Cossack's Comrades

Alpha Season 2: Epilogue 0

A CC Mini Epilogue: The Passing of Power.

* It was one week after the Anime World incident. The team was happily enjoying a fantastic cruise on the USSR Cossack (Pun intended). *

Skull: Team, why are you enjoying yourselves? You should be working!

Drill: Damn it Shadowy, you are too uptight. This is a cruise for Christ’s sake!

Skull: I don't care. As long as I am team leader we follow my orders.

BB: Hmmm…

*A dark room*

Figure 1: We must kill Shadowy.

Figure 2: He must be eliminated.

Figure 3: But how shall we do it?

Figure 1: Leave that to me. Mwhaaaa!

*Suddenly we see that Figure 1 is BB, 2 is Pharaoh, and 3 is Ring. *

BB: Damn my laughter triggered my light bulb. I got to stop doing that.

*The deck*

Drill: Read em and weep Shadowy. Royal Flush. You are down $10000.

Skull: Grrrr…

Dust: Hey this kid wants to know where the bathroom is. Do you know Skull?

Skull: Nope.

Err: Damn…I’ll go over the edge.


BB: Okay thank you for coming Straw Hats.

Luffy: Question: Where’s the meat?

BB: You can eat later. You have been chosen to kill our leader Shadowy. He looks like a walking skeleton.

Nami: Is he that thin?

BB: No he literally is a walking skeleton.

Robin: So how would you like it done? Quickly or slowly?


Sanji: If Robin Chan loves murder then so do I.

Chopper: There he goes again.

Zoro: Okay, we’ll do it.

BB: Excellent, Zolo.

Zoro: It's Zoro. DAMN 4KIDS!

BB: Right…

*The deck*

Toad: I'm getting ices. Who wants em?

Skull: Me please!

Toad: Okay.

Dive: Sir, a strange vessel is approaching port side.

Skull: In English, Dive.

Dive: A ship is coming right behind us.

Skull: Are they friendly?

Dive: They have the mark of the Straw Hat Pirates sir.

Skull: CC, battle stations!

Drill: I’d rather not.

BB: Me too.

Pharaoh: Fight them yourself oh great leader.

Skull: Fine I will!

*Zoro comes on board*

Zoro: Okay are you Shadowy?

Skull: What's it to you?

Zoro: Okay…Santoryu style: ONI GIRI!

*Using Santoryu, 3-sword style, Shadowy gets chopped into pieces and is thrown in the ocean. *

BB: Okay here's your money. 10000 berri for each of you.

Nami: Ohh money!

Toad: I'm back! Hey where’s Shadowy?

Drill: Dead. Now we need a leader…and a Skullman.

Err: Wait, I can be a Skullman! I'm good at fighting and have good wits!

Drill: Okay I guess.

Pharaoh: But we need a leader to officially give him that position.

Dust: Why not Drill?

CC: Yeah, Drill!

Drill: I accept. From now on I will lead you and Err is our new Skullman!

Err: Yay!

Luffy: I say in honor of his promotion, let's have a feast!

Sanji: I’ll prepare a wonderful meal!

BB: I’ll make some tacos!

Ring: I wonder what will happen to Shadowy?

*A PET in someone’s room. *

Coldman EXE: Oh where am I? Huh? AHHHHHHHHHH! I'm a net navi! But how? I was betrayed by my own team! I’ll show them. I’ll start my own navi team to get a better reputation! Hahahahaha!

The End?


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