Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 21
Dark Encounters of a Sinful Kind

(It was once again Monday, which was also shopping day, so everyone headed out into the city for supplies.)

Dive: I hate doing Cossack’s grocery shopping!

Drill: We need to get more food anyway. So we might as well get his too.

Skull: I just like going into town every once in a while.

(The eight walk through the city, conversing amongst themselves. Skull eventually stops in front of what at first glance is an empty police building, but Skull is still paralyzed in front of it.)

Bright: Skullboy, u k? What’s wrong?

Skull: I, don’t… know. I just have a feeling something is up.

Dust: Just a feeling?

Skull: C’mon! Let’s check it out.

Pharaoh: We don’t have time!

Skull: Oh come on!

Drill: Fine, if it’ll make you feel better, we’ll check it out.

(The eight walk into the building)


(All of the areas out of sight of the door window were strewn with police bots. All of them were slaughtered in a horrific manner. Some even hung from the ceiling from the wiring by their necks. It was the robotic equivalent of a slasher movie.)

Skull: HA! Told you!

Drill: Fan out, find who did this. Some of these look like fresh kills.

Toad: I’m scared!

(The team looks around the building.)

Dust: Someone was looking for something.

Dive: I don't think they found it.

Pharaoh: They hacked into their database. They were searching for technology.

Bright: How long ago?

Pharaoh: Three minutes

Drill: Then there's a good chance they're still here.

Toad: I need a hug... And a grenade.

Ring: I'm not even going to imagine why you need a grenade.

(Eventually, Drill makes it up to the roof, where he sees a familiar figure wearing a cloak.)

Drill: Hold it right there!

Wraith: If you intend to shoot me, do not hesitate.

(Drill is still shocked by his dark resemblance to Skullman, almost like a shadow of him.)

Drill: Who are you?

(The figure dives off the side of the building, and Drill runs to the side and watches him drop into the shadow, and runs off into the ally-ways. At this point, numerous police bots and their human commander chase after him.)

Dive: Who was that!?

Drill: He’s the guy who was in our base a couple weeks back! After him!

(The eight follow him, using their superior maneuverability to trail him. Whenever the suspect passes near a light source, it flickers off, even Bright’s light is affected in this way. But the sun is bright enough to make the darkness of the shadow minimal. For nearly an hour, they chase this new foe, often losing him in the patches of shadow he can find. Though, they do notice when he does find a patch of shadow dark enough, he almost teleports to the other side of it. The police corner him, and Cossack’s Comrades watch from the building above.)

Police Commander: Don’t make this difficult, Wraithman, we have you cornered. You have a dozen elite police bots as an obstacle this time, and we have daylight on our side now.

Wraith: … Obstacles do not exist to be surrendered to, but only to be broken.

Police Commander: If that is your choice. Fire!

Bright: If we try to help now, we’re likely to shoot the Commander or get shot!

Toad: Then what do you propose to do?

Drill: If we wait this might end without any casualties. He doesn’t seem too hostile.

Pharaoh: Uh, Drill? (Points down)

(Wraith’s scythe materializes in his hand, and he slashes the plasma bullets in midair. He returns fire with beams of black and purple energy, obviously taking great care not to hit the human Commander. He destroys five robots in this way, then closes in on them with astounding speed. He slashes through them and kills the remaining seven with three strokes. He then points the top of his scythe towards the remaining figure.)

Wraith: Commander. Vacate yourself. I have enough sins to account for. I do not wish to add your death to my conscience.

Dust: It seems that you’ve already committed murder. That’s a lot of dead cop bots.

Wraith: You cannot kill what is not alive… they will be rebuilt, I assume, and if they are not, it is no fault of mine. I have never taken a life.

Pharaoh: Making excuses?

Wraith: You cannot understand. You were all human once… Or humanlike. All of you still have qualities of a living creature; it is no question that you have a soul. I only seek information, which I have obtained. Out of my way, Commander.

(The Commander moves to the side, but when Wraith walks by, the Commander unsheathes a laser sword, and attempts to strike him. Wraith spins around and lashes his scythe, almost like a reflex. Everyone cringes, including Wraith. He watched the crimson drip from his weapon. He slowly closed his eyes, and calmed himself. He turned towards the Comrades, away from the gore that he inadvertently created, and his eyes snapped open.)

Wraith: … I, need to pray, tonight.

Ring: Or, you could turn yourself in!

(Everyone looks at Ring.)

Ring: What? It was wishful thinking!

Wraith: Punishment, for those who may find redemption. I am beyond redemption.

(The sun sinks lower into the sky, making a shadow dark enough for Wraith to retreat.)

Bright: Noes! You be redemed boy.

Wraith: (Voice echoing) I am. For I am one without a soul. Machines are not living creatures, but abominations created to serve humans… Farewell. When the day of reckoning comes, you would be wise to revel in the outcome.

Bright: He creepy!

Dust: Let’s not get started on that! I want to know what he meant by day of reckoning…

Skull: I feel… connected to him, somehow. It’s like we have a telepathic link or something. When he killed that human, I felt his remorse.

Dive: (shivers) He was like a priest and a sadistic lunatic at the same time… He was so dark…

Pharaoh: … I admire his power…

Ring: That guy was crazier than me! Ha! That’s saying something!

Drill: (sighs) Come, let’s finish shopping. I know Cossack will chew us out for being late already.

(The team shuffles off, all of them affected in some way by this new foe. He is an enigma, a murderer that feels guilt, a philosopher without morals.)

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Zapper as
Toad Girl


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