TM3 Spark Concept

In the spirit of better late than never, this update showcases Rich’s concept sketches for the new Sparkman. As you can see, we went over a few color options for the highlights.

Belated Happy Birthday

Captain N’s origin for Mega Girl is actually pretty weird when you factor in later games. MMs 1-2 didn’t have the whole family theme to them.

Shadowman TM3

Here’s the last of my TM3 portraits – Shadowman. I tried to remember how I drew the old TM2 version and apply that here, especially the head, but it wound up being an entirely different shape anyway.

Snakeman TM3

Here’s Snakeman’s full portrait art for his "Transmetal 3" look. The pose looked lot better in pencil. I was sorta going for a classic MM Robot Master pose (like the ones found in the manual), but it just didn’t work. Unfortunately I only noticed that after it was all done.

New Sparkman, Genesis End – 15 & 16

That’s right, we have a new member of the team! Please welcome aboard Leon, the new Sparkman! If the name sounds familiar it’s because the new Spark is being based off Elecman of the Sinister Six … who is also Geoff aka Diveman of Cossack’s Comrades. It may be a while before the epilogues reflect this, but until that happens please give a warm welcome for the new Spark.

In addition to this he has a new card for the Shadow Hunters character cards we’ve made and Topman’s created a new background for the cards which we’ll be using.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” I asked.

Needle Gal pushed the last one into Gravity Man’s right wrist and moved on to his left arm. “Mostly practiced on myself,” she said as she pulled another needle from her hair like a seamstress and began lining it up in place along Gravity’s outstretched arm. “It took a long time before I figured out where the right pressure points were. Luckily 15 years is a lot of time to practice.”

“Well it’s a hell of a skill,” I remarked. “You should use it more often.”


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Needlegal TM3

Topman’s been experiencing delays in his revision to Genesis End, so here’s Needlegal in her spiffy new Transmetal 3 armor! Well, I say "new", but it’s mainly tweakes colors and a new hat. Her armor was designed first and at the time an entire line of new armor for the team wasn’t planned. That was scrapped when Rich got around to doing Gemini’s armor (who was second, if I recall correctly).

Genesis End – 12 & 13


“I’m certain, now, that I understand what happened here,” Ha’Khael said as he swept his hands along the air, almost like a mime might. He stopped. “Ahhh, yes, there it is. It’s like I said, once you know the intent, detecting the spell is child’s play.”

“What are you saying,” Gemini asked, “that you know how these people are being murdered?”


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Along with the latest Genesis End chapters here’s a picture of Geminiman in his Transmetal 3 armor.

Spark Chan TM3

Genesis End is undergoing a bit of a review. In the meantime here’s a pic of Spark Chan in her Transmetal 3 amour.

Topman TM3

Taking a bit of a break from Genesis End to show the Transmetal 3 version of Topman drawn for the bios. All the Mech portraits have been completed and I’ll show them all off on the front page as time goes by.

Working With Ghosts – Epilogue

Geminiman got up off the floor and felt his jaw. "Have you been here the whole time? It’s been 15 years."

Bongun shrugged. "It not like I have a place to go back to. We ghosts do like to haunt places and this seemed as good as anywhere. Maybe you’d even remember me again. Or see me again! I had almost given up hope on that ever happening."

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And here are some pics by Jade of Alpha Movement fame. Either I missed this or forgot about it when they were first made because they’re from some time ago. I found these when scouring the net for Cossack’s Comrades material.

Gemini’s Working With Ghosts may be over, but we’re not finished with refurbished Mechanical maniacs stories. Tune in next week for more!