It’s not just another art update today. On top of the usual three pieces of character art (or in this case, one character, one location, one group), there’s the long-awaited update to the Navi Marks Gallery! I thought I just had a few more to catch up on, but when I worked it all out there were 20. Seven you may have seen from Gauntlet’s art for the navi forms of the PC Sinter Six plus General Cutman. I just sprited them. Eight more come from my own designs of characters from the AXE Chronicles. Much of them I thought I already made, but it turns out I only rendered them in the character art and never got around to the versions for the gallery. The other five are official designs gleaned from the Battle Network Official Complete Works artbook, three being from the couple of Japan-only EXE games that were released since the last update to this gallery.