The Ascendant Androids

Epilogue 4 - Dark Clouds Overhead, Part 2

By Vulcan (A.K.A. Starman)

Assistant Writer: Crys (A.K.A. Crystalgirl)

[Continuing from where we left off, the evil Darkman has returned from death, and as of late he has taken to terrorizing the population of New Jersey. Defeated, the Androids ponder a plan to take him out before more civilians can be harmed or otherwise at the hands of this mechanical villian. Joining our heroes, they sit diligently in the tech lab. Repairs are just about done…]

Jack: Yanno, I am gonna cut that ass down if it kills me. 

Matt: Meh, we've all got some unfinished business with him, so just leave a piece for the rest of us...

Johnny: Nya, my tail hurts from the last battle, Vulcy-kun… Could you kiss it and make it feel better? :3 

Jack: (sighs) No, and don't call me Vulcy-kun.

Johnny: Aw.... oh well. (Huggles anyway) X3 

Jack: Hoo boy… Hey, Tommy! Got anything new on Darkie?

Tommy: Nope... everything is dead silent right now. 

Nick: That worries me…

Crys: Yeah, the public seems shaken up from the last assault.

[Crys was repairing Kevin’s neck as she said this. Apparently, a piece of debris from one of the Sentinal’s blasts jabbed him in the voice synthesizer just as they made their escape. It was odd if only for the reason that Kevin didn’t feel a thing until he spoke up after the “tactical retreat.”] 

[Soon enough, the mighty giant himself, Stoneman began to speak, not even so much as lifting his head up to stop plucking random notes at his bass] 

Patrick: Hmph… you know, I should slam that jerk into the ground if he shows his ugly mug again. Sneak attacks are low, man.

Matt: Right, you do that, big guy… 

[Crys puts down her welding tools]

Crys: Alright, that’ll do for now. How do you feel?

Kevin: (In a static-like tone) I'm kinda hungry, honestly. Woah! Hey, wait a minute, I thought you said you fixed me? 

Crys: Sorry… when it comes down to it, I don’t have enough time right now under these conditions, what with the Darkmen running around. I’ll fix it up later.

Kevin: (Still in an unstable tone) Alright, I guess… 

[A few minutes of silence pass before the alarms go off.]

Jack: Well, here comes our chance for revenge, it would seem... 

[Patrick puts down his bass and lays it against the wall he sat in front of.]

Patrick: Hah, time to pay him back for that lowly move.

Tommy: Just shut up and c’mon guys! 

[Without another word said, the group rushes into the control room.]

Crys: So… where is he... 

Tommy: Well, he's in Newark...

Jack: …Why is that a problem? I mean, to hell with Newark. He can blow that fucker up and I couldn't give two shits. 

Nick: Dude, you wanna save some people or not?

Jack: Well, yeah, but I'm just saying it how it is: Newark fuckin' sucks. 

Matt: Right… Well, in any case, we should be getting out there.

Patrick: [Cracks knuckles] Hmph, payback time, Darkie... 

Crys: Alright, time to get him back for that sneak attack of his!

The Androids: Right! 

[The group heads to the teleporters without any other words muttered, and one by one are teleported into the city. The teleporters were in order in the Androids base for but one reason, and that was to cut off access via teleportation without using the private system. Crys and Tommy figured that it would help keep intruders out, to which most of the team had agreed.

When our heroes arrived, they began to survey the city.  It was in ruins, much like Ablett City, except to a much greater extent. An ominous cloud of smoke and dust hangs in heavy in the air, making it harder for the Androids to either see or even breathe despite their mechanical lungs, but through the adaptation systems within their body, they still manage. Slowly enough, they begin to wander about, checking in with each other as they examine the damage.] 

Jack: Well damn… they really did a number on this place…

(Jack begins to move some rubble around, checking for any survivors, but finding none.  After doing so, he activates the built in radio to contact the others.) 

Jack: [On the communicator] Hrm… I’m not finding anything, guys. What about you?

Patrick: (Over the comm. link) Nothing here except a lot of dirt, rubble, and a couple bodies. 

