Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 2

Omni’s Terror

Last time our heroes were defeated by Dusts newest creation, Omni, in which Ballade but his data in. After defeating them and sending them to an unknown dimension, they are found with missing parts.

Drill: Dust you idiot. You didn’t even keep an alarm on that thing. And now I'm missing my arms.

Dust: Sorry… my bad.

Pharaoh: So just where are we?

Dive: Hmmm... Leonardo, New Jersey.

Toad: How do you know?

Dive: By the sign, idiot.

Drill: Wait! I live in Jersey! Maybe if we can get to my house we can use my computer to get back to the HQ!

Brightbabe: Uh guys I think we have a problem. Look!

Ring: I can’t look. I have no eyes.

All: Shut up!

Bightbabe: Well just to let you know that I am looking at a missile being launched at us from a wormhole. It appears to be Dive Missiles and Homing Snipers. They smell like tacos. Mmmmmmm tacos. Run meh boyos!

So the Comrades evade the missile but it is still seen going and right in front of its path is a small time store called the Quick Shop.

Dante: Oh crap! And I'm not even supposed to be here today!

Randal: You always say that.

Dante: Shut up, dick.

And so the missile destroys the Quick Stop and seen in the ashes are 2 people.

Person 1: They totally destroyed it! Now where are we gonna deal?

Person 2: *Shrugs*

Person 1: Its time to take some action against this mofo!

Meanwhile back to the Comrades…

Drill: Home sweet home. Oh look it’s my cat Taz. Hi Taz!

Taz: *Hiss!*

Drill: Okay bye Taz. Here is the computer. Um can someone go use the computer for me?

Skull: *Nods since he lost his mouth…or did he have one I don't know anymore.*

Drill: Okay now head to my documents and go to Cossacks Comrades file. Okay now go to Trapped in Anime world part 1.

Dive: Why there?

Drill: Because Washu is there! She can repair us, and probably give us some weapons.

Ring: How do we get there anyway? This is only a computer right?

Drill: Well if I have Skull type stuff in we would automatically go there.

Pharaoh: Why don't we just go write about no more Omni?

Toad: We need a good way to open up Season 2.

Drill: Okay now type before we actually leave Tenchi Universe, The present Comrades appear and have Washu repair us and give us weapons and the Transdimensional device. Then we go around to various worlds of anime and take as many weapons as we can then we come back to this spot and this time.

Suddenly we are all repaired, have a ton of weapons, well as the Transdimensional device.

Toad: Cool. We are awesome.

Skull: Okay, now lets make a portal to our HQ and take down Omni!

All: Yeah!

So they create a hole and jump through but the 2 people follow. Who are they? Find out next time.

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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