I don’t know what is i, but everyone’s talking about Megaman Soccer lately. In addition to me Megaman Soccer Conversions Revival, the lost ending to Megaman Soccer has been found as well as the staff roll. (Which is, evidently, an easter egg that you need a playable Wily to get. Too bad Wily’s only activated during the lost ending).

Just based on what we see, I guess …. Megaman Soccer ends with Megaman’s death and Protoman remembering his lost baby brother. Who knew the game was so dark?

But that’s not all! Just today Pinky of Sprints INC has forwarded me some lost Soccer sprites because he knew I’d appreciate ’em. So here they are.

Old versions of the hurt sprites? Sure, let’s go with that. Not in the Mysteries section as of yet … that section is in dire need of an update.