Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 3
Omni Ultimatum

Drill: *Jumps out of the portal* We're back!

Dr. Cossack: Oh comrades! Thank goodness! That Omni has been destroying everything!

Pharaoh: Don't worry. Now that WE'RE here, we'll destroy him, and put and end to Ballade for good!

Skull: Let's go! *Runs off*

Everyone: ...

Dive: So where is Ballade?

Dr. Cossack: He's appears to be in Japan, destroying a video game company headqaurters labeled "Capcom".

Ring: *Faints*

Drill: Ring, wake up, dammit!

Pharaoh: *Grabs Ring and starts punching him over and over*

Ring: Uh... sorry about that.

Dr. Cossack: There is no more time! Jump into this teleporter that just appeared out of complete nowhere and stop Omni!

Comrades: Right!

*The Comrades enter the portal, while two mysterious figures appear and approach Dr. Cossack*

Dr. Cossack: Oh, hello. What can I do for you?

Figure 1: Me and my pal here were selling some joints when your grandkids showed up and blew the place to fucking bits.

Figure 2: *Nods*

Dr. Cossack: Are you stoned?

Figure 1: Oh yeah. *Knocks Cossack out* Snootch to da' nootch gramps!

*The two figures enter the transporter*

Figure 1: Word up.

*Elsewhere, with Omni...*

Omni: Bwahahahah! Foo'. You thought you could stop me?

Skull: Honest mister, I just wanted to find the ice cream parlor...

Omni: Shut up. I am not the same idiot that I was before! I am smarter now, and because of this, I shall destroy anyone that reminds me of the Comrades, real or not... Now, prepare to be destroyed!

Drill: Halt! In the name of the law, Ballade!

Omni: Ah, Drill Man. So you've come to die with your friend? How fitting.

*Drill charges at Omni, who calmly takes out his hand fires multiple Dive Missiles, causing Drill to go flying back*

Skull: Gasp!

Omni: *Grabs Drill and turns to Skull* That's right! Kneel before your MASTER!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!

Pharaoh: Pharaoh Shot!!

Omni: Oof! *Drops Drill*

Skull: Pharaoh!

Pharaoh: A little advice-- Don't run off without knowing where you're supposed to go.

Skull: Sorry...

Dust: Ballade! This ends here!

Ring: We're here as Comrades, to put an end to your evil ways!

Omni: Heheheheh... hahahahahahaMWAHAHAHAHAH!!! FANTASTIC!! I'm surprised you all were able to make it all this far! But I'm afraid your not going to be able to get much farther. Do any of you know about body-swapping?

Ring: Ehh... no?

Omni: If you were to destroy me like I am, I would merely go back to my original form! You can't stop me!

Pharaoh: Heh, no problem. We've all ready got your other body all nice and snug in our citadel. Once we've beaten you, we'll send it to the proper athourities.

Omni: Hahahahahah! So... You really think it's that easy, do ya?

*Command Mission style commenced*

W A R N I N G !

Omni: You don't stand a CHANCE!!!

*Omni uses Drill Bomb on Toad Man, causing 124 damage*

Toad: Ow! Hey, no fair!

*Toad Man uses Rain Flush on Omni, causing 0 damage*

Toad: Crap.

*Bright Babe uses Taco Flush on Omni*

Omni: *Eats tacos* ....Burp.

Bright: Heathen!

Skull: BURN HIM!!!

*Pharaoh uses Pharaoh Shot*

Omni: *Catches the shot and throws it back*

Pharaoh: Damn you!

*Pharaoh takes 100 damage*

Omni: How 'bout I treat you all to my little speciality?

*Omni uses Hot Breath, causing 900 damage to all Comrades, minus Pharaoh, who takes 450 damage instead, and Ring, who takes 18,000 damage to weakness*

Ring: Hey, how about some sorta HP chart?

Narrator: Oh, so NOW you want me to do something? Why, I outta--

Comrades: JUST DO IT!!

Narrator: Fine, whatever...

Toad: 1850 Bright: 2140 Pharaoh: 2473 Dive: 2239 Ring: 1496 Drill: 2012 Skull: 2082 Dust: 2378 Omni: 9999

Ring: Okie-dokie!

*Ring Man uses Ring Boomerang*

*Omni uses Metal Man effect on Ring Man, and bounces the boomerang back, causing 9,999,999,999,999 damage*

Ring: God modder. *Faints*

Toad: 1850 Bright: 2140 Pharaoh: 2473 Dive: 2239 Ring: FAINTED Drill: 2012 Skull: 2082 Dust: 2378 Omni: 9999

Drill: Shibbie!

