeping so there you go.

Next up are three new images drawn by Fushindane in the Guest Art Section. They’re all nicely drawn and worth looking at.

Finally, many, MANY epilogue updates!

Season 2 is finally complete as Ice’s old Season 2 ender is now online! Gotta love Ice’s way of moving on to new seasons before the prior one has been done. Welp, Violence on Television is now online.

Epilogue Specials sees an update with an ep I helped write. The Wonderswan Adventure is online! It centers around those crazy Wonderswan Robot Masters.

Season 4 finally has a proper start, with an epilogue created by me – The New team Awakens! It’s a very of-the-wall sort of epilogue and it had Iceman and the other people I showed it to laughing off their seats once it was done.

Iceman’s Terror of Gassman epilogue is now online. Featuring a character created by Dark Napalm.

A parody of Pokemon is now online in an epilogue called Poke’ Napped.

And, I think the final ep Ice made is now online. Titan Trouble – a crossover with the Teen Titans! Which makes every single epilogue Iceman had online and only showed to friends as a preview is now officially part of the site.

But the fun ain’t over yet!

To completely ram this update into the ground I’ve archived all of the old X-Force epilogues. They were a big part of, the S6’s and MM3’s glory days and they deserve a better home than Geocities. Now every single one of those epilogues is online and ready for reading! Ice was a big part of that team and Ben is now part of the Sinister Six, so it’s only fitting to find those old epilogues here.

And that about wrapps up all my planned updates.

Epilogue Character Quiz, MIDI Boom Box, images

A joint project with Gary of the Sinister Six, we created a “Which epilogue character Would You Be?’ quiz! It encompasses both our epilogue series and even some of the X-Force. A must-see for both fans of our epilogues … and fans of quizzes! And if you’re a fan of neither, well …. check it out anyway!!! You can find it either on the left frame or the Epilogues section!

The MIDI Boom Box has been updated with MIDIs taken from our pals, the late Cossack’s Creations. Since Skull founded this site, I don’t think he’d mind us using his MIDIs. We were good friends before he had to leave the community. Also added is something I’ve been waiting to add for a long, long time……. credits for the MIDIs. They are listed in the player. I see writing these MIDIs as difficult to do as drawing a picture and the authors deserve credit, so contributers are listed. I would have done so sooner, but I didn’t have the right program to let me make MIDIs before.

Added more images to the gallery. This time one of Lennon Forte Chan drew, and a variant colored version which Lennon colored. I also added screen shots of the MMX Beta once featured in Nintendo Power. Good show!

Also, Sparkman, if you’r reading this, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for quite a while now! So, I’m asking you to drop me a line. Very important.

Ass holes

Well, I was almost without updates today, but someone decided to try and flame the site again. It’s our old pal, Ninja Gaiden! I suppose I should thank him, because if he hadn’t I probably woulda went with one of my patented BS updates. This time I had some fun and, instead of totally deleting his entry I merely edited it … a little. Hah! I also added some real quotes from people who’ve read the section over at the bottom.

Epilogues are going strong. I’ve almost finished #8, but I’m not releasing it until S3 is good and ready. Just thought I’d tell you that so you don’t think I have forgotten it.

Some bad news thought. The Megaman X4 team has shut it’s doors. MD is feeling a little low. Go drop him a line. His site is listed in the team links section located in the links section. The X-F page DOES load BTW, it’s just a javascript thing, so you have to wait for a few seconds. It does work though.