We have the first epilogue from our new Hardman coming atcha! Actually this was written months and months ago … and we had a whole thing planned before we were going to post it, but it never materialized and … hm. Well! Here it is anyway, at long last! Out FOXed! Yes, Ben couldn’t help but bring his furry alter ego along to the Mech’s universe! Don’t know who he is? Check out Year of the Fox and I Think I’m Turning Kitsune.

Also, earlier this month Protodude reported on new hurt sprites for the RM 25th anniversary soundtrack. But these were actually made for the 20th anniversary (or at least first seen over here then, these were probably made for the Pocketstation for the RM re-releases for the PSX) and, since they’re now difficult to find, I’ll post up what images I have of them. I was originally going to try recreating the sprites, but …. just never did. There were taken right off Capcom’s product page. Well, except for one view of a jacket. I called the bracelet picture “higher quality”, but I suppose it may not be so much. I think it might give a better idea of where the pixels go for some of the RMs present there than a photo, but … *shruggs*. Maybe it’ll help, maybe it won’t.