Notes: As of lately, most of my creative efforts have been going to my Cartooning class, the Androids, and.... this thing. I honestly dunno what caused this to come to bare, other than a love of all things supernatural and vast amounts of boredom. So sit back, enjoy, and if you have an idea for a title, lemme know. Also, if this version is a little hard to read, you can also read it at: It's fictionpress home.

A Vampire Story
By: Crystal/SkyeOfBlue/CSTadeki/Whatever Else I Go By

Chapter 1: Strange Things Start To Happen

“No wonder you’re so miserable!” The high-pitched, screeching voice that belonged to my roommate resonated in my ears. Dear LORD that woman was loud. Wincing and pressing the pause button on my game, I glanced over at her, ears ringing. Seriously, was she related to a Screech Owl or something? In fact, thinking on it, she did have a sort of… owlish quality to her. Tawny hair that fluffed down past her shoulders, complete with widow’s peak, fair, kinda tanned skin, and rather large eyes that occasionally turned amber yellow when she was pissed. Kinda like right now.
“Hnn?” I managed as a response, not quite certain as to what in Caine’s name was going on. Thin hands were curled into fists on angular hips as she all but glared at me.
“You sit here and play video games all day! Have you ever heard of the sun?! You get vitamins from it, which make you happier, which make you less mopey!” Ah, okay. She was whining about my occasional bouts of ‘I hate life and everything involved in it’. I rolled my eyes and went back to my game, hoping I could beat the last boss before she started her bitching again.
“Seriously, look at you! You’re always frowning, you have a permanent scowl going for you, your hair’s a mess, and you’re pale enough to reflect florescent light! You put the sun to shame, woman!

Sighing, I finished off my opponent, and contemplated doing the same to my roommate. It would make for an interesting evening, anyway. One save and turning off of my system later, I stood, placing my hands on her shoulders.
"Lindsey, look at me for a second." I was exasperated with her by that point. The whole "you're miserable because you don't go outside" thing had been driving me crazy.
"I already have. Why do you think I've been pushing you to go get some sun lately?" Now she was just being stupid.
"Take note of my pale complexion. Oh, and my eyes, which just happen to be black. And let's not forget the fangs." I spoke as calmly as I could, trying to hold back from biting her.
"And?" Could someone seriously be that stupid?
"I. Am. A. Vampire!" I spelt it out for her, left eye twitching ever so slightly. A blank expression was my reward.
"You know... blood sucking child of Caine, stalks the night looking for innocent victims to drain the blood of, turns into bats occasional, goes 'bleh, bleh!' a lot?" Life seemed to jump back into her, as she raised an eyebrow. Goody.
"And your point?"

The sudden urge to shake my roommate had suddenly become over-powering. Somehow, though, I managed to merely push her back a couple feet, and raise my hands above my head angrily.
"THE SUN WILL FREAKIN’ KILL ME!" I waved my hands a bit for extra emphasis, trying desperately to comprehend her complete idioticy. How in the nine hells had she managed to get that far in life, without knowing what kills a vampire?! Sunlight, fire, complete draining, cutting off the head. Anyone who'd ever read Dracula or... hell, any vampire fiction would know it! And it didn't help that we were attending a college for the Supernatural. As my mind veered off in its own direction, she spoke up.
"I thought that was fake?" I paused, blinking, and stared at her. It was true that some vampires, if they became powerful enough, could wander around in the daytime like a human. There were other ways as well, including enchanted amulets and covering every square centimeter of skin, but they were difficult to pull off. I figured she'd assumed it fake, because of that whole 'running water' stuff, or the crucifixes and crap.
"Nnnooooo... that's one of the few ones that is, in fact, very true. Hence why I have night classes." I confirmed, hoping maybe this was the end of all that nonsense.
"Well, you still need to get more sun!" My palm immediately connected with my forehead.

