Cossack's Comrades

DCN #032 Skull Man: Hunter 

Who is 'Hunter' ?

Hunter is Skull Man of the Cossack's Comrades. He stands out among his peers as he was designed as a military unit first and foremost. His skeleton motif works towards psychological warfare - even though most of his opponents would be robots, but that's neither here nor there.

How does he live up to that goal ?

Pretty well, truth be told : his original design included a Skull Buster that could match Mega Man's main weapon, and his specific weapon is the Skull Barrier, a nigh-impenetrable force field. He also has good reflexes and agility to counter-balance his light armor. Thanks to his programming, he's also handy with pretty much any weapon he can get his hands on.
But thanks to the geniuses at R&D, he has new abilities ! The main one being the possibility to alter the Skull Barrier's intensity, which converts the repelled attacks' energy into a speed booster. Also, he's been fitted with a visor system, and each rib conceals a small-caliber gun.

Sounds like a cheery guy.

You don't know the half of it. Due to a flaw in his programming, Hunter is a bit of a nihilist : he knows that, in the end, people die. A look in the mirror is proof enough for him, and if that wasn't enough, he has the memories of the previous Skull Men to remind him that on a daily basis.
And yet, he goes on. Why ? It's simple : he has a Team to protect. His family and friends. Sure, they'll go down one day, and so will he, but it won't be today, and by the hands of the creep he faces.
To sum it up : he's gloomy, but loyal and well-armed - the best kind of bodyguard.

But isn't he, I dunno, obsessed with the fighting stuff ?

Surprisingly, he tries other things to get himself busy. But the doofuses at R&D kinda forgot to give him other protocols than "fight" or "protect and serve", so he's a bit short on emotions. Sure, he'll attend your parties, play video games, or have a drink with you, but he'll just ... stand there. Watching. Staring. Not even judging.
And don't mention when he had to go undercover at Disney World. Poor kids will never be the same.
He does like modeling, mechanics and other stuff, but it's mostly to prepare him for fights.


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