Cossack's Comrades

Cossack's Comrades Alpha Season 4 Epilogue 14

(We begin this story with everyone's favorite robot villains. More specifically, in a sunken spaceship.)

Flakmaster : *saluting* Zis new plan is ready and perfect, Herr Megatron ! Ve can crush ze Comrades once and for all !

Megatron : Can you attest of this, Starscream ?

Starscream *armor scorched* : Totally, mylord. I believe they even match Devastator.

Gehenos : But even ole Devy doesn't have burners, eh Screamer ? *chuckles*

Starscream : I will make you pay for this insolence, you shame !

Stonegrinder : No one kicks a Panzerkon and gets away with it ! *clenches his fists*

Flakmaster : Now, no need to be mad at each ozer ! Mein lord, ve shall attack zeir Citadel tomorrow at dawn.

Megatron : Excellent. Starscream, you shall accompany them.

Starscream : But ... why ?

Megatron : It's been a long time since you could prove you were a decent fighter. That, and you know as well as us that our ... project could need a little direction.

Starscream *bowing* : As you wish, my liege. (Once I destitute you, I will make you pay dearly for these humiliations.)

Soundwave : Recording Starscream's mutters. Rewind. Play.

Starscream *panicked* : We shall get going, now ! P-Panzerkons, follow me !

Soundwave *after everyone but Megatron left* : Request : orders. Details : Starscream' recordings.

Megatron : Put them with the others. His litany of threats is music to my ears.

Soundwave : As you command, Megatron.

(meanwhile, close to the Citadel, a few hours later...)

Treader : Hey, Starscream. Good luck for the coming assault.

Starscream : ... ? Why, thank you.

Gehenos : You're gonna need it, after all.

Stonegrinder : Yeah ! once we prove the Panzerkons can do better than your troops, there'll be some power-vacuum going on !

Gehenos : And ole Flakmaster will take your nice seat !

Nightspinner : Who shall replace you at the head of the Seekers, Commander ? Maybe Skywarp ?

Starscream : What ? Megatron can't replace me !

Flakmaster : He didn't so far. And he lost until now. Maybe a change could be beneficial to his plans of conquest ?

Starscream : This shall never happen !

Flakmaster : Ve'll see. Panzerkons ! Form Imperator !

(In a synchronized move, all Panzerkons turned to their vehicle modes, and set themselves to form a combiner : Treader and Stonegrinder for the legs. Dreadnought for the torso. Gehenos and Flakmaster for the arms. And finally, Nightspinner on the back.
All remained silent, until the new robot's eyes flashed.)

Imperator : I ... function. Come, Starscream.

Starscream *perching on Imperator's shoulder* : How come you're so smart ? Last time I checked, you were a big dumb monster !

Imperator : Flakmaster enhanced the systems. I can operate on my own.

Starscream : (Oh, slag. He's quite close to the ultimate soldier now ! What place does it leave for me ?)

Imperator : Destruction begins now.

(And so, the monstrous Decepticon rushes to the Citadel, ground creaking at every step, while Starscream follows him flying.
In the Citadel...)

Hunter : Enemy approaching. Readings indicate it is of Decepticon origin.

Geoff : Bah. Losertron wants a rematch of the drinkin’ contest. So ?

Hunter : It seems to be an unknown opponent. Supposed group : Combiner. The closest known model would be Bruticus.

AM : NOW we’re in trouble.

Sean:How so ? If it’s a combiner, it’s just a big dumb brute.

Cossack : Just open fire with the batteries and call it a day.

Hunter : As you command. *fires*

(But something quite unexpected happened.)

Imperator : Target-lock acquired. No one shall hurt Imperator !

(Every of the behemoth’s weapons aimed at the projectiles and counter-fired, stopping the Cossack defense in its tracks.)

Imperator : Must neutralize enemy weapons. *opens fire*

(In the Citadel.)

Cossack : That’s no good, lads ! We have nothing to reply with !

Geoff : Ye’re forgettin’ ya have a whole squad of demomen around here, Doc. Let’s bash some metal !

Regulus : Hang on. Auto-locking, the forms of the limbs ... don’t you think it’s those Panzerkons again ?

Sean:Then, we use the hole thing again, right ?

AM : This may work. Reg, follow me ! You all must lure him closer to the wall !

John :Easier said than done.

Geoff *slaps Samuel on the head* : Fer chrissake ! All we have ta do is fire and yell insults at him ! There’s nothin’ easier in life ! An’ ole Skeletor is gonna Skull Shield yer pretty arse, isn’t it ?

Hunter : My name is Skullman.

Geoff : Whatever. We have some ‘Cons ta humiliate now !

(And such, the defense of the Citadel began.)

Imperator : Targets in sight. Must eliminate !

Hunter : The shield won’t stay up long.

Jade *charging a Pharaoh Shot* : Hang on. That’s your static model, right ? *fires it*

Sean:That thing is firing non-stop at us ! And it’s accurate as well !

Geoff : So what are ya waitin’ for ? Bright, jus' blind it an’ let’s call it a day !

Jet : Alright. Flash ... now ! *uses Flash Stopper*

Imperator : Optics overloaded. Use of screen. *fires a smokescreen*

John :We can’t see it ! What do we do now ?

Geoff : Continue firin’, ya whiner ! How could ya miss something that damn big, even with yer eyes closed ?

(Somehow, the opposite seems true, as Hunter’s shield experiments it.)

Hunter *falling to the ground* : I can’t ... do it anymore. We must fall back.

Geoff : Then go hidin’ ya sissies, while real men do the job !

Jade : Then I stay too. Gotta stick together, right ?

