Cossack's Comrades

DCN #027 Drill Man: AM 

Who is 'AM?'

AM is the persona occupying the avatar that is the Drill Man unit. He tends to get along well with his teammates and others in general, but sometimes people get the idea that he may be watching them…or maybe that they are part of a larger conspiracy.

Drill Man…conspiracy theorist?

Drill Man never rules out any possible turn. In his mind there is the possibility that there is a covert force that is ready to strike at any given moment. He tends to be act laid back as a cover to hide the fact that he is examining every possible outcome for any given scenario. He feels that the victory lies in the preparation and as such does not rest until the fight is fully done.

So if he is paranoid can he be trusted?

I wouldn’t say he is PARANOID but it helps to have a strategist amongst the crowd. However can his plans and preparation be right all the time? That is for the Comrades to find out in battle and when they are thrown into these crazy situations. But what can be said for certain is that Drill Man is able to hold his own in a fight

Ah so he is a fighter, eh?

Well with a name like Drill Man, what do you expect him to be? He has been upgraded from old specs of both Drill Man 1.0 and Drill Man 2.0 armor designs to incorporate as many areas of drill related melee combat as possible. Look at his knees, there are drills to stab you when you get kneed in the chest. Look at the elbows, you get stabbed. His drill hands can be detached to produce not only the original Drill Bombs but also mini caltrops.

Sounds interesting. Anything else to say?

Well, he has a cape. Capes are cool.

For an intellectual mind that strives for preparation, isn’t a cape the worst thing to have?

There is no situation where a cape would not look good on this body.


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