Cossack's Comrades


Neither fate, apathy or a bum copy of Dreamweaver can keep a good commie sub down! Here's an ep a long time coming: Cookies!, penned by our lovable mummy mistress herself, Pharaohwoman!

What do cookies, a senile baker, Met Daddy and a power-crazed Toadman add up to? Short answer: pure madness. Long answer: even more pure madness. But don't take my word for it. Read it and see for yourself!

-St. Diveman


I bet you thought it would never come. But after several long years, and even a few host changes, Dive's Inferno draws to a close! At long last, I give you the capstone installment, Canto X: Treachery!

Dante's salvation and escape from Hell is so close, he can practically taste it. And he's not going to let various traitors and even Lucifer himself stand in his way! Unfortunately for him, it's not as simple as he thinks. Before it all ends, Dante learns the hard way learns the hard way that everything he knows is wrong, he stands perilously close to losing everything than he realizes, and the fate of all of creation hangs in the balance. Is it all too much for our (anti) hero? You've read this far and waited this long on the edge of your seat. You deserve to know how it all really ends!

-St. Diveman


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