Cossack's Comrades

Zymeth's (Former Skull Man's) Art

Zymeth was the third Skull Man the team had.

Artwork Related to Zymeth / Skull Man

Zymeth's rendition of Skull Man was usually frightening, but here are two sketches of him as a villain that even more so.


For a while, Zymeth was the CC's best spriter. Here is a selection of sprites he did.

Wraith Man was Zymeth's character and thus he also created the two sprites most commonly used for the character

He also created all of the Transmetal sprites for the first run of the series, at least all of the first ones for the team then. Sadly for circumstances I won't go into events happened that led to Zymeth and Zapper no longer being characters on the team before the first two sprites were ever used..


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