*Drill uses Drill Bomb*

Omni: Shibbie THIS!!

*Omni uses Dive Missile and destroys the bomb*

Skull: How 'bout this?

*Skull uses Skull Barrier, causing 0 damage to Omni*

Skull: *Drops the barrier* Oh yeah...

Omni: Foo'.

*Omni uses Dust Crusher on Skull, causing 3000 damage*

Skull: Nooo! *Faints*

Toad: 1850 Bright: 2140 Pharaoh: 2473 Dive: 2239 Ring: FAINTED Drill: 2012 Skull: FAINTED Dust: 2378 Omni: 9999

Dive: I shall destroy you, by using the awsome power of a ram! *Charges* *Omni used Skull Barrier on Dive, causing 2500 damage*

Dive: Crud. *Faints*

Toad: 1850 Bright: 2140 Pharaoh: 2473 Dive: FAINTED Ring: FAINTED Drill: 2012 Skull: FAINTED Dust: 2378 Omni: 9999

*Omni used Quicksilver. Omni can now attack four times straight*

Omni: *Eats a taco and peforms Hot Breath*

*Comrades take 900 damage, minus Pharaoh who takes only 450 damage*

Omni: Now for a new move!

*Omni used Waterlogged, drenching all Comrades, causing them all to take 1000 damage, except Pharaoh and Bright, who take 2000 damage, and Toad, who take 500 damage.*

Bright: *Faints*

Pharaoh: *Faints*

Toad: 1350 Bright: FAINTED Pharaoh: FAINTED Dive: FAINTED Ring: FAINTED Drill: 112 Skull: FAINTED Dust: 478 Omni: 9999

Toad: HiiiiYA!!

*Toad Man used Chemical Bomb on Omni*

*Omni shot the bomb while it was above Toad Man, causing it poor all over him, dealing 1500 damage*

Toad: Curse you! *Faints*

Toad: FAINTED Bright: FAINTED Pharaoh: FAINTED Dive: FAINTED Ring: FAINTED Drill: 112 Skull: FAINTED Dust: 478 Omni: 9999

Omni: Heheh... Looks like it's just you two are left... How fitting.

*Omni activates Drill's Drill Bomb hands*

Drill: *Hands explode, causing 10,000,000,000 damage*

Dust: Drill!

*Dust uses Reboot on Drill, revitilizing and recovering 500 hp*

Omni: Fool! *Grabs both Drill and Dust, and slams their heads into one another*


*End Command Mission style sequence*

Omni: Heeheeheeheehee!! Now do you see? Now do you SEE?! I am no longer that pathetic little weakling, Ballade! I am now the one, the only, OMNI! NeeHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Pharaoh: He's... Too strong...

Ring: We can't win...

Dust: Dang it all....


Bright: Damn, now that boy is hung! And he smells like tacos. XD *bites omni*

Omni: Hey, leggo my eggo! *Throws Bright Babe off*

Bright: Nope, he tastes like arse. ;_;

Drill: I guess we really have lost... Sorry, guys.

Skull: It's okay Drill. You did your best.

Drill: Thanks.

Dive: Don't forget me, though it's a shame I'll never be able to prove that I am better than you when it comes to video games...

Toad: Forget about the games, 'cause he's coming our way now...

Omni: Heheheheheheh... *Plants his foot on Drill's head and turns to a nearby news crew who had caught the whole fight on tape* People of the earth! I am your new ruler, OMNI!! And you shall from now on listen only to me!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!

Figure 1: Snootch to da nootch, ya robot mutha' fuckin' bitch!

Omni: Wha?

*Right after completing those words, Omni was hit by multiple fireworks and sent off into the sky*

Omni: This can't be happening! Not after all that I worked so hard for--


Drill: *Gets up* He was... defeated? But by who?

Figure 1: Me and my compadre here, that's who!

Toad: Who the heck are you guys?!

Jay: I'm Jay, and this is my hetero lifemate, Silent Bob!

Silent Bob: *Nods hello*

Ring: HI!! I'm Ring Man! I'd be glad to shake hands with you two but unfortunately my legs are right in front of me!

Pharaoh: ....Am I the only one who thinks this is going to spell trouble for us?

To Be Continued

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Christoffer as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Dennis as
Toad Man


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