Cossack's Comrades

DCN #30 Dust Man: Sean 

Who is 'Sean?'

Sean is Dust Man of the Cossack's Comrades. Out of all of the Cossack Robot Masters, he probably best defines their original purpose towards utility and industry having some of the least direct combat potential. His combat modifications were never originally finished and he was left with a nonfunctional buster during his first time on the battlefield. Actually has that thing ever been fixed?

So if he isn't combat based what good is he in a fight?

For direct combat, he still has a fairly powerful vacuum capable of exerting force on even machinery twice his size. His original capability at compressing trash allows him to use that to pull in nearby objects and condense it to a solid projectile that can be fired at a target with this attack being called the Dust Crusher. These projectiles being hastily made are prone to breaking on contact with a solid surface, but then the fragments usually scatter and keep going for a while. Sean has opted for a more defensive style of combat to help keep his distance for when he needs to gather more ammo.

Anything else useful about him?

What once was considered trash to be thrown away is now recycled. Sean has an eye for spotting components that are still good in a damaged machine allowing him to do salvage and is fairly good at piecing things together from spare parts. Not all of these things will last that long since they are usually quickly hobbled together from salvaged parts, but it helps him be able to do quick field repairs or help the team out in other ways. He also can help by quickly analyzing any unusual pieces of technology the team comes across. In fact his ability to quickly analyze machines and do rush assembly or repairs has been boosted. Unlike in previous models, he can now examine anything inhaled with his vacuum and separate any components he deems useful. However their might have been some issues with enhancing it.

What issues?

Well, Sean is prone to over-thinking things which isn't too bad of a trait usually. However both the upgrades to his thinking that have been made or possibly the stress from all his time in the field fighting has messed with it a bit. Sean has trouble controlling what topic he latches and has difficulty leaving that topic. When stuck on a topic he can try moving forward, but will be distracted and have difficulty focusing until he finishes whatever he was mentally working on or finds a way to change the subject. This still doesn't seem too bad until you get to the fact he has a much easier time to latching onto negative topics like all the things that could go wrong on a mission or the fact that when he sees a weak point on his body that he starts thinking of all the ways it could be damaged or exploited to kill him. This usually leads to him coming off as stressed or frantic as he either ends up stuck on a bad subject or trying to ensure that he stays off them via other distractions.

Is it really safe or good to keep him around then?

Certainly. Sean is incredibly loyal to the team and worried about their well-being. He actually wishes he didn't have the above problem so he could more easily work with the rest without being agitated and help them with any issues. At the moment he's refused about getting his over analyzing problem fixed because he worries that it might limit his ability and prevent him from helping out in a field situation.


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