Nick: I’ve got the same, man… there doesn’t seem to be any survivors around here.

Kevin: (Nods though no one can see him) I’m not finding anything either, guys… so much for a quicker response. (His voice is acidy as he says this, obviously referring to what Crys said earlier.) 

Tommy: Alright guys, let’s just calm down…. We’ll all meet back up at the starting point and go from there, sound good?

[There’s agreement from several voices over the radio system, and everyone heads back to the starting point. Quickly, they all meet up, except for Crys, who seems to be taking her time.] 

Nick: Huh, wait... where’s Crys?

Kevin: -grumbles something inaudible, obviously worried- 

Johnny: Nya, this place scares me… -Clings to Jack’s arm- You’ll protect me, right, Vulcy-kun?

Jack: -sighs, pushing arm away- Yes… but stop calling me Vulcy-kun!

Johnny: Aw, darn… 

Tommy: Not getting her on the communicator…

Matt: I got a bad feeling about this… 

[IAlmost as if he jinxed the moment, a loud boom was heard nearby. Flying out the side of what was the fifth floor of an office building flies their leader.)

Matt: Crys!! Are you alright?!

Patrick: Jesus, man! That’s a lot of damage…

[Gyroman rushes to his comrade’s aid, obviously not bothered by the science needed to walk with his peculiar feet any longer.]

Tommy: Oh jeez, what happened!?

Crys: Ugh… We’re being ambushed... 

Patrick: AGAIN?!?!

Nick: Oh, for the love of God! 

Jack: Sonnuva-

[Jack was cut off from continuing his curse as a cold laughter echoed forward from the direction Crys flew in from. Everybody, now gathered at her side in concern looked straight into that same direction. A distorted figure stood in a thick covering of smoke, dust, and ash. What appeared to be a dome with a strange light admitting from it shined through the haze. The smoke cleared, and where the figure was, a red robot with elf shoes of a sort steadily approached our heroes, gazing at the expressions adorning their faces. It was Darkman. His Sentinels followed as the smoke cleared from them in a similar manner. They seemed battle-ready as one would expect.]

Darkman: (Chuckling ever so slightly) Well, well… if it isn’t one of the newer Robot Master teams: the Ascendant Androids. How very kind of you to show up for our little party here.

Johnny: (Stating the obvious) Nya, Jack, look! It’s Darkman! 

Jack: Really, eh? I couldn’t tell.

Tommy: (On the ground holding Crys up in his arms) Alright… now that we’ve showed up, why don’t you just get it over with and tell us what it is you want, Darkman?

Darkman: Very well, I suppose you all deserve that much before you meet your fate. It’s not much, really, except for world domination in the name of our Master, and, for each and every one of you to die the horrible deaths you deserve. 

Tommy: Hrm… your “Master,” eh? And just who might that be?

[Tommy was interrupted halfway through as Jack cut in]

Jack: Hah! So you want us to die, eh? Boy, and here I was under the impression that I would be the one to say something along those lines. Thanks for stealing my material, jerk. Hmph, anyhow, don’t expect us to run this time. We're going to take you, and those ass goblins of yours out for good! 

[The team, though nodding to this sat rather tensely, trying to correctly anticipating what would come of Darkman after Jack’s outburst. Even Crys, who seemed to be all but out cold was showing a slight look of worry upon her face. And sure enough, despite having no mouthpiece, one could tell that Darkman would be grimacing with utter contempt at this point.]

Darkman: That is… quite a fast mouth, there. Perhaps… it'd be best that I rip your throat out so I don't have to listen to such things as that inane drivel you likely called a “sentence.”

[Jack grinned and pulled out his Star Saber. He got into a battle stance, his eyes and smile communicating his intentions to attack.] 

Crys: Hrk! Vulcan, wait!!

-It was too late, though. Jack sprung forward with his sword in hand, ready for a swipe at Darkman's torso, but his opponent swiftly evaded the attack.- 

Darkman: You should have sat still and waited to listen to your girlfriend over there.

