Ascendant Androids
 The Prologue Epilogue
By: Crys (CrystalGirl)

[Scene: Night at the remains of Dr. Wily's 5th fortress. Searching among the ruins and rubble are two humans, one a male and the other a female. Both are rummaging around, gathering materials of all sorts from the infamous evil scientist's 5th attempt at world takeover. The two scavengers are Tommy Lee and Crys, a pair of good friends and amateur robotic scientists. As they're scavenging for goods to take back to their lab, however, Tommy stumbles across something interesting.]

Tommy: Err, Crys? Come look at this!

Crys: -walks over to where Tommy is- What's up, big guy?

Tommy: -holding up several blueprints- Blueprints from the 5th generation of robot masters.

Crys: Holy… are you serious? -Looks at the blueprints- Holy… this… this is incredible! It's all here… how to make them, get them to work…

: -grins widely- Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Crys: I think so. Let's finished up here, and then get back to the lab.

Tommy: Right!

[The two continue working until the later hours of the morning, at which point they load all their newly acquired goods into a large moving van, and head off. Unbeknownst to them, however, someone has been watching their every move from some distance away since they first arrived. The mysterious observer chuckles quietly to their self, and continues watching the area around the fortress for more activity. ] [Several months later, in Tommy's and Crys' underground lab. The two have been busily working on revising and recreating the 5th generation Robot Masters as armors which are attached to the body. Throughout the months, they have also been revisiting the fifth fortress, and gathering supplies that had originally been left behind. They have managed to create all 8 now, and are getting ready to try and set up the first one on a human subject. Namely, Crys. ]

Crys: -strapped down to a table- Err… Tommy? You're sure this is safe, right?

Tommy: -frowns- No, not really.

Crys: …Oh, okay… just checking. Meep.

[Crys is finally knocked out and Tommy begins his work. The process takes almost an entire 24 hours to complete, but eventually Tommy manages to finish. Soon after he finishes, the knock-out drugs wear off, and Crys wakes up. ]

Crys: Ooogh... Did anyone get the number of that truck?

Tommy: Yee! -Hugs Crys tightly- You're alive!

Crys: Erk! Tommy… you're… crushing my… vital organs.

Tommy: Oops! Sorry. –Lets go- It's good to see you alright though.

Crys: Yeah… looks like your operation was a success doc. So, should we go ahead and gather more for our troops?

Tommy: Already found the people. Just need to get them here.

Crys: Oooh… this will be FUN.

[As the two scientists continue their banter, and eventually get ready to locate and bring their six other vict- I mean subjects to the lab, the mysterious observer from the ruined fortress has finally decided to do something other than sit and watch. Whoever they are, they begin rummaging around the remains as well, except they're looking for something very specific. Their rummaging goes late into the night, but eventually, they stumble upon what they were looking for, and begin to laugh loudly and diabolically.]

To Be Continued…