Cossack's Comrades

Avi's Sprites

Pharaoh Woman Sprite

Even though Sean is doing the team sprites this time around, I nonetheless made one of my character for, well, MEEEEE.  This design is loosely based off of Pharaoh Man's appearance in... that canned MMO that was like only to be released in Korea or whereabouts, hence the brickwork armor.  The "bandage" texture I added due to my love of minute detail; but I must note: she is NOT wearing actual bandages as clothing.  That's just texture/padding on the suit, because... seriously, bandages as clothing?  No thanks. D :<

The green hair was because it seems most of my RP characters have green hair.  The absurdly wide eyes were totally intentional, given Pharaoh's character.


L to R: Flakmaster, Gehenos, Dreadnought, Treader, Stonegrinder, Nightspinner.

About five years before I was asked to join this team, Hunter (Skull Man) came up with some Transformers fancharacters and asked me to sprite them.  Despite my infamous history of biotching about how Transformers and Mega Man in role plays don't mix, I figured I'd do the favor since the rest of the team was comprised of die-hard Transformers fans.

I was VERY distracted and/or lazy when making these, so they were made months, even years apart.  Nightspinner came 5 years after Flakmaster, and the difference REALLY shows, despite my attempts to retain the overly simplistic/blocky style.

Also, they can combine into this, this... thing:

His name is Imperator.  I don't know much about Transformers, but apparently "Combiners" are a thing.  But since, again, I don't know etc, I just took all of the spites above and randomly smashed them together into an ungodly abomination of pure terror.  Again: WHAT HAVE I CREATED. O_x;


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