Arching the Androids Part 2, Articles, and Art

The Ascendant Androids’ adventures with Arch of Darkman’s Robot Warriors continues! Can Arch continue to survive the Androids? An even better question – can the Androids survive the madness Arch brings with him?


But, wait! There more! Wait, really? Yes, really! Thanks to Tyree_Cooper I’ve revised me old Asian PC article to include more information on Rockman 123 and the Rockman Collection! I have to admit I was disinterested in this when I first happened upon it, dismissing it as a knockoff collection of the NES games and nothing more. But there are some (very) minor changes.


Finally, we have some pictures Riajin made a few years ago. Above is the original idea for Cossack’s Creations, before the Comrades reformed. Rich had a notion he’d make a communist-era version of the team complete with sprites, but that never panned out. Raijin made this character sheet based off that abandoned idea. We also now present his character art of the MM6 team – World’s Strongest!

Nintendo Power’s In-House Art

What, an update that doesn’t involve fan fiction!? On a Tuesday!? Yeah, seems that way. Remember when I used to write articles on oddball Megaman trivia? Well, here’s something along those lines.

Hey, does anyone else remember that Yahoo auction featured on Protodude’s blog? the one with really rare Megaman 2 and 3 promo art? Well, I’ve takes the time to track down who made it and it’s influences. It seems to go beyond Nintendo Power! I’ve also looked into another batch of cells made by the same artist.


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AXE Part 5-6, MM Teams Wiki

A massive attack and an inevitable betrayal mark the end of Chronicle 5 of Annihilation. There’s a whole lot of action from here on out.

In other news, Gauntlet has been adding a lot of new info to the MM Teams Wiki. It’s the surprise culmination of a Mechs casefiles project we started years ago, made a bunch of art for, but then didn’t do anything with until Gauntlet found out he owned this Wiki a few weeks ago. It’s a work in progress, but there’s a lot to read up on already. Check it out.

Return of the Mobile coverage

Yes, it’s that time again. The time where I update the list of cell phone games and the screen shot gallery. And I find myself wondering why they chose to have Megaman shoot directly at Dr. Wily in Megaman: Rush Marine. I mean, just look at that. He’s shooting hot plasma directly at Dr. Wily’s head! How does that not violate the laws of robotics? He does the same in the Megaman PC games, so maybe it’s that Megaman is more violent than Rockman. Yeah, let’s stick with that theory.

But more than just the list being updated is some downloadable Megaman cell phone games. This not only includes Rockman Jump (of course), but also Rocket Christmas, Pinball, Space Rescue, and Megaman 3! Megaman 3 actually has all sizes of the game, which means even the tiny sprites used for the low resolution phones. I can’t extract the sprites to the others, but maybe someone else out there can. You can thank Duke Serkol for these downloads!


Standard epilogue ending to tie the Moments in with the standard stuff. The ‘Moments actually take place quite a while ago so that’s the Ark, in case you didn’t know. It’s nice to see such an old project get the end it deserves.

In other news, I finally got a hold of the English version of Ariga’s Megamix. For years I’ve had the Rockman Remix and the original Megamixes and I’m very glad to be able to finally read the stories in them. Well, sort of. Read the article I wrote to get my impression of the English Megamix as well as things it’s missing. Now that it’s translated it’s not quite obscure anymore, but in a few more years I’m sure it will be.

US Box Continuity, MM 10 bosses Revealed

Yes, there’s a new article on the US Box Continuity. It goes into obsessive detail on the entire story as described by the boxes and manuals of the classic series including Megaman 9.

Speaking of which …

The Megaman 10 boss roundup is:

Blademan, Strikeman, Solarman, Chillman, Commandoman , Sheepman, Nitroman , and Pumpman.

Poor Blademan. Now he’s no better than Waveman.

The Official Guide to Megaman

And we’re back! While the holidays offers a lot of downtime it’s actually a very busy time anyway. But the long wait is not without any good Christmas treats. And so I bring you an overly detailed summation of an extremely obscure Megaman book: The Official Guide to Megaman! They don’t make books like this anymore.

The MM TV Show, The RM OVAs

It’s that time again. No, it’s not laundry day, it’s time for another massive Mechanical Maniacs update!

First up is a full article on the Rockman OVAs. I go into detail on what happens in these animated adventures, but that’s not all. To go along with it is a massive image gallery. This has been in the works for a long time.

Along with the OVA article is one to go with the Megaman TV Show. It focuses on the changes made, along with probable reasons for them and possible influences. There was reason to the madness, you see.

Novas Aventuras de Megaman

For those not in the know, a wealth of info has splurged forth about this obscure comic in the MM community. And, so my own article has now been updated to compliment the more thorough articles now found on the net. If you want an overview of the series, along with a few choice images, head on over to read my article!

After that go to O Ácido Cinza to read summaries of every single issue of the series!

A Mess of Mysteries and RM Strategy!

Good Lord, this update took a long time to organize. And, really … I didn’t even get everything I wanted in there. But it’s been held up long enough. I present … the big Megaman Mysteries update.

And it really is the *big* update. There’s something new, even if it’s just a *little* something new, in each and every one of those articles. Megaman 3 has a couple unused sprites now found. Megaman X has Command Mission and xtreme beta pics. Miscellaneous Classic Mysteries has the secret of Crorq’s driver in PC3 (among other things). But that isn’t even the biggest update.

The really big update comes in the forum of massive updates to just about all BN games courtesy of, mostly, Mega Rock.EXE of the Rockman EXE Zone. He’s the super sleuth of the BN series. And thanks to him and a member of his community, Starforce (who wrote the article), we have a (you guessed it) Star Force Mysteries section, covering things discussed in his forum. Wouldn’t have happened without ’em … mostly because I still haven’t actually played any Star Force games.

But we’re still not through yet! My article on Rockman Strategy receives it’s first update in … maybe years. Namely notes on how to cheat … and a rather frustrating boss in the game – Capricorn. And how to cheat your way to victory. And it also now contains save states that can take you straight to the final and seni-final levels of the game! So, you don’t have to struggle your way through it if you don’t want to.

The Downloads section also now has Save State Masters, a handy save state altering program made a long time ago by a pal I haven’t seen in a long while – Nightmare Zero. An oldie, but a goodie; I don’t think he’d mind me posting his old program.

So, that’s it for now. I’m beat!