Ascendant Androids

Epilogue 1 - Beginning From Scratch

By: Crys (CrystalGirl)

[Scene: Tommy's and Crys' lab.  Standing in a line near the Operating Tables are six guys, with Tommy and Crys standing in front of and facing them.   These six men, in order, are Patrick, Nick, Matt, Johnny, Vulcan, and Kevin.   They're all standing there, somewhat dazed, and unsure of where they are.   They're all wearing nametags.]


Crys: Hello, boys. Good to see you're regaining coherency, and balance.


Johnny: What… what happened?


Tommy: A good question! Basically… we kidnapped you all from various places around the world.


Nick: You did what?!


Vulcan: -drawing his sword to Tommy's neck- For some odd reason I have the sudden urge to kill you both where you stand.


Tommy: Ack!


Crys: Hold on! Before you kill us, let us explain ourselves!


Kevin: You have... thirty seconds.


Crys: Okay, to make a long story short, we need you guys to test a bunch of new armors that we made from Dr. Wily's 5th generation robot plans. We figured asking you all would hinder results, so we just snagged you instead.


Patrick: …You're not very bright, are you?


Tommy: We prefer the term Socially Immoral.


Matt: This still doesn't make it right!


Johnny: Nyah! Why don't WE get a say in this?!


Patrick: Yeah!


Tommy: Because, we took the liberty of installing the armors into you while you were all asleep.


Kevin/Vulcan/Johnny/Nick/Patrick/Matt: …You did what?!


Crys: Yup! Notice the backpacks you have on now? Those are permanently attached to you, unless we take out all the wiring and stuff. All you have to do is think about summoning your armor, and your backpacks become the armor!


Kevin: Great…


Vulcan: ...But just how in the blue hell do you know we're the Robot Master we want to be?!


Tommy: We asked you when you were off in La-La land.


Johnny: They thought of everything…


Matt: Well… it looks like we're stuck like this, then. Alright, tell us who's who.


Crys: Alright, this will be a good time for introductions as well! I am Crys, and I chose the CrystalGirl armor long before we got hold of you lot. This is my cohort, Tommy, and he got stuck with GyroMan. Kevin, you're now our official WaveMan. Johnny, you're GravityMan. Matthew, you're NapalmMan. Vulcan, you're StarMan. Patrick, you're now StoneMan. And last but not least, Nick is our official ChargeMan!


Kevin: Wave Man? Woo! I can shoot stuff with a harpoon!


Johnny: Myah… I can control gravity? Neato!


Matt: Big! Freaken! Guns!


Patrick: I get to be big, bad, and can disassemble myself!


Nick: I am the train! Heck yes!


Vulcan: I'll hold off on killing you two if this armor gives me control over fire.


Tommy: I got stuck with the flying guy… I hate heights!


Crys: I don't see why you can't, Vulcan, considering we modified your sword to extort the fire-based power of the Star Crash to the fullest.


Vulcan: Excellent, you will instead die a short and painful death in your sleep.


Tommy: -clears his throat- Now that you know what we did, and who you are… we have a proposal for you!


Crys: -grins- I propose we form our own team! Somewhat like the Mechanical Maniacs, or Sinister Six, but different!


Matt/Johnny/Kevin/Vulcan/Nick/Patrick: -look at each other, muttering disapproval-


Tommy: Err… you get free food, drink, and a place to stay, and all the video games you can handle…


Matt: I'm in.


Kevin: Sold!


Johnny: Me too!


Nick: Heck yes!


Patrick: Sweeeeeeet.


Vulcan: I suppose I have no say in this since you've already just gone off and done most of the work without our consent; I guess I'll join you freaks. Feh, I kinda have a feeling that I'll be the fan favorite.


[As the newly formed team begins their celebration and party, a familiar mysterious observer can be seen standing at the entrance to the lab-turned-base.  A wind seems to pick up around them as they speak.]


Mysterious Observer: And everything starts to fall into place smoothly.  Soon, we shall do what our creator could not!  We shall conquer the world!


[The mysterious observer begins to laugh manically as the screen fades to black.]


The End