[Darkman's hand began to glow with a black aura. Blue electrical shocks pulsated around it like lighting. This was the Energy Charge attack. It allowed Darkman to charge up plasma and use it in a variety of ways. And now, with his glowing hand, he took with great agility to run into Jack, who blocked with his sword, only to still be electrocuted from the super-heated lightning-like plasma.] 

Jack: Argh!!! Nyh… I'm not going down without getting at least one hit on ya, asshole!

[Jack quickly moved to the side, taking Darkman off guard, causing him to lose grip on the blade, which in turn made him fall forward. He turned around to face Darkman's backside, which is where he took his sword and stabbed him square in the back. Darkman bellowed out in pain before he turned and grabbed Starman by the neck. He then threw him into a nearby building, causing a crashing sound that made the other Androids bite their lips at.] 

Darkman: Boy… I’m not going to deny it; he had some spirit there. But, unfortunately for him, just that is not enough to take me down.

[Darkman took the sword that was lodged in his shoulder out and then randomly tossed it to the side, apparently confident in his abilities now that he beat one of eight. “Seven left,” he thought.] 

Darkman: Now, who will be my next victim?

[There was a brief silence from the team for a moment, still shocked by how easily Starman was disposed of. This was broken as Kevin and Nick stepped forward, looking rather angry.]

Nick: We’re not going to let you hurt our friends, pal! 

[Kevin nodded, firing a harpoon at Darkman, while Nick ran at him for a Charge Kick combo. However, Darkman avoided the harpoon viciously easily, and sidestepped Nick’s attack. Chuckling slightly, he performed the same “plasma hand” move he did with Vulcan on Nick.]

Darkman: Come on, this is pathetic.

[Nick yelled out in agony as he was electrocuted by the plasma from Darkman’s hand- 

Nick: Oh god! It hurts!

Darkman: Excellent…

[Darkman then threw Nick off to the side and sent a blast of plasma from his fist at Kevin, who had been trying to manipulate a possible sewer system beneath him. Though he tried to dodge the plasma charge, he found himself paralyzed due to one of the Sentinels, of which had snuck away with the rest to hit strategic positions while nobody gave their attention. He howled with similar pain to which Nick felt as the blast hit him, tearing a hole into his armor] 

Crys: Nngh… (Trying to stand, she falls back down into Tommy’s arms) We… we need to… to… r-re…re….

[She couldn’t finish finish that last sentence. She had fallen unconscious]

Tommy: Shit… c’mon guys! Grab our injured, and let’s get the hell out of here while we’re still alive to do it! Move it you two! 

Matt & Patrick: Right!

[They rush to grab Kevin and Nick while Johnny nervously ran over to Jack’s direction] 

Johnny: Nya, I’m coming Vulcy-kun!

[Unfortunately, things were complicated as the Sentinels lunged forward from their stations. Sentinels 1 and 2 had set their sights on Stoneman and Napalmman, while Sentinel 3 made a break for Johnny, startling him]

Johnny: Nya~! 

Sentinel 3: -Pointing his cannon at Johnny's head- Do not resist, it will be over soon...

[Right then, a white hand tapped the Sentinel on its shoulder, prompting it to turn around.] 

Jack: Say... I hope you don’t mind telling your “Master” that it takes more than that kinda shit to keep me down for me.

[Jack then punched the Sentinel in its face, knocking it over to the side, which is where he punched it in the gut hard enough to run his arm straight through. He pulled his arm back out and the Sentinel fell over onto its side, motionless and gushing dark red circulatory fluid.] 

Johnny: (Hugging Jack affectionately) Nya, Vulcy-kun! You saved me!

Jack: Uh, right... Johnny, can you do me a favor? 

Johnny: Nya?


Matt: Hrm… looks like we got us some company, big guy. 

Patrick: Wha?

Sentinel 1 & 2: Halt, resistance is futile. 

Patrick: You know… these guys kind of sound like something out of Star Trek.

Matt: Yeah well, as much as you got a point, there, you take the one with legs; I'll beat on the tank. 

