By Kevin AKA Makenshi AKA Waveman

*Kevin is sitting in his room on the bed, his legs in an M-shaped position. The lights are off, his door is shut, and the windows are covered. His eyes stare in complete darkness. His arm twitches. His breathing quickens. Then-*

Crys: *barges through the room and turns the lights on* Yo! How's it goin!

Kevin: I was meditating until you made such a ruckus.

Crys: Oh..... But why are you doing it in the dark?

Kevin: I'm trying to overcome my fear of complete darkness and light.

Crys: So you're still afraid of the dark?

Kevin: Fear of the unknown is a natural instict that was been passed on to us prepetually by the people of the Stone Age. In those times the darkness hid predators that eat them. However there is another reason I fear the darkness which I am not in the mood to discuss.

Crys: Okay, well I guess I'll just leave you to your meditating while I go do something fun *turns off the lights and shuts the door*

Kevin:.........I'm bored. *walks downstairs to find his teammates watching Sin City*

Nick: Man, these guys are superhumans. How can you survive getting run over by a car that many times?

Tommy: What kind of sick bastard would make himself yellow?

Vulcan: Wait a minute, why didn't the guy eat Goldie?

Johnny: I wanna watch the movie so shut up! *pouts*

Patrick: I kinda sorta sat on the popcorn...

Johnny: NOOOOOO! *pulls his hair out and runs elsewhere*

Kevin: Hey guys-


Kevin: Okay... *walks away*

*at the beach*

Kevin: *sighs* Guess water is my only friend in this situation/

Water: *moves away from Kevin*


Scarecrow: Hey kid. Turn around.

Kevin: Huh? *gets sprayed and the screen fades out*

*back at AA base, the alarm sounds*

Matt: We got a situation in the city as always.

Nick: To the A-Mobile!

Johnny: *jumps on top of Nick*

Nick: The A-Mobile is NOT me. Get off.

*The Ascendant Androids symbol (pretend we have one) zooms in and out on the city. The androids arrive to find the city in mass turmoil. A strange gas fogs the area.*

Crys: This reminds me of that time in Gotham when-

Justin Timberlake: *jumps out of nowhere with a machete and attacks Crys*

Crys: *screams and kills Justin Timberlake with a crystal eye*

JC: Oh my god, you killed Justin! Now you shall die!

*The members of NSync start attacking Crys*

Crys: *tries to fend them off but is overcome by their thrusting motions and horrible singing*

Nick: Crys! *notices a hoard of large spiders smothering him* Oh good god...

Johnny: *gets wrapped by a giant snake* Meep.

Patrick: Ack! *gets attacked by... something*
George W. Bush: My presedency has been extended! *Rambles on about strateegery and fuzzy math*


Scarecrow: You shall all experience fear! My improved service makes your nightmares a reality! Remember the name of SCARECROW!

Matt: What happened to your new outfit?

Scarecrow: Comparison time.

Scarecrow: Ugly

Scarecrow: Kickass

Scarecrow: Ugly

Scarecrow: Kickass. Got it?

Kevin: *runs in* Guys! And Crys!

Scarecrow: So, you've managed to overcome a bit of your fears, but we'll see about that! *he prepares to fire a concentrated form of the gas*

Kevin: Oh sh- *gets sprayed and a giant cockroach materializes and tackles him. They both roll away in combat*

Matt: Ufg... *throws a napalm bomb at Scarecrow*

Scarecrow: *jumps back* You will regret doing that. *fires the concentrated gas at the rest of the team and they all start panicking as monsters assault them*

Tommy: *uses a gyro attack that slices through all of the monsters* Unfortunately, the major flaw in your plan is that these things are real, so we don't have to hesistate to kill them!

Scarecrow: Did I ever say they were real? They are only illusions that make your brain think they're real! But some....

*the monsters reveal themselves to actually be innocent bystanders that were injured by the team's attacks. NSync ended up being some of the cast from Passions*

Crys: Actually, that's even better. The Passions part.

Patrick: You bastard....

Vulcan: *throws a phone booth at Scarecrow*

Scarecrow: *ducks* What the hell! That was a phone booth! How could you even lift that up? You know what? I'm just going to kill you, right here, right now! *fires out a lethal dose of gas*

Tommy: You can have it! *turns around and his blades begin to spin, blowing the gas in the other direction and covering Scarecrow*

Scarecrow: Agh! This is so not over! *runs away*

Kevin: Argh! *He falls down, unconscious, and his vision goes black. But through the darkness, an entity reveals itself, snarling with a lust for destruction. It wielded a sword that was caked in blood, flesh, and other unspeakable horrors. Then everything was engulfed in light, and another figure unveiled itself. It shone with angelic radiance, and yet it was no savior. Grafted into its arm was a cannon that would completely erase anything in its path. And then, Kevin was back in the underground complex of the Ascendant Androids, reclined on a couch*

Johnny: Myah, he's awake!

Crys: *mutters to herself while looking at some bills* Who would have thought phone booths costed so much damn money...

*There is only silence for a while. Then the alarm sounds off*

Tommy: Alright, we got a mission overseas! Everyone to the A-Copter!

Johnny: *hops on top of Tommy*

Tommy: *turns on his gyro blades*

Johnny: OW OW OW OW OW!