Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 1

Introducing Omni

Currently, it is a boring day at the Cossacks Comrades HQ, but is doesn't seem like Dust wants it to stay that way for much longer.

Dust: Hey everyone follow me!

Dust: then runs off and after a few seconds the rest follow. Dust leads the others to his room. Everyone carefully steps over junk lying on the ground to something hidden under a sheet. With a grin, Dust pulls it off and shows a robotic being underneath.

Dust: Ta-Da! I call him Omni. I used Megaman as a base for his body and then upgraded it. I also hacked into Dr. Wily's, Dr. Cossack's, and Dr. Light's computers to copy all of their RM data. Omni has the data of every robot made so far downloaded to him and can use all of their weapons too. If he confronts a robot whose data is not listed in him he'll be able to use a sophisticated device to scan it and find out everything he needs to know about it. Also he is more powerful than us even using our own weapons. I haven't finished programming his AI yet because I got a new video game so haven't really had any time. I'll go back to work on him as soon as I beat it or get bored with it.

Skull and Drill whisper to each other while others look at the robot Dust just built.

Skull: What do you think the odds are of this thing going evil?

Drill: Well, with how things usually happen I think that there is no chance of us not getting attacked by it.

Skull: Do you think we should destroy it?

Drill: No, I don't think Dust would be foolish enough not to have an emergency self-preservation device. That would guarantee it attacking us. So we should probably just try and guard it. I'll make sure none sneak in and steal it tonight.

Unfortunately that night, Drill and Dust had planned a video game tournament. It would most likely continue all night long and distract both too much to watch out for anyone trying to steal the unfinished Omni while everyone else was asleep.

That night, Ballade managed to sneak into the Cossacks Comrades' HQ and made his way to Dust's room and spotted Omni.

Ballade: Let's see what we have here. Hmm... Looks pretty powerful, I better destroy it before the Cossacks Comrades use it. Wait, what's this? They haven't even programmed it yet. I could make it my loyal servant, but I have a better idea.

Ballade put his hand over Omni's head and a few wires came out of his hand. They attached themselves to Omni.

Ballade: Initiate Data Transfer Now!

Seconds later the wires went back into Ballade's hand and Ballade’s body fell to the floor and did not move at all. Omni then came online with a grin.

Omni: Yes, this body is as powerful as it seemed. It even has all the weapons and information I need.

Omni then turned both his arms into busters and fired like crazy causing huge explosions all over and enough noise that brought all the Cossacks Comrades to the room.

Once they entered Omni smiled and jumped through a hole in the wall and landed outside. All quickly followed him.

Omni: Well, Cossacks Comrades you have created your own demise. You made the perfect body for me to use to destroy you and left it lying unprotected. I was once the powerful Ballade, but now I have taken this body and have become the invincible Omni!

Drill: Cossacks Comrades, lets take him out!

Brightbabe came at Omni and tried to freeze Omni so he would be an easy target, but Omni was too fast and easily came up behind Brightbabe.

Omni: I think this is your weakness.

Omni then fired Toad's weapon at such a great power it knocked Brightbabe down. Toad then tried attacking with his Rain Flush from behind but got hit by Drill's attack and taken down.

Dust: You and me, Drill. If I can send you at him at a high enough speed you should be able to go right through him!

Drill then became a giant drill, which Dust first inhaled and then sent flying at an amazing speed. Omni moved out of the way easily.

Omni: Child's Play.

Omni then fired Dive's weapon at Drill and Ring's weapon at Dust to take care of them. Dive then tried to tackle Omni, but Omni put up a Skull Barrier that sent Dive flying.

Skull: We need to take him out fast.

Ring: He may have taken the others down, but he's going to die now.

Omni: Is that so?

Omni fired Dust's weapon at Skull, which sent him flying and then hit Ring with Pharaoh’s weapon, which made Ring fall to the ground.

Omni: Now just you and me Pharaoh, wait I should rephrase that...

Omni said while use BB's weapon to take care of Pharaoh.

Omni: It's just me.

The Cossacks Comrades slowly get up, each badly injured. They then get together.

Skull: Your not getting away, Omni.

Dust: We'll make sure of that.

Omni: Oh, yeah? Well not only do I have every weapon, but I can also use them all at once.

Omni's body started to glow and the color it glowed changed color every second.

Omni: Omni Blast!

Omni then fired an attack that was made up of every attack there was. Every RM weapon was used along with Megaman's, Bass', Protoman's, and Duo's attacks. They were all combined in an attack that caused a huge explosion. The Cossacks Comrades' HQ was completely destroyed along with basically everything else nearby.

Omni walked over to the defeated Cossacks Comrades. Their bodies were burnt and parts of their bodies were missing. They were barely alive.

Omni: Now to make sure you can never bother me again.

Omni raised both of his hands. The Cossacks Comrades were lifted off the ground and floated mid-air. A portal then appeared. The portal was dark and like a raging storm, it made a loud noise and inside it everything swerved and spun.

Omni: I know better than to try and kill you. No matter what I do you'll eventually come back, you could easily be rebuilt. It seems easier for me to send you where you will never be able to return from.

Omni then sent the Cossacks Comrades through the portal, laughing loudly.

Later, the Cossacks Comrades awoke, finding themselves both in a strange place and missing body parts.

Dust: Ok, does anyone remember what happened? I'm missing my legs and we're definitely not outside our HQ anymore. I think Omni may have both a transdimentional transporter and a time traveling device, so I'm guessing he might of used one of the two. Can anyone tell me which he used because I can't really tell and my eyes are pretty beat up and I can barely see a thing.

To be continued...

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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