[Stoneman nodded to his companion and ran over to center himself face to face with the silver robot in an attempt to tackle him.]

Matt: Okay then... Now it is time to kick some ass for that last battle we all had. 

Sentinel 1: Surrender, human, or you shall be eliminated. 

Matt: Yeah, nice try.

[Matt had now made a quick leap toward the green tank-like machine, taking his close combat knife out off his belt in the process. A struggle engaged as he landed on the Sentinel. Right upon making contact, he stabbed his knife into the top of its head, cutting downward from there until reaching the chest, creating a note-worthy gash in its front side.]

Sentinel 1: Systems failing; involuntary self destruction in progress. 

Matt: Heh, good night, bastard.

[Matt quickly jumped off of the Sentinel as it was just about to explode. He thought to himself on his way to the ground how odd it was that he could depose of one of Darkman’s Sentinels so quickly this time around. But, those thoughts went away as he figured that perhaps the brain unit in that dome which he cut into was a weakness of sorts. But it didn't matter, since now three were left.]

He hit the ground with an “Umph.” He at once took a gander into the distance to see that his comrade, Patrick was locked in combat with another Sentinel, having difficulty breaking through its barrier created using the Energy Charger ability.] 

Patrick: Grr… alright, numb nuts, I've had about enough of this. It's time to get yer ass kicked!

Sentinel 2: Surrender, human, or you shall be eliminated. 

Patrick: Oh jeez, you guys sound like broken records: always repeating the same crap programmed into your minds...

[Patrick tried to land a punch on the Sentinel's head, but it countered with its energy barrier, effectively making the stone giant back away once more. Brute strength was not enough this time around, it would appear.]

Patrick: Ouch! Well, guess I should have seen something like that coming... 

Sentinel 2: You cannot win, surrender or you shall be--

[The Sentinel was then hit with a large explosion on its backside. Matt could be seen crouching behind it, holding a Shoulder Cannon and aiming it for another attack.

The Sentinel turned around in an annoyed fashion. Or, at least what you could consider to be emotion in this personality-lacking robot. “Foolish human” was all he managed while facing Matt before it was crushed under the weight of a large boulder dropped on top of its head.] 

Patrick: Thanks, but he's still my kill, buddy.

Matt: Heh, suit yourself. 

[Backtracking in the story to when the carnage had begun between Team Darkman and the Ascendant Androids, Tommy sat hovering above Crys with all his loyalty. He looked up at how the Sentinels, yet again, ambushed the team. He sighed.]

Tommy: Damn, there goes that plan... 

Darkman: Hmph, I’d day it is because you "Heroes" are so incompetent...

Tommy: Darkman?! 

[Tommy turned to his side, where Darkman was leaning against a wall]

Darkman: You’d think you would have learned that tactic of our’s after we already used it these many times. Not only that, but you all keep fighting, yet you will ultimately lose in the end. You lost one of your first battles earlier, and now that you still have yet to learn, you will die from your own stubbornness. All humans that have had the nerve to disobey my Master have always disgusted me like this. It would all be over if they just surrendered... 

Tommy: You know what, no matter what you say, we're never going to give up! If teams like the Sinister Six and the Maniacs gave up, the world wouldn't be what it is today! We're going to keep fighting, otherwise we will fail at what we came together to accomplish!

Darkman: Hah, this is a prime example of what I have been talking about. You humans are so pathetic; never taking notice of your impending doom, instead ignoring it and going about the irrational  

Tommy: Maybe so... but I have to wonder, what is it that you want with us? Why don’t you tell me now, before, as you claim you will, “Win...”

Darkman: Very well then, now that the yellow smartass is out of my way. As I was going to say, it is quite simple. We are under the command of Dr. Wily. My orders are to eliminate your rookie team before they can become a problem for him in the future. So many Robot Master Teams are already on his shitlist for betraying him. He certainly can do without more fools such as yourselves. 

Tommy: Is that so... well then, when WE win, and you go crawling back to Dr. Wily with your tail between your legs, tell him that he can kiss our ass.

