Good Lord, this update took a long time to organize. And, really … I didn’t even get everything I wanted in there. But it’s been held up long enough. I present … the big Megaman Mysteries update.

And it really is the *big* update. There’s something new, even if it’s just a *little* something new, in each and every one of those articles. Megaman 3 has a couple unused sprites now found. Megaman X has Command Mission and xtreme beta pics. Miscellaneous Classic Mysteries has the secret of Crorq’s driver in PC3 (among other things). But that isn’t even the biggest update.

The really big update comes in the forum of massive updates to just about all BN games courtesy of, mostly, Mega Rock.EXE of the Rockman EXE Zone. He’s the super sleuth of the BN series. And thanks to him and a member of his community, Starforce (who wrote the article), we have a (you guessed it) Star Force Mysteries section, covering things discussed in his forum. Wouldn’t have happened without ’em … mostly because I still haven’t actually played any Star Force games.

But we’re still not through yet! My article on Rockman Strategy receives it’s first update in … maybe years. Namely notes on how to cheat … and a rather frustrating boss in the game – Capricorn. And how to cheat your way to victory. And it also now contains save states that can take you straight to the final and seni-final levels of the game! So, you don’t have to struggle your way through it if you don’t want to.

The Downloads section also now has Save State Masters, a handy save state altering program made a long time ago by a pal I haven’t seen in a long while – Nightmare Zero. An oldie, but a goodie; I don’t think he’d mind me posting his old program.

So, that’s it for now. I’m beat!