Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 5
Omni: The Terror Lives?

*Drill writes*

Our heroes thought the battle with Omni was done... but unfortunately he lives again!

Drill: Damn it all I thought we killed him!

Jay: Hey fuck you, we almost killed him, not you!

Ring: Fine already, but look sharp! This guy is can beat the crap out of us!

BB: …with that type of attitude.

Ring: What does that supposed to mean?

Pharaoh: Shut up! God you act worst then how G-Man makes sprites.

Dive: Or A.C.

Toad: Or Anime Master.

Drill: HEY! I make good sprites!

Omni: I don't care about this frickin GSC4 guys! I want to fight damn it!

Jay: Well good luck guys. We’ll sit this out.


Jay: Aw bite me.

Ring: Enough! We must fight!

Skull: Yeah!

Ring: Shut up noob!

Skull: Yeah… Hey!

BB: Stop hassling the new guy.

Skull: But you joined at the same time as me!

Drill: You know there are many ways to kill a Robot Master. I know them all. So I will go Kung Fu on your skull ass if you don't concentrate!

Omni: … what the fuck are they doing?

Dive: We must fight! Even if we loose and our bodies are used in a blood orgy we will fight!

BB: Yuck...or actually yay!

Pharaoh: You have a very sick mind my fellow communist companion.

Drill: Okay its time to attack! Show HP!

*The CC, who originally had 1 hp now have 150 out of 300, while Omni who was unharmed now has 180 hp. *


Jay: Those were fireworks you fucking moron.

Skull: Lets kick some ass!

CC: Hells yeah noob!!

Skull: I'M NOT A NOOB!

Ring: Yes you are.

Toad: Yep.

Pharaoh: 100%

*Dust writes*

Skull: We must use our ultimate attack to defeat him!

Dust: We have an ultimate attack?

Skull: Everyone has an ultimate attack.

Drill: Well he is right about that…

Skull: Ha, shows you all that I’m not a dumb noob!

Drill: But what would our ultimate attack be?

Ring: See, your still a dumb noob.

BB: Leave the new guy alone, and is there anything we can do?

Dive: We must fight!

Pharaoh: Our companion is right; we must hope we can get past his defenses this time with our attacks.

Dust: I just thought of something, all of our battles against him our going like a turn based RPG. That is why he doesn’t attack us while we stand talking. So, why don’t we look at all the attacks we have?

CC: We’re just noticing this now?!

Skull: Okay, look under attacks. Options regular attacks, special attacks, group attacks.

Ring: A group attack will obviously be stronger.

Dive: Our combined powers can win!

Pharaoh: Options again our two robot masters, three robot masters, four robot masters, ect, ect.

Dust: The list of options ends with all robot masters.

Drill: Choose that one, we must have something good.

Skull: Hey, one of the attacks for all robot masters is ultimate attack!

Drill: So that must be what ours is.

Skull: Ha, who is the noob now?

Ring: Still you.

Skull: Hey!

Dive: Lets not argue, we must together fight and defeat Omni!

BB: This heathen must die!

CC: Ultimate attack now!

*The CC start glowing and the ground starts to shake as they power up for their ultimate attack. They hope it will be enough to destroy Omni.*

Omni: I’m having a feeling that this will hurt.

*Ring writes*


Skull: And you call me a noob...


Drill: Anyways, are you guys ready?

CC: Ready!

Drill: Ultimate Attack... well, ATTACK!!

Omni: Bring it you stupid cheaply made communist bots!!

*The Comrades released the attack, which formulated into a giant shield made out of pure light. The light then rocketed towards Omni, who tried to dodge but found that it homed in on him. Getting hit, it merely went "kachink!" upon impact*

Drill: Wha... What?! What just happened?

Toad: ...It appears that Ring's weapon nullified the usefulness.

Skull: Ha! Look who's the noob now!

Omni: Oh, gentlemen...

BB: *Clears her throat*

Omni: And, er, Babe... I'm afraid you should all be worrying about something other who the noob is...

CC: Crap.

Omni: And when I'm through with you, I'm going to deal with those stoners, WHO THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY TO BLOW ME UP!!! *Glares and Jay and Bob*

*Outside the RPG*

Jay: Silent Bob, I say we split before he decides to fucking kill us and we go to hell.

Silent Bob: *Nods*

*Back inside*

Dive: Well, it's been fun. I'll miss those adventures we had.

Pharaoh: What I can't believe is that Ring's stupid weapon will be the one that kills us all! Me, Drill and Dust didn't even have anything in it!

Ring: *Sweatdrops*

Narrator: Will the Comrades die? Will they? I need to know! As soon as they do, I can get a REAL job! Sheesh!

Toad: Shut up Narrator. Your not helping.

Narrator: I know.

Toad: Then do something!

Narrator: How about "no?" I don't need to do anything, since I want you all to die. My freedom depends on it!

Pharaoh: Do it unless you want a Pharaoh Shot up your ass.

Narrator: ...And suddenly, the shield of light which went passed Omni came back, do to Ring's boomerang weapon!

Omni: Ha, fools! What makes you think something else will happen?! It will just kachink like it did before! And then... You will all die! Hahahah!!

Narrator: However, upon impact with the shield, it exploded in a torrent of flames!

Omni: Wha...? Yikes! *Dodges the flames* Nice try, but you'll have to do better than that to stop me!

Narrator: And finally four flames shot out in multiple directions, hitting Omni, and promptly lowering his HP to 0.

Omni: This is... unbelievable... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *explodes*

Drill: Shibby.

*The next day...*

Dr. Cossack: Good thing Omni was destroyed, huh?

Dive: Yeah. As soon as we destroyed him, his memory went back into Ballade's body, and was sent to jail.

Dust: Sigh...

Skull: What is it Dust? If it's about Omni and he was being your greatest creation and all...

Dust: No. It's not that.

CC: Hmm?

Dust: What the heck are we going to do with those idiots, Jay and Silent Bob?

Pharaoh: Cossack said they were special guests. Why, I don't know.

Dr. Cossack: Well, uh... you see. You all destroyed their place where they do their... um, "activities", so we owe them.

Ring: Oh, good. For a second I thought you let them stay because they were giving you drugs.

Dr. Cossack: Of course not! As a scientist, I am supposed to be fair and just. *Throws away the joint he was smoking*

Drill: So where are they staying?

Dr. Cossack: Since I created you and I'm the head of the citadel... Your room.

Drill: What?! NO!!

Dr. Cossack: They insisted however. And I wasn't about to argue with that Bob.

Toad: Oh well, you'll get over it Drill.

Drill: B-but... *Foams under his helmet*

CC: Ew...

Ring: Well, until I can think of an original ending that everyone can agree on... We are Cossack's Comrades!!

*In Drill's room*

Jay: Looks like we're back in business. Snootch to da nootch!

The End

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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