Darkman: Hmph... again with that attitude. 

[Darkman rose from where he had been leaning against and his hand began to glow, pulsating with the same black plasma from before.]

Darkman: Trust me… It'll only hurt for a few seconds.

[Darkman then yelled out in pain and fell over as Jack rammed into his backside. Jack seemed to have a Star Arrow projectile taken from his buster, and he had jabbed it clean through Darkman’s torso. Oil spilled out of Darkman, surrounding where he lay, creating a puddle of reddish black “blood” as he struggled to comprehend what just happened.] 

Darkman: H-how?!

Jack: Haha, It’s a funny story, actually… I had Johnny thrust me forward using the Gravity Hold. Granted, he had to punch me in the back to make it work, but I'd say it was worth it. Don't mess with me, Darkie. I'm something to be feared. 

Darkman: Stupid human.

[Darkman got back up and grabbed Jack by the arm and slammed him into the ground and into walls repeatedly, as if he was a rag doll.] 

Darkman: You obnoxious piece of scrap! I've had about enough of you!

Tommy: Jack! 

Darkman: (With his foot on Jack's face) Hahahahahaha! Say Goodbye to your friend, kids!

[Then, almost as if a miracle had just happened, a familiar whistle rung out across the city and a subsequent shot of blue plasma hit Darkman in the chest, creating a hole large enough that you could put a six pack of beer through it.]

Darkman: What the...?!

???: Hey, Darkman... I still have unfinished business to settle with you.

[Jack and Tommy turned. What they say was a scarf wearing red robot standing on top of a tall building, his visor gleaming in the wind.] 

Tommy: P-Protoman!!

[Hearing Tommy shout the name, the now-victorious Matt and Patrick turn around as Johnny chases a bug, jaws wide open to see the legendary hero.] 

Darkman: You...

Protoman: [Jumps down from the building] Hrmf... Now then, Darkman.... I sugest you retreat. Your Sentinals are defeated, and with me here, there's no way you stand a chance alone. Run back to Wily... this fight is over... 

Darkman: ...this isn't the end...

[The red menace then vanished in a stream of ascending energy particles, followed closely by other beams of light from where the Sentinels had fallen a few minutes ago.]

Jack: -Walking over to the crimson red hero- Hey… thanks, man...

[Jack holds out his hand while smiling to make peace with the world renowned hero, but he seemingly ignores the polite gesture.] 

Protoman: ...It was nothing, just watch yourselves next time. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be around next time. Anyhow, I need to get going... I have my own agenda.

Jack: -Nodding appreciatively- Right, later... 

[Protoman salutes the Androids as he walks off. At the same second, Patrick, Matt and Johnny return to the others with an unconscious Nick and Kevin.]

Patrick: Dude... was that Protoman? 

Tommy: Y-yeah... it was.

Jack: Yeah, but... I really do wish this meeting was under better circumstances... 

Matt: Eh, we’re still new to the game. It’s only natural we’d slip up like this. Besides, Protoman seems to be a cool guy, and hell, he saves Rock’s ass a whole lot. He’s probably used to saving the good guys, anyway…

Jack: Heh, you got a point there.

[Jack turns to look toward the horizon. The crimson warrior has now vanished while he was not looking. He grinned, somewhat amused by this outcome. However, it was not so much as within a second’s notice that a tapping on his shoulder would thrust him out of his momentary trance.] 

Jack: (Turning his head) Hrm?

Johnny: Nya! Look what I found, Vulcy-kun! (Holds out a large, hideous beetle and shoves it into Jack's face) 

Jack: Argh, put that thing down, Johnny; you don't know where it's been!

Johnny: Nya? Oh well, suit yourself... (Eats it)


[The conscious side of the Ascendant Androids stared blankly at the oddly satisfied Johnny. A slight chuckle came from Tommy before the rest of the team began to exchange laughs before heading back home. So, as the twilight burns once more, evil beware… we are the Ascendant Androids, and we’re gonna to take you down.]