So, as I take a bit of a break from the Mechanical Maniacs it seems the Megaman fandom has been hit by several big things.

Megaman Universe, the spiritual sequel to Megaman powered Up, was announced. Amusingly featuring Bas Box Art Megaman, which I find hilarious. Does this mean it’ll ft in with the US continuity? Probably not, but it’d be nice to imagine that it does.

And then there’s the Asian-only Rockman Online featuring many not-Robot Masters and not-Mavericks. Evidently Reploids can “copy” older Reploids and robots and turn into them, like Axl. Or something like that. It seems like a neat idea, but it makes me wonder how they’ll try to fit it into the continuity they’ve established. Messy as it is.

Then there’s the Rockman, Roll, and Protoman action figures and the small collectable figures released. Just wow. I haven’t seen quality like this since the Megaman 8 figures.

There’s a new US classic Megaman comic made by Archie coming out. A part of me wants it to connect to the disappointing Dreamwave series, but it’s probably best that it doesn’t. As a guy interested in localizations it’s something to look forward to. UDON is still translating Ariga’s mangas as well and all signs point to them translating Gigamix.

And, oh yeah …. Legends 3 is being made. Yeah, the series that ended on a cliff-hanger a decade ago, the one that still lingers on in guest stars and the one Inafune wanted to make for years if he ever got the money for it is finally being made.

And it’s now that the creator of Megaman, Keiji Inafune … quits. Seriously.

It seems like a really sudden turn of events. There’s a ton of MM stuff coming out, Inafune was even shown in online ads and spoke at promotional events only to quit now. And I can’t help but think it’s because of the comments that he hates his job. If it was planned they’d never shove him in the spotlight. It’s very much hot on the heels of his saying that he hates his job in public and I can’t help but think this was a not-firing. That he was asked to leave. Of course all of this build-up could have gotten him to suddenly quit, but I can’t help but think he was asked to leave.

I don’t think it’ll actually have much affect on Megaman. Inafune may be his creator, but it’s a whole team that makes the games now and it seems like he was distanced from that aspect. Still, it feels like the end of an era. That he should have gone out with a blaze of glory, making (perhaps) Legends 3 and leaving when that was done. Still, Inafune …. We’ll miss you. But fear not, fellow Megaman fans, It looks like Megaman is heading into a bright future even without “Dr. Light”.