Wait, isn’t this site dead? Well, yes. But, due to a variety of reasons, a few links ended up broken. Upon inspection, it was a few more than originally thought. There were some things I had intended to post that were not. And the layout was spread throughout all the pages, making an update infuriatingly difficult.

No longer! I’ve spent the last few days bringing the S6.com up to snuff. The Nostalgia Section has a number of updates.

The Character Profiles, Meet the Six, Sinister Six 101, Ask Cyclone Man, and Sinister Six Survivor all have fixed images.

The Adoption Section, Manga Comic Series, Cartoon Show, Contest Page, Hall of Fame, Mega Man Sprites, PowerBattle Sprites, Conversions, Megaman VS the Sinister Six, Megaman and the Sinister Six Timeline, Megaman Trilogy, Card Game, Sinister Six News Section!, Smash Bros Melee (MMC Style), Awards this site won, Win Iceman’s Award, and the, Hall of Fame / Tribute Graves are all sections that were done a long time ago, but were never added … until now!

But there’s actually a bit of relatively new content too! The Fiction page boasts several stories unseen for years. At a height in the community the S6 went through a small sort of surge. Our own Magnetman created the Sinister Six AU as a way of being an unofficial Sinister Six member. This would lead right into our own event Business of War, made several years after these stories. Whoever was into War will definately want to check these out.

So, for the first time in years and on the Sinister Six ever check out:

Answers (unfinished)



Impact (unfinished)

Economic Ruin

and the Revenge of the Scissor Army (unfinished)