Sean, Jet, Samuel and Hunter : *look at each other, then nod*

Jet : We’ll stay until the end.

Geoff : So y’all have guts ? Perfect !

(The monster walked closer, and closer. Until the smokescreen dissipated...)

Imperator : Switch target to wall. Imperator will smash !

(As the wall crumbled, all of the Comrades stationned on it fell, but thanks to the vibrations, the trap activated. Except that...)

Imperator *standing above the hole* : Fools ! Nothing can stop Imperator ! *continues to smash the wall*

Geoff : ye’re not gonna Hulk-speak for long, ya overgrown toaster ! *resumes firing on Imperator*

Imperator : Feel the heat ! *uses his flamethrowers on the Citadel*

Sean *forming a wall of air* : Retreat ! He’s using energon fire again !

(Meanwhile, the universal traitor was watching the scene with increasing panic.)

Starscream : By Primus, he’s actually winning – and without my help ! If I do nothing, I will be destituted by ... by an Earthcrawler and his squad of criminals ! I can’t let this shame happen to the Decepticons ! *flies at max speed to the back entrance of the Citadel*

(At the same time, the Comrades were quite grim.)

Cossack : He’s destroying the Citadel ! And we just finished paying it !

Kalinka : I thought you’d be more concerned with our lives and stopping this monster.

AM : There’s no way we can do that. He perpetually stomps on the ground, disabling us to dig tunnels ...

Regulus : ... and we have no flyers, and every land attack will be stopped by his firepower.

Sean:Does that mean we’re doomed to lose ?

John :And if that wasn’t enough, someone else is coming !

Starscream *braking down and transforming* : Lower your weapons, Comrades. I propose you an alliance.

Geoff : An alliance ? Wit’ Universe’s Number 1 Traitor ? Don’t make me laugh.

Starscream : I remember you. The one who outdrank Megatron. Good times.

Jade : Cut the nice words, and get to business, will you ?

Starscream : Alright. It’s not in my interest that Imperator wins today. And neither is it yours.

AM : Alright. I see how you could help us, but what do you want in exchange ?

Starscream : After that guy’s defeated, you’ll knock me out. Can’t let Megatron suspect me.

Geoff : Sounds like a nice deal.

AM : Alright, so here’s the plan...

(After a few minutes, and a second destroyed wall...)

Starscream *flying back* : We have won, Imperator ! I just terminated the last of these Comrades !

Imperator : Thanks. *continues smashing the Citadel*

Starscream : Hey ! What are you doing, overgrown tincan ?

Imperator : Megatron’s orders are to destroy everything related to the Comrades.

Starscream : (For spark’s sake...) On this battlefield, I represent Megatron’s will, and I say this is enough ! Would you dare to disobey me ?

Imperator : Alright. Mission cancelled. *turns back*

Starscream : Now ! *transforms*

(As the Seeker transformed, he ejected Jade and Hunter right on the Combiner’s neck.)

Jade&Hunter : Shadow Flare !

(The massive explosion of energy spearated Nightspinner from Imperator’s back, and caused the head to retract in Dreadnought’s body, leaving an exposed back !)

AM : Let’s give him all we’ve got !

(Every Comrade and the Seeker unleashed its arsenal on the Combiner’s less-armored back, causing him to finally fall apart in its original components.)

Sean:Are they still active ?

Starscream : I helped tweaking little things in their designs. They have a stable mind together, but in response they have a strong feedback if Imperator’s disabled in fight.

Regulus : Interesting, but I believe there was a second part in that alliance of ours.

Starscream : Ah, yeah. Don’t you damage my body too much.

Geoff *punches Starscream out* : Sorry, gotta make this convincin’.

Jet : What will we do on him ? I mean, he helped us, right ?

Jade : Only because it was in his interest.

AM : Which means he deserves a little lesson. Right, people ?

(After several minutes, Starscream finally awakes, and leads the defeated Panzerkons back to the Nemesis.)

Starscream : And this is the story, mylord. We were finally defeated by the Comrades’ cunning and weapons. And alas, Imperator doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Megatron : A nice story, Starscream. You should have been a novelist.

Starscream : What do you mean ?

Megatron : Take a look in a mirror.

(Scribbled all over the Seeker’s body was things like “Starscream is a complete liar”, “He’s a traitor”, “he worked with the Comrades against Imperator”, and so on.)

Megatron : We were betting on how long it would take you to notice it all.

Starscream : These blasted Comrades !

Rumble * looking at Starscream’s bottom* : Hey, bro, got a phone ? This BrightBabe sounds fun !

Frenzy : I do hope there’re reductions for groups !

Megatron : ... Anyways, you must be punished for your defeat. Panzerkons, you’ll have daily target exercise.

Panzerkons : *grumble a “yes sir”*

Megatron : Starscream, you’ll be their target.

Panzerkons : *start grinning broadly*

Starscream : Oh, slag.

(Meanwhile, at the rebuilt Citadel.)

Cossack : Gotta thank you for the workforce, Reg.

Regulus : No problem. These drones needed a last control before being sold anyway.

Jet *carrying a cellular* : Dive, would you please stop writing my phone number everywhere ? I got calls from these Decepticon thugs every minute since this morning !

Geoff *petting Autumn* : I’m helpin’ you gettin’ pocket money, and that’s how you thank me ? How rude.


Cossack's Comrades

AM as
Drill Man
Sean as
Dust Man
Geoff as
Dive Man
  Jet as
Bright Babe
Hunter as
Skull Man
John as
Ring Man
Jade as
Pharaoh Man
Regulus as
Toad Man


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