The MM TV Show, The RM OVAs

It’s that time again. No, it’s not laundry day, it’s time for another massive Mechanical Maniacs update!

First up is a full article on the Rockman OVAs. I go into detail on what happens in these animated adventures, but that’s not all. To go along with it is a massive image gallery. This has been in the works for a long time.

Along with the OVA article is one to go with the Megaman TV Show. It focuses on the changes made, along with probable reasons for them and possible influences. There was reason to the madness, you see.

Images GALORE!

It’s that time again!

This update sees a MASSIVE update to the image galleries. Just under 1000 images have been added to the MMTV show and Captain N galleries collectively. With the second set of Cap N DVDs finally being released in my region I can FINALLY add screencaps from the MM3 episode – a tale of two dogs – to the set.

But that’s not all! I’ve gone through the Ruby Spears cartoon and have added images to all the categories, especially focusing on the background helper bot characters.

It’s a variable bonanza of images nobody’s interested in!

Captain N galleries Online! Massive Image Gallery Overhaul!

What!? Oh, yes, you read me right …. over 2,000 screen caps from Seasons 1 & 2 of Captain N with a LARGE focus on Megaman are now housed at the Mechanical Maniacs in our very own Captain N Galleries!

Sadly, season 3 is not yet here, but rest assured: when it’s finally released for this region there’ll be even more screen captures. That’s something you can look forward to.

And to go along with this massive update is an equally massive upgrade to our image galleries. We’re now operating out of a Coppermine gallery because it’s a pain to make a page for over 2,000 images of Captain N. I may as well upgrade the entire system. In the future, the sprite galleries might also be added to this, but not all of the image galleries are found on the Coppermine gallery. Simply put, it isn’t the best way to host every image gallery we have, believe it or not. But it is the best way to host MOST of the image galleries we have, hence the change.

And now, if you’ll excuse me …. I’m pooped.

The horror ….

Oh, yes …. it is true. The horror ….. is coming …. soon.

More news on ‘Maniacs Moments: Hard says he’s too busy to make ’em (which really is very busy; he’s dedicated to them) so ….. don’t expect an update soon.

DVD Captures!

Rocketing from the doomed Planet Megaman comes my Megaman DVD captures (conveniently merged with the Image Gallery)!

Alright, I’m being rather dramatic. But I really dunno if PMM is ever gonna be back (Lord knows they have backups which they could’ve used by now). But, even if they are, it’ll be without me and my DVD captures. From now on they’re featured here – along with all my other crap. Included also are Quickman’s additions which were shown briefly before PMM was deleted.

Wow. Late thursday update. Don’t expect to see me around too much this weekend guys, I’m indisposed.