Special Epilogue 02:
A Spooky Megaman 3 Forum Halloween Special Epilogue
by Johnny Wayne Funkhouser, A.K.A. Gravityman

The Cast

Johnny (Flameman) as Don Patch

Nick (Proto Stryker) as Thomas the Tank Engine

Myone as Zorro (Not the dude from One Piece)
Anime Master as Darth Vader

Cyros as Axl

General Cutman as Cutman (The Regular One)

Vulcan as Spider

Crys (IceChan) as a Pirate Ninja (w00t!!!)

Black Belt as Pheonix Wright, Ace Attorney

Makenshi as a Blue Berry Muffin

Snipe Anteater as Groucho Marx

Quickie as Zero

Koala as Donkey Kong

Pharon as a Barrel

Fireman as Firestorm The Nuclear Man

Diveman as the Juggernaut from Thirteen Ghosts

Jade as an Octorok

Spark-Chan as Sailor Moon

Shinbou Plantman as ZGMF-X245 Chaos Gundam

Zapper as Scorpion

Demon Roy as Wily Wonka

Beowulf as Clownthulu

Shadowstrike as Ratchet

Rebel40000 as Kefka

Lord Zaneroth as Time

Splash Warfly as Cyclops
Gary as Slimer

Gauntlet as Himself


It is Halloween, and many of the residents of the Megaman 3 Forum community had begun a large party, Gauntlet had changed everything in the house.

Spooky corridors and decorations where everywhere in spirit of this holiday, but there where more then guests and him there, some said there where spirits

of vengeful banned members haunting rooms, or something more....


Inside, laughter, jokes and spooky stories lit up conversations, the televisions where playing horror movies, such as Halloween, Friday the 13th and Nightmare

on Elm Street. Everyone was in costume, except for Gauntlet, his outfit was more then enough. The song "This is Halloween" plays in the background as more

guests enter the party.


Johnny: Nyah, so many people came! This might be the best Halloween yet!


The door was knocked on, Johnny awnserd the door, it was Nick, also known as Proto Stryker.


Johnny: Hey, its one of my good freinds, Nick... who the heck are you dressed as o_o


Nick: Thomas the Tank Engine of course, why... and who are you?


Johnny: Uh, nothing, just asking.. I'm Don Patch from Bobobo, want some chuurios? *Holds up a box of chuurios*


Nick: Um, no thanks, sholdn't you be handing out candy?


Johnny: *Sigh* This candy and treats on the table.


Nick: Thanks, see ya! *Walks off to the table*


Another knock was heard at the door, it was Myone as Zorro


Johnny: Oh Im sorry, but you got banned, sorry... want some chuurios though?


Myone: No, I should be invited!!! Let me in!!

Myone forces his way in, and starts spamming.


Gauntlet: *Pushes button* Hard, we have a situation.


Hardman: *Comes in* Okay man, don't make a scene here....


Myone: *Gets thrown out* I will have vengence!!!!


Anime Master: *Walks in* Wow.... that was intresting...


Johnny: Hey Anime Master, nice Vader outfit, very well done.


Anime Master: Used my own materials, and nice Don Patch outfit.


Johnny: Also, you want some Chuurios?


Anime Master: Uhhh, no thanks..... Im saving room for the candy.


Johnny: *Sigh, Okay.... hey, we got more people coming!


Cyros: Hey Johnny, are you some kind of orange star thing?


Johnny: I'm Don Patch!!!! *Jumps at Cyros like a rabid animal*


Cyros: Oh snap... *Takes two steps to the left as Johnny slams into the ground missing*


Johnny: Owww.... you can go in then... nice Axl costume...


Cyros: Thanks, oh look! Taffy! *Runs off*


General Cutman: *Walks in* Looks like everythings already begun.


Johnny: *Gets up* Wow, its Cutman as Cutman..... thats deffinitly uniqe!


General Cutman: Thanks, I saw Myone leave, guess he's still upset about being banned.


Johnny: I guess so..


Vulcan: Yo John, whats up? *Walks in wearing his Spider outfit (From Megaman X Command Mission)*


Johnny: Hey Vulcan, really cool Spider outfit.


Vulcan: Thanks, so theres free food right?


