Something isn't quite right...

Okay, so what’s been going on the last six months? Well, not much here, evidently! I went back to school for a bit January to March, focused on projects for the Maniacs’ 10th Anniversary April to May, and then kinda pissed away June on video games, only recently getting back to being productive for July.

The primary result tonight is the Walkthrough’s Miscellaneous section, containing lots of tables of boring data on what you can buy at shops, where to find all the power-ups, and stuff like that. There are also some weird obscure things thrown in at the bottom, like an explanation for the above image. That just leaves the Virus Breeding and Maps pages now. Looking back in the archives, it looks like it’s been almost exactly a year since I said I had all this data waiting to be formatted and that it wouldn’t take much longer. So much for that.

Speaking of archives, Gauntlet’s been bugging me to get all the AXE updates reconciled with the main blog (okay, so he asked me one time and I ignored it for a few months), and I finally got around to it just now, so AXE updates are archived in the blog. Does it matter? I dunno. G seems to think so.

Story updates ought to be coming soon as well. And this is “soon” as in a week or two, being wrapped up right now, not “soon” like 2011. Honest.