Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 2 Epilogue 14
Origin of Toad Girl

(At the HOTEC headquarters, Zapper, the current Shining Hotarunicus, finds herself following Grizzly Slash to a room in which she never really ever visited. Inside is a large machine that Grizzly is operating.)

Hotarunicus: (Eating a banana) Hey Grizzly! What’cha doing?

Grizzly: (Startled) WAH! Oh, nothing that you need to worry about, Zapper.

Hotarunicus: (With a mouthful of banana) Oh, come on! Tell me!

Grizzly: Oh, very well. I’m going back in time. Now stay here and occupy yourself.

Hotarunicus: Okay.

(A few moments later)

Hotarunicus: (Watching TV) Yep, my attention span is plummeting like a lead balloon. I’ll go follow Anime Master.

(At the portal, which Zapper activated)

Hotarunicus: Wow. That is pretty cool. I’d better get this armor off. If Shining Hotarunicus showed up in the past, it would in all probability rend the fabric of the space time continuum, or do something else I might make up. He he he…

(At the CC Headquarters, Zapper emerges from the portal, wielding her massive chain-gun arm)

Zapper: Wow. This is, by far, the coolest thing I’ve ever done. Though I can’t help but feel as if there are some unpremeditated repercussions to what I’ve just done. Oh well.

(Zapper finds herself in a hallway. She then proceeds to wander around until she finds a kitchen, which is inhabited by several characters she’s never seen before. They all are chatting amongst themselves.)

Skull: (With a mouthful of cereal) Uhh… Guys? (rises to his feet) We have a guest!

Bright: Come on, when are you going to stop living in your little fantasy world?

Skull: Seriously! Look!

(Everyone (Excluding Pharaoh, Toad, and Drill, being absent) rises and looks at Zapper)

Zapper: Is this a bad time? (slowly backs up toward the hallway)

Dust: Okay, who are you and what are you doing here!?

Zapper: Uh… (chuckles nervously) look, it’s funny that you ask that, (bumps into Pharaoh) Uh, hello there.

Pharaoh: …Okay, who’s she?

Dive: Dunno, an intruder.

Pharaoh: Oh, really? What do we do with her?

Zapper: You know, it’s really uncouth to talk around people.

Ring: May I make a suggestion? Let’s let Drill decide. I mean, he’s the leader, and she’s not outwardly aggressive.

Bright: Well, she’s armed; I say that we contain her until Drill comes back.

All: Right.

Zapper: Bwahahaha! “She’s armed” she says! Ha, ha… Oh, it wasn’t a pun? Entirely MY bad.

Dive: The pantry’s bulletproof, thanks to SOMEONE’S little incident. (looks at Ring)

Ring: What!?

Pharaoh: Alright, let’s go.

Zapper: Woah, wait, I’m not going anywhere! I’m staying here! Pantry? NO way! Not going. Small, dark place. Too scared and bewildered. Nope.

Pharaoh: I don’t think you have much of a say in it. Now don’t be difficult and come on.

Zapper: Ha hah ha. I’d hate to interpolate, but… DIE!

(Zapper spins around and fires numerous rounds of armor-piercing shells in Pharaoh’s direction. He is hit several times, and attempts to dodge as many as possible. But, despite his superior maneuverability, Zapper’s targeting system makes sure that the majority of her bullets meet their mark. He rushes toward Zapper in an attempt to knock her down, but his face meets squarely with her fist. He flies across the room, and lands face down, unconscious. Zapper then spins around, knuckles bleeding, and draws the katana on her belt.)

Skull: Woah! She floored Pharaoh!

(Everyone points their guns at her)

Zapper: (voice breaking) I’m not going!

(Drill enters the room)

Drill: Zapper!?

Zapper: (Points her gun-arm at him) I’M NOT GOING I SAID!

Drill: Take it easy! It’s me! Anime Master!

Zapper: (suddenly back to normal) Oh hi! I didn’t recognize you! Cool armor! Where did you acquire it?

Bright: You KNOW her!?

Drill: Yeah, she’s Hotarunicus on HOTEC. Hey Zapper, go sit over there and let me talk to my team. Go, uh… occupy yourself.

Zapper: Oh cool, you have your own team? Oh, sorry about your buddy there… Now to occupy myself… oh look TV! (Dashes into another room and starts watching TV)

Dust: Okay, what’s the deal with her? Now I know for a fact that Shining Hotarunicus Is not THAT powerful!

Drill: Okay, Makenshi equipped her armor with power restraints, so something like that (points to Pharaoh) won’t happen. I think I might have to do the same.

Skull: Wait, what are you implying?

Drill: Well, the Toad Man spot has been open for a while, and Zapper’s proven she knows how to fight well…

Bright: He has a point.

Dive: She’s completely insane!

Drill: Insane? Okay, you’re right. But so is Ring and you don’t complain about him.

Dust: Yeah we do.

Drill: Okay… But still. I’m on HOTEC along with her, and she’s actually pretty intelligent as well, mostly. She lacks common sense… and she’s a bit naive. And prone to aggressive outbursts… But she’s fairly easygoing, and pretty nice if you watch what you say to her.

Ring: Those better be some pretty heavy restraints…

Drill: Heavy enough to put her a touch below par with Pharaoh.

Skull: And you’d better take that gun away from her!

Drill: Okay, it’s settled. I’ll go check with Zapper.

Bright: (Chuckles) Another weirdo to add to this motley bunch we dare to call a team.

Ring: She’ll fit right in. Heh, I love this team. Well, I’m out of here before Pharaoh regains consciousness.

Dust: Yeah, that’s probably a good idea.

(Everyone files out of the room, and leave Pharaoh lying prone on the floor)

Pharaoh: Ohh… I think my spleen and liver just switched places…

Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Keba as
Bright Babe
Err as
Skull Man
Rebel40000 as
Ring Man
Sergal as
Pharaoh Man
Zapper as
Toad Girl


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