Johnny: Yeap, speaking of which, want to buy some Churrios?


Vulcan: Ewww, no way, those things are nasty.


Johnny: No body wants any Churrios...


Crys: Boy, you sure dont have any luck with this kind of thing do you?


Johnny: Hey Crys, spiffy Pirate Ninja outfit, bad ass.


Crys: Thanks, nothing can beat a Pirate Ninja! *poses*


???: Hold it!!!!!!


Everyone in the room jumps and looks at the door.


Johnny: AHHHH! Its a lawyer!!!


Black Belt: Im Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney.....


Johnny: Oh, thank god..... You scared me...


Black Belt: ... Never mind....


Johnny: Do my eyes deceive me... a giant.. blue berry muffin!!!! *Runs and jumps on Makenshi as he walks through the door*


Makenshi: AGH! Get off me!!! Hes doing things to me!!! *Runs*


Crys: Johnny, no molesting blue berry muffins, not after last time...


Crys shudders at the very thought of what happend last time and goes into the corner to try to get it out of her mind.


Johnny: Oh... sorry Makenshi....


Makenshi: After this Im going to need to beat this out of my head...


Snipe Anteater: I think my eyes are going to melt after seeing that...


Johnny: Oh, sorry about that, introducing Snipe Anteater as Groucho Marx!


Snipe Anteater: You stay away from me.... far away... *Sneaks away*


Johnny: Hey, its the dead guy, I mean Zero!


Britt: I wish he was.... *Cough* I mean.... never mind..


Johnny: Nice, at least it isn't the official Zero costume.. that thing scares me...


Britt: Me too... maybe I should of gotten that one to scare everyone.... hehehehe....


Johnny: I'm glad you didnt.. O_o


Koala: Hey everyone, nice party so far.


Johnny: Hey Koala Kong!


Koala: Not funny.....


Johnny: Aww, I thought it was....


Koala: Heh, Im kidding.

Pharon: Hey, Im a barrel!


Johnny: Why did you dress up as a barrel? O.o


Koala: For this!


*Koala tosses Pharon at Johnny*


Johnny: Uh oh *Jumps over it for 100 points*


Pharon: Im getting dizzy! *Crashes into the table*


Fireman: *Walks in* See everyones as crazy as ever.


Johnny: Hey Fireman, who are you as?


Fireman: Firestorm The Nuclear Man...


Johnny: Nope, never heard of him...


Fireman: *Grumbles* Never mind....


Diveman: Hey everyone, nice party!


Johnny: Umm, and your.....


Diveman: I'm the Juggernaut from Thirteen Ghousts.


Johnny: Heard of it, never saw it though, sorry...


Diveman: Meh........


Jade: *Shoots stuff at Johnny* Ima Octorok! *Moves around*


Johnny: Take cover!!! Some one call in Link!!! *Whacked with Octorok pellets*


Jade: Man, this introduction is long.....


Spark-Chan: Wow, lovely party, every ones got great costumes!


Johnny: Your Sailor Moon, right?


Spark-Chan: Yeap, do you like my costume?


Johnny: Yeah, I was going to wear a female kimono as my other costume choice...


Jade: Creepy......


Fireman: Very creepy.


Crys: More bad mental images.....


Shinobu Plantman: Well dont worry, theres only a few people left to introduce.


Johnny: Hey, its Chaos Gundam, sweet.


Shinobu Plantman: Thank you..


Zapper: Get over here! *Throws plastic spear tied ot a rope at the backside of Johnnys head*


Johnny: *Falls over* X_X Owww....

Zapper: *Poses Holding Johnnys head* Fatality!


Crys: OMG His heads off! *Passes out* X_x


Johnny: *Real head still on body* Got ya!!! Crys....? Crys..... Hello?


Demon Roy: Hey, brought over lots of candy from my factory!




Demon Roy: O_o What?


Johnny: Nothing....


Beowulf: Your suffering will be legendary, even in hell!!!! *Weilds large knife*


Johnny: GWUAAAHHH! *Runs across the room*


Shadowstrike: That was kinda mean ya know....


Beowulf: Couldnt resist, he was such an easy target..


