Cossack's Comrades

Alpha Season 1: Epilogue 3

Enter Kryptoman.

Episode 3 by Drill

In a swamp, Wily and Ballade appear to have found something.

Wily: A capsule? What is this doing here?

Ballade: Who knows and who cares? Open it Wily.

Wily: Okay.

So he opens it. But...

Wily and Ballade: AHHHHHHHHHHH!

The 2 are blown away.

Object that came out of capsule: I am free! Hmm, Drillman seems to be 40 km east of here. I am coming, master!

At our HQ,

Drill: Shibbie! I feel a feeling of impeccable doom all of a sudden.

Dive: Why Drill?

Drill: I don’t know. I need to be alone.

So he goes to his room.

Pharaoh: Something is wrong. He never wants to be alone.

Ring: Yeah. Lets eavesdrop in his room.

Toad: I don’t know if we should do this.

All except Drill and Toad: DO IT!

Toad: Okay…

So they listen.

Drill: I feel he has returned. But how? This cant be possible. Someone must have set him free.

Suddenly a crash could be heard.

Voice of Capsule Robot: Hello Master. Long time no see.

Drill: Kryptoman! You are back!

Bright: Uh, who is he?

Drill: After Megaman beat us, I started to make a robot who could beat him. I worked and I worked until he was made. But when I activated him, he went crazy so I put him in a capsule. But how did you escape?

Kryptoman: Wily set me free.

All: WILY?

Krypto: Yes. But I blew him and Ballade away.

Drill: So what do you want?

Krypto: Well you equipped me with assimilating powers so I have come to assimilate you all.

Pharaoh: Assimilate? Drill you haven’t told us the whole story.

Drill: Fine. I made him from various parts. First Sigma’s second armor. Second, Firemans photon cannon. Third, Elecmans eyes and arm. Fourth, Crush Crawfishes claws as wings. Fifth, A doll head for irresistible attraction to women. But I had a problem. All Robot Masters have a special power. So I decided to make an assimilation power so he could absorb Megaman.

Krypto: Yes. But I have found a new target. Someone else to merge with. That person is none other then BIZZARO SHADOWMAN!

All: WHY?

Krypto: When he became one with the Borg, he had assimilating powers as well. So if I merge with him, my powers will be unrivaled!

Skull: How do you absorb people?

Krypto: Simple. *shoots a green beam at Skull*


Krypto: Since I have Sigma’s body, I can create viruses. Skull was infected. In 5 min, he will become crystallized. Then once I touch the crystal, he will become part of me.

Dive: Drill what were you thinking when you made this guy?

Drill: Revenge against Megaman. Oh I had an inspiration, Cell.

Dust: That’s it, no more DBZ for you.

Skull: Urgh... Help me...

Krypto: I am not concerned with him now. If I were you I would take him to Cossack or he will be a stone forever!

So he leaves and the Comrades take Skull to Dr. Cossack.

Cossack: This is very strange. One little virus did this much damage.

Drill: Can you cure him?

Cossack: Sure. In fact the cure is a flu shot. Kalinka, can you get me a flu shot please.

Kalinka: Sure dad.

So Cossack treats Skull.

Skull: This guy is horrible. He must be stopped.

Drill: I am sorry guys. We should contact Gauntlet about this.

Dive: Yeah. If any luck we can get Gauntlet to help us find Bizzaro before Krypto finds him.

Ring: Well that is what we shall do. Lets go to the Ark!


Krypto: Bizzaro, you are mine!

Will Kryptoman find Bizzaro? Find out next time on Cossacks Comrades.


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