Tiger Manual Scans and Cells

Wait, an update that isn’t a fanfic? Yeah, for the first time in literal years! And I’ve actually been waiting literal years to do this. Just keep on putting it off. I’ve made scans of manuals I bought a few years ago for the Megaman Tiger games. And I’ve made scans of the "sprite sheet" at absurdly high resolution! Printing that small thing can cover over an entire sheet of paper now! And the manuals themselves have been scanned at great quality too, but nowhere near the size of the sprite sheets. Feel free to look up the article on Megaman 2 Tiger and Megaman 3 Tiger for more info.

I also updated my article on Nintendo Power art with some more info and a collage I made of a rare MM poster. Which would be kinda impressive if someone hadn’t scanned that posted at print quality!

Lastly I added some LONG overdue news about Rockman Strategy – how to defeat Capricorn and get Fan on your teamcourtesy of -MISSING-, Sorry it took literal years to put this on the site…

Gears and Minis

A story all about Megaman’s exciting new powers! Speed Gear! Power Gear! And … that tiny robot that lives in his head. Hey, Doctor Light invented many useful things, he’s due for a stinker every now and then, right? Right! But what happened to these innovations in the intervening years? After all, they aren’t present in the X series. All these questions will be answered as the Mechs gain these new powers for themselves in a true classic for the ages.

Mech Meet 2019

It’s a little late, but the summary for the Mechs Meet 2019 is now online, as presented by Snakeman! It was scaled down last year (mostly involving video games and an aviary), but still nice. So read on about the real-life adventures of the real-life Mechanical Maniacs!

God Squad Part 2

No Cosack update? Oh, well, but at least we finally have the second part of a rare Snakeman crafted Mechs adventure.

The Mechs continue their spiritual journey! As new converts to different faith they go to wage war against the extradimensional Sun God! With the power of the gods on their side they can’t fail! Right?

God Squad!

An epilogue by Snakeman!? Yes, it’s true! The slithery serpent has reared his head and crafted a follow up to the AXE crossover Starcrossed! Have the Mechs finally found religion! Has Diveman’s ramblings finally hit home for our intrepid crew of heroes? You can only find out by reading this adventure!

I’ve also updated the Megaman Soccer Conversion Project with several recolors based off recently revealed artwork. Namely the Wonderswan crew and the Mother Computer from Ariga’s manga. Yes! This is still a thing!

“Ice” ta meecha!

Yowza. I can hardly believe the last sign of life from us five months ago. Time break that rut!

This time, we got a brand new ep to spice things up, not just a remake. Featuring a brand new Comrade, no less? Yep, the Comrades discover their long lost brother, Tundraman in the new ep, Icebreaker! Because it’s high time more of the Mega Man 11 boys find their way into our fiction, not just Torchman! Though more importantly, is this new addition a friend or foe? Though knowing the Comrades, that question works both ways.

Will they hit it off? Go check it out and see!

-St. Diveman

The Dream Disciples

Spark! You missed another update! And now look at what’s happened! Half the team has been corralled by Quint along with half the Megaman 2 Dream Team to form an all-new team of their own! It’s a stupid time travel adventure again and it’s all your fault!

We’ve finally caught up to the Cossacks as this epilogue takes place at the same time as the quasi crossover the quasi epic Ballade’s Battlers! Witness the Dream Disciples! The mashup team of the past – TODAY!

Mechtale. Yes, Really.

"Would anyone still care about a story like this being posted anymore?"

"Of course! I mean … there are all sorts of people out there, right?"

So this story’s finally getting posted!

This is the Undertale homage story written a year after the game’s popularity was at it’s height and it’s been several years since it’s completion. So it’s timely! The majority of this was thought up during a Mechs Meet, which is always fun. And now behold a tale featuring the Mechs version of Sans and Papyrus as they bother Magnetman for some reason.

Arching the Androids Part 3, Megaman Soccer Revival

The Ascendant Androids’ kinda sorta crossover with Darkman’s Robot Warriors concludes! At last things come to a head in this penultimate adventure branching two generations of Megaman 5 teams!

Care to follow the Ascendant Androids a bit more closely, but are totally unable to since they’ve been sort of scattered everywhere? Well, I’ve updated their epilogues page to include links to their adventures during the Business of War, their latest retro story with the Cossacks and several more recent appearances with the Mechs.


It’s a little late, but the Megaman Soccer Conversion Revival has also been updated with the original characters from Megaman 11 and Rockman Ability! This once again makes this project complete … until the next game! Or until someone convinces me Fully Charged should count as an iteration of the Classic series.

Silence of the Red Hannibal

No, it’s no April Fool’s gag. We have an new ep to kick off the new month. Well, sort of. Like “Wraith and Skull: Brothers?!?”before it, Silence of the Red Hannibal was all but lost after we moved hosts. While the ep itself can’t be recovered, we built a new ep that embodies the same spirit.

Set just before Business of War, the Comrades try to track down one of their missing friends with the help of…Wraithman?? What could go wrong? On April Fool’s no less? This ep serves as a prelude for the Comrades’ end to BOW, while a send off for another team altogether.