Special Epilogue 04:
A Compilation Series by the Ascendant Androids

Shademan, by Patrick
I recieved my orders, and then I flew,
To prey upon the boy in blue,
Through castle walls, and corridors,
I thought this another of Wily's chores,
I'd slash and kill, and then be done,
T'would be over, before it had begun,
I spotted him, and lay in wait,
Hoping he would take the bait,
He ran right in, the doors had slammed,
He was in Shock, he knew he was scammed,
He looked around to see my face,
and then I leapt from my secret place,
And threw upon him, a volley of hits,
Soon he would be scratched to bits,
And then, from his big blue armored ports,
Shot a weapon of springy sorts,
The hit connected, and I was taken aback,
I had NOT forseen THIS attack,
The springs continued, one by one,
Followed by his plasma gun,
I had been shot down, and in defeat,
He finished the job, nice and neat,
But my chip now remains intact,
Although my head lies...a bit abstract,
From my body it is gone,
but surely I know, it won't be long,
Albert will rebuild me, bolt and hinge,
But for now, I turn to sweet revenge,
No Advanced mathematics, No gureling plan,
Just one goal, to kill Megaman!

Intangible Evil, by Vulcan
He who exists lives a nightmare that never ends.
Sanity leaning toward its end, with each passing day,
I am the child of hate. Death, mayhem and destruction,
they are my eyes. Horrific potency, never dissipate.
Cursed to walk the Earth, destroying all that I see,
I have no will, I cannot die, I cannot live...
humanity's bastard child continues to terrorize,
putting that which created him to death.
Care not for the consequence, I am the scourge of the Earth,
destroying it all with the flick of my wrist.
Mankind's sins fuel this lifeless monster,
that which haunts your sleep. My link, my ties to this race,
they can never be severed. Religion would call me the devil,
but behold a look in the mirror, for it reveals the same face.
I am man and I will march onward until my self-extermination.
Hate breeding fear, hypocrisy my teeth devouring it all,
I am that which humanity truly is. Strike me down,
I will only become stronger. We are the evil,
the evil which torments our once dear Mother Earth.