Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 19
Red Mage! Enter Jade!

On an empty field on the west outskirts of Megalopolis, a bright flash fills the air. A black protal opens and a pair of figures fall out. Both are dressed in the same elegant-styled outfit; one red, one blue. The one in red staggers to his feet. The other appears to be unconcious, maybe dead.

Jade: Urrgg... What the hell... Felt like I got run over by a behemoth... The last thing I remember is trying out that super-dimensional spell, and now I...

He spots the figure in blue lying next to him.

Jade: Eh??? Did that dimensional field split me in half as well? (nudges the lifeless form with his foot) Seems to be dead. I don't know what kind of spell that was, but I'm certainly NOT trying that again. (Looks around) Now where'd I end up? Nothing looks particularly familiar...

He sees the city before him.

Jade: Doesn't look like Midgar, but I'd better check it out.

The red-cloaked figure walks toward the city. As he does, another familiar character comes up to the person in blue.

Dr Wily:: Heheheh... This one seems powerful... I think I know just what to do with you... (Beams him aboard his saucer and flies off).

Meanwhile, in Megalopolis...

Dust: C'mon, Drill, this wild goose-chase hardly seems necessary.

Toad: Yeah... if he wanted out, we should just give him some space.

Drill: *sigh* I can't believe Sergal would just up and leave like this. Especially not without saying anything. If he's in trouble, we can't just sit back and let it happen, right?

Dive: I guess you're right. I just wish we had some kind of clue to go by.

Bright: BURITTO!

The Comrades look where Keba is pointing. There, they see Ballade, standing triumphantly atop the Met King, holding up the brutalized corpse of Pharaohman.

Drill: SERGAL!!!!!

Ballade: Hahahahaha!!! Too bad, Communist scumbag. Here, take your trash.

He throws Sergal's body at Drill's feet.

Drill: Sergal... (Glares at Ballade) You... you damn bastard... DIE!!!!

Drill fires a barrage of Drill Bombs at Ballade, but Met King blocks the attack with his thick helmeted hide.

Ballade: Hah! Your loser friend was no match for our combined power! What makes you think you are??

Skull: You piece of shit... we WILL defeat you! For Sergal!!

Ring: What he said!!

They both open fire, as do the rest of the Comrades. But Ballade once again hides behind the armored Met King.

Drill: Come out from back there and fight us, you coward!! COWARD!!!

Ballade: I'm just fighting smart! Don't worry about mourning your friend; you'll be with him again very shortly!

Ballade fires a pair of Ballade Crackers. Skull jumps in front and blocks them with his Skull Barrier.

Ballade: Let's see your shield stand up to THIS!!

The Met King leaps high into the air, poised to crush the remaining Comrades. They scatter, barely avoiding being crushed, but are still flung by the resulting shockwave.

Dive: Ow..

Bright: Noes, this is bad...=/

Drill: I know... But we can't give up... If we do, we could never face Sergal on the other side.

Ring: You're right; if we're gonna go down, I want to go down fighting!

He chucks a Ring Boomerang that's shot down by a Cracker. Keba tries a Flash Stopper, but Ballade calls a pair of shades from his helmet, nullifying the flash. The Met King fires a large plasma ball, which floors them both.

Ballade: You've met your match at last, Commie pigs. Now, just die.

???: Thundaga!!!

Ballade is electrocuted from a huge blast of lighting that struck him out of nowhere.

Ballade: WTF?!

Looking behind him, he sees the red-cloaked stranger from before.

Jade: Quake!!

Putting his hand to the ground, he calls a massive tremor, causing spikes of earth to shoot up under the Met King, seriously damaging it.

Ballade: Son of a... DAMMIT!!! I'll get all of you! Just you wait!!!

Ballade and the Met King beam out.

Drill: Thanks. We owe you one. Who are you?

Jade: I'm Jade. A Red Mage from what I'm assuming is a different world from this one.

Skull: Different world?

Drill: Why don't we save the explanations for later? Jade, why don't you come home to the Citadel with us? It seems we now need a new Pharaohman and you seem pretty handy in a fight.

Jade: I don't see why not. I'm not quite sure how to return to my own world anyway, and there's nothing else I can do here.

And so, the Comrades return to Cossack's Citadel, where they tell Dr. Cossack and Kalinka what happened to Sergal.

Kalinka: Oh my... no... (starts to cry).

Dr. Cossack: Eh, who cares? Lazy bum never did anything useful...

Kalinka: (Beats Cossack with a baseball bat through her tears) How could you, father?! Is it so hard to show just a LITTLE compassion for poor Sergal?!

Jade: (Whispers to the others) Are they always like this?

Toad: Every single day.

Dust: It's not so bad. Kalinka's really sweet, and Cossack seems like a dick at first, but you get used to him.

Jade: Well, thanks for the hospitality, everyone. Hope I won't let you down.

Drill: I doubt it.

Jay: Ey. Who's the new bitch? Better not be workin' my turf

Silent Bob: ...

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Zapper as
Toad Girl


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