The argument lasted a lot longer than I had liked, but sometime around dusk she finally stalked off, having given up on me for the time being. That headache out of my way, I'd followed through with my normal nightly routine of preparing for classes, and then headed out. It was comfortably dark by that point, and I reveled in it. Night always seemed longer on Supernatural University's campus, mostly likely due to some form of magic caster or other actually extending it. I tried to not think about it too much. That night had been a particularly quiet one, with few people out on campus aside from the other children of Caine sulking off to their respective classes, which seemed unusual for a Friday night. With the weekend approaching, there was bound to be someone throwing a party going on somewhere. I pushed the thought out of my mind as I arrived to class, and immediately noticed a severe lack of classmates. In fact, including me, there were only four students of the usual twelve, and the teacher. I took my seat next to Alice, a rather pretty red-head who'd been undead for about fifty years now, but was just now getting around to college.

“Good evening.” She greeted in a thick accent that I couldn’t place. I nodded to her in acknowledgement, and she smiled. It was odd, most children of Caine were rather broody people, because, well, being undead sucks. Alice was different in that regard. Her eyes, while black like the rest of ours, always held a twinkle of mirth within them, making her seem alive. It honestly scared the metaphorical crap out of me sometimes.
“The hell is everyone?” My tablemate winced visible at this, her dislike for my butcherment of the English language obvious. Too bad that wasn’t the only thing I butchered on a regular basis.
“I’m not entirely sure, to be honest.” She shrugged as a sheepish grin played on her features.
“Pft, don’cha know anythin’, kid? They’re at a Vikin’ Funeral.” Trent spoke up from his seat across the classroom. He was a muscled guy, with dark hair, dark features, and a Dracula-esque attractiveness, if you were into that kind of thing. I wasn’t. He smirked at my raised eyebrow.
“…The hell?” From what I knew of these alleged ‘Viking Funerals’, they involved a lot of fire. Not a good place for corpses. Finally, the almost mute kid who no one knew the name of spoke up.
“Rumor is a bunch of newbies shanked a coupla weres and so they’re roasting ‘em to hide the evidence.” A general understanding fell over the room.
“Makes sense.” I mumbled, before hurling my textbook, Everything You Need To Know About Vamprisim, at Trent. He was looking at me oddly.

No one really knew how the whole rivalry between Werewolves and Vampires started. Some stories claimed it had to do with the Loup-Garou allegedly being blessed by the Moon or Moon Goddess or whatever, and Caine’s children being cursed. Others claimed it was a jealousy thing, due to ancient people constantly confusing vampires with werewolves for whatever reason. The textbook reason was that way back before written word existed, the various supernatural creatures lived alongside the mortals in peace and harmony in the First City. However, as time wore on, various groups decided they were getting shafted with this ‘peace and harmony’ deal, and left. It was allegedly the Werewolves who started this, after claiming the Vampires were hoarding all the power to themselves and were treating everyone unfairly. The vampires didn’t like this, and thusly set about eradicating all the werewolves. My opinion on the whole matter was that the female Vampire leader called the female Werewolf leader fat, and we all got screwed from there.

Class ended on a rather unexciting note, and from there my other classed followed suit. Armed with question knowledge about the First City and Werewolves, and more definitive knowledge on Foreshortening, Haiku and Sword Handling, I ambled towards the on-campus Café. It was a small building, kinda on the outskirts of the property, and was decorated to look like some odd conglomeration of a Goth Club and a politically incorrect Native American Tourism joint. Normally I avoided the place, as the music sucked, and it was on Werewolf territory. However, hunger won out over not wanting to deal with the smelly beasts and tasteless tunes, so off I went. With no incident to speak of on the way there, sans the strange Screech Owl that attempted to murder me, I walked into the little shop. As per status quo, the place was filled to the brim with Vampire Wannabes who called themselves Goths, beatniks that couldn’t recite poetry to save their life, and stuck up, latte sipping aristocrats who needed to go back to Seattle already. Shuffling to the counter, I ordered something coppery and red, and took my drink over to an empty table. I watched the inept ‘individualists’ attempt to dance to some crap with copious amounts of screaming and bass with mild amusement.

