A joint project with Gary of the Sinister Six, we created a “Which epilogue character Would You Be?’ quiz! It encompasses both our epilogue series and even some of the X-Force. A must-see for both fans of our epilogues … and fans of quizzes! And if you’re a fan of neither, well …. check it out anyway!!! You can find it either on the left frame or the Epilogues section!

The MIDI Boom Box has been updated with MIDIs taken from our pals, the late Cossack’s Creations. Since Skull founded this site, I don’t think he’d mind us using his MIDIs. We were good friends before he had to leave the community. Also added is something I’ve been waiting to add for a long, long time……. credits for the MIDIs. They are listed in the player. I see writing these MIDIs as difficult to do as drawing a picture and the authors deserve credit, so contributers are listed. I would have done so sooner, but I didn’t have the right program to let me make MIDIs before.

Added more images to the gallery. This time one of Lennon Forte Chan drew, and a variant colored version which Lennon colored. I also added screen shots of the MMX Beta once featured in Nintendo Power. Good show!

Also, Sparkman, if you’r reading this, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for quite a while now! So, I’m asking you to drop me a line. Very important.