All of a sudden the lights go out, and Kefkas laugh is heard, all of the sudden the lights shine on Rebel4000 who is dressed as Kefka.


Gauntlet: Dramatic entrance.....


Jade: A little over the top if you ask me...


Rebel4000: Didnt ask for your opinion >_>


Lord Zaneroth: I was hoping to go for something along those lines.


Rebel4000: I already used it XP


Splash Warfly: I think Im the last one.


Johnny: Well everyones here...


Gary: Actually, everyones here now!


Johnny: Well, Its Gary as Slimer, spiffy.


Gary: Oh and.... Happy Halloween everyone! *Spews Green Slime on half the people*


Johnny: Snotrific....

Gauntlet: Gary...........

Crys: Im going to need a bath in the worst way possible....


Fireman: Split pea soup any one...?


Johnny: Any way, now that everyones here, the party can begin!


The Lights go out, everyone grumbles and moans, no one knows who it is this time.


Rebel4000: Hey, some one stole my entrance!!!


The lights go on, Gauntlets on the floor with knives sticking out his eyes and his throat slit open.


Spark-Chan: Oh my gosh!!! Gauntlet!!! *Covers eyes*


Crys: Holy crap...


Rebel4000: Where hosed....


General Cutman: Some one had to have murderd him!


Black Belt: Being an attorney, I will help find the murderer!


They all split up to hopefully find the murderer of Gauntlet.


Gary: Im gonna kick who ever did this persons ass...


Fireman: Same here....


Britt: But who could of done it......


Fireman: Didnt Beowulf have a knife?


Beowulf: Well.....


Britt: He dosent have one any more! It was you!!! GET HIM!!!


Beowulf: I swear! It wasnt me!!! *Backs away*


Crys: I dont think it could of been him....


Diveman: Plus the metal detector we had at the entrance would of detected metal, he had a plastic knife...


Crys: But how come half of us got in, I mean most of us are robots...


Hardman: Plot hole perhaps?


All of a sudden a piano score plays, after close lissining, everyone remembers it to be the music that plays when Michal Myers apears.


Hardman: The T.V.......?


Crys: Oh crap! Where all screwed!!!


A scream is heard in the distince. Everyone goes to check, on the floor lies Gary.


Britt: Gary!!!!!! No, please dont be dead!


Gary: Oww..... some guy stabbed me....


Britt: Your okay! *Hugs*


Gary: Who ever did this was weilding a sharp object for sure...


Fireman: All the more reason to grab the man and kick his ass!


Jade: But we have to find a way to find who it was....


Splash Warfly: Maybe its a trick.... The bodys gone!


Fireman: Maybe Gauntlet played a trick on us......


Johnny: But the body looks like it was dragged away.....


All of a sudden a guy wearing a white mask runs in about to stab Johnny when Crys punches him into the stomache.


Britt: Owch..... well, I think we have the culprit, alright! Your in for some pain pal for hurting Gary....


The mask comes out to reviel....


Everyone: Myone!!!!!


Myone: And I would of gotten away with it too if it wasnt for you meddling forumers, and your cat too!


Johnny: That was cliche, wheres Gauntlet!!?!


Gauntlet: *Apears* Hey everyone.


Everyone: *Gasp*


Gary: Your alive?!


Pharon: Hes a zombie!!!!!


Koala: GET HIM!!!

Gauntlet: Wait!! I just substituted my body for a hologram that looked real!! *Chased*


All of a sudden, the Great Pumpkin flies in and gives everyone presents.. O_o


Myone: Well this is weird....


Britt: *Cracks Knuckles* Your in for some pain punk.....

Myone gets whooped and tossed out the door. And everyone countinues the party as normal. After much hours of enjoyment it was time to leave


Gauntlet: Well, I hope everyone enjoyed Halloween.


Johnny: CHHHURRRRRRIOOOS!!!! *Runs in screaming throwing Churrios every and scareing everyone away*


Proto Stryker: Well, until Johnny actually sells Churrios, we are, the Megaman 3 Community Forumers!




I hope I was able to fit in everyone and got everyones personalities as accurate as possible, sorry if it wasn't as long as I wanted to get it.

Everyone have a safe and spooky Halloween!