After deciding that the usual clubbing endeavors could wait a night or so, I started the trek across campus once again. My drink had left me feeling a bit more lively and powerful, along with looking a bit more human. Vague hints of rosy color coursed through my skin, and the tiniest bit of pigmentation returned to my eyes, making them a dull blue color. I traveled along the marked path back to the dorms, a slight feeling of normalcy hanging over my head. It went away, however, as I heard someone approaching from behind, who hadn’t been there earlier. Turning quickly, my eyes laid upon a rather tall, stocky you man, with broad shoulders and a scowl on his face. He was wearing a pair of jeans that had been torn at the knees, and had probably seen better days a century ago. Tufts of fur were sprinkled on his face and body, and he pulled back his upper lip, showing off a rather sharp set of canine-like teeth. I swore mentally. A werewolf.

The animalistic man stepped toward me, and I backed up in response. One of the first rules of encountering Werewolves was to never get within claw-length of them. He snarled.
“What the hell are you doing here, blood sucker?” Golden eyes turned to slits as he made to approach me again. Instead of backing up, I turned around, and sighed. Another one behind me. Crap.
“I go to the Café sometimes… campus rules say it’s all good.” I murmured, trying to politely remind them of the Law of the University. Then I remembered no one cared about those rules. Double crap.
“Hrmph… after what your kind did to us…” The second Were, a rather thin and lanky guy who, at any other point of time, I would have probably dated, growled in response. I feigned innocence, since, technically, I had no idea what had happened.
“Er… what exactly did my kind do to your kind?” I fought to keep the absolute horror out of my voice, though it did squeak a bit.
“Don’t play games wi-“ Whatever threat the lanky guy was about to spout off was cut off, and I realized why a second after her crumpled to the ground in a heap. Campus police.

While most students and a fair bit of the staff of Supernatural U completely ignored the rules, including the one saying that you weren’t supposed to murder each other senselessly, and generally got away with it, there would occasionally be an intervention by the Campus Police. Much like every other employee or student of the place, they were supernatural, but they were… terrifying. Especially to us night-folk and “children of darkness”. They were angels. Not the float-around-on-clouds-and-play-harps kind, though. They were warriors sent from some other plane of existence, who were adept in Holy Magic, and always seemed to be pissed at us. They didn’t believe in God, either.
“Stand down, or I’ll kill you both.” The newcomer commanded, face drawn into a scowl. He motioned to the two Weres, thusly proving he hadn’t, in fact, killed the lanky one.
“Who the hell do you think you are?” The bigger guy snarled, fur bristling. At this point, the lanky guy was coming to, and I contemplated running.
“My name isn’t important. What is, is that you’re harassing someone who had nothing to do with the murders earlier.” He informed, and I was dully reminded of how very convincing a guy with giant black wings, and a sword that looked like it belonged in a video game could be. As he pointed the massive weapon, which was notably made of silver, at the two offenders, they took off like a shot back to wherever they came from. Once the threat of them had dissipated, the angel, who I vaguely remembered his name started with R, gave me a nod and took to the skies.

I stood there for an achingly long while, just watching the skies. Clouds were nonexistent, the moon shining brightly and without obstruction. Occasionally, I saw an angel fly overhead, circling the grounds to keep track of the various meandering bodies. There were more of them out that night than I’d seen in a while… of course, there’d also been a murder earlier, and that was never a good thing. Finally gaining enough sense, I made my way back to the dorm room quickly. It was silent as I walked in; alerting me that Lindsey hadn’t made her way home yet. I sighed thankfully, before stumbling off to my room. The usual nighttime ritual took place; undress, shower again, get into my sleepwear, then go off and play video games until the sun finally came up. The window to my room was blocked off from sunlight, so its golden rays wouldn’t spread over my body and burn me to a crisp, but a strange, sleepy sensation would hit around sunrise. Then it was under the thin, pastel orange covers for me, and off to a dreamless, half-sleep state for the night.