We all know that Russians and fake news are (tragically) the in-thing at the moment. So why not have a little fun with it our latest ep, Straight from the Headlines! Actually, the breaking news in that ep isn’t fake. Though as bizarre as some of the headlines are, they should be. Can the Comrades get to the bottom of it? It’s an old ep crafted by our veteran writer Skullman (Hunter) who hasn’t let us down yet. And deserves more than letting hos old stories get locked a dusty old vault.

Just remember, whatever you read here, you read it here first!

And on a sidenote, I’ve been told that some of the sprites in our old ep, Legend of Ringman were busted or even non-existent.  I went through and fixed up all the missing or busted sprites I could find.  Though if there are more, the forum’s one click away.