A boy was in the bathroom at his school. Once he finished his business he washed his hands. Looking into the mirror, he saw another kid enter the lavatory. The kid introduced himself and they started to talk. The boy quickly made friends with the new kid, finding out that he had just transferred into this school. He never even wondered why the kid would move when it was already the late half of the second semester, but they got along great and eventually the new kid invited the boy over to his house.

The boy looked up the kid's address, and was puzzled to find that it was in a very secluded neighborhood; a place that he wasn't even aware existed. Still, he thought nothing of it and managed to find his way to the kid's house. The kid's parents weren't around, so they were all alone. They were hanging out in the basement when the boy had to go to the bathroom. The kid told him to go upstairs and go all the way to the other end of the house.

The bathroom was very small, with a bathtub right behind the toilet with the shower curtain closed. There was a mirror facing the bathtub beside the boy so that he could see it clearly. As he went about his business he heard a peculiar noise coming from inside the room. Suddenly aware that he was alone and his friend on the other side of the house, he began to get nervous. The noise continued, along with a hoarse, heavy breath coming from behind the shower curtain. By now the boy was freaking out, but even when he could smell the stench of decaying flesh he tried to write everything off as his imagination. Right when he finally finished his business he could see in the mirror a rotting hand rise up and grip the shower curtain's rail, and the hoarse breathing had intensified such that it sounded like a hideous snarl. The thing behind the shower curtain, whatever it was, hissed two words to the boy.


The boy was already bolting out of the bathroom. He heard the shower curtain being pulled open, but he didn't look back. Running over to the house's foyer he tried to open the front door, but it wouldn't budge. Then, hearing a sound behind him, he turned and saw his friend, slowly moving towards him with a blank expression, not saying a word. Panicking, the boy ran over to a window, and smashed it before jumping through and running all the way back to his home.

His friend wasn't at school the next day. Feeling uneasy, the boy wanted to apologize to the kid for his behavior, telling himself that what he had seen in the bathroom was all his imagination. So, once school ended he rode his bike back to the kid's house. When he got there, however, there were police all around it. The boy tried to ask them what had happened, but they dismissed him and told him to go home.

That night, the boy's father called him over to the TV. "Isn't this your friend's house?" his dad asked, and the boy nodded in disbelief. It was a news report on a serial killer who was on the run. He or she had been fleeing all over the country, and their most recent stop was the house that was pictured. They had already escaped when the police arrived, but inside the house they found the corpse of their most recent victim in a bathtub. It had been rotting there for two weeks. The report ended by saying that the serial killer had not been identified yet. In fact, no one had even seen them at all since their killing spree had started. The house was supposed to be abandoned, and the neighbors testified that they saw no one go in or out, except a boy that went inside yesterday and later came out by smashing a window from the inside.

It wasn't long before the police found the boy and he was questioned. The boy told his story, but changed it so that he only found a normal carcass in the bathroom. The police looked up the new kid, but there was no such person in the school records. Finally, the boy was released.

Two days later the boy managed to get over his experience at his "friend's" house, who had completely disappeared. He was now on the computer, looking up things about ghosts. There was one article that caught his interest. This was what it said:

"Mirrors are like doors, doors that can lead to other realms. While we may not be able to reach those realms from our side, the things that live on the other side can reach ours. That's one way that spirits can cross over from the land of the dead. But there must be someone, a witness, for them to do anything. Because you can only see them if you're looking into a reflective surface. And they can only harm you if you can see them. But most disturbing of all, is that once you see them, they can follow you, not matter where you go."

All of a sudden, the boy realized that the thing behind the shower curtain wasn't the only ghost that he had encountered.

(This story has been scrapped.)