Cossack's Comrades

Jet's (Bright Babe's) Art

Jet is our current Bright Babe and has been one for years. Here is some artwork she has done for or of the team.

Artwork Related to the Full Team

These images were made as icons to be used to signify the author of a news post/update for the previous incarnation of the team that Jet graciously made for us.

The one for the Toad Man slot is of the Toad Gal design used for the character Zapper the second Toad Gal that the team had.

Artwork of Bright Babe

Above our two wonderful pictures Jet did of herself as Bright Babe keeping fairly close to the original Capcom design.

These three are of some nice small alterations that Jet made.

These two beautiful pictures are of the upgraded design that BB received after the massive team crossover, Business of War. The bow one is especially adorable

And now a picture of Jet interracting with the Mechanical Maniacs prior Hard Man, Hadrian

Artwork of CC Members

Some pictures of the rest of the team, many showing a good amount of the personality of each character.

The above are two pictures that Jet did of a Dive Man. The second one Geoff often uses as a signature.

A nice picture of Dust Man working on a computer.

Drill Man, back from when he was known most for being the gamer without hands.

A picture of the first and former Ring Man, Rebel. The can of soda is because he was once known for being quite fond of the drink. Almost even more than Dive Man likes alcohol.

A drawing of the second Toad Gal, Zapper.


A Christmas gift for Lennon, the current Gemini Man of Mechanical Maniacs.


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