Cossack's Comrades

DCN #026 Toad Man: Flippy 

Number: Don't know how to count. Apparently it's 26
Nickname: Flippy T. Williams Snergle Bergetmeister the third...wait, that's too long? Okay just "Flippy" then.

Oh GOD not this guy...

Flippy is Toadman of the Cossack's Comrades, he is the single most annoying robot you could ever come across. Ever hear the sound of a chalkboard being scratched? Or how about a group of crying infants? Maybe you're familiar with people talking loudly in the theater? Yeah, all that sounds heavenly compared to this guy.

Is he good for anything?

No, never. Not in a million years...well, okay, he has rather durable body armor so he CAN make for a good living shield. He can also dance in order to bring down acid rain that can burn and dissolve his enemies. That might sound powerful but you can easily stop him from doing it if you hurt him while he's dancing. He can also jump really high but this normally results in him tripping over his own feet, what a loser. He's pretty incompetent in battle too, not only is he weak but he's also really smug in combat, oftentimes thinking that he'll always come out on top, only to whine and yell for someone to save him when the odds eventually go against him. Not to mention he does not know how to change battle strategies, usually going for the easiest and quickest thing he can do. He can also stick to the walls and ceiling, but that's more of an extra quirk he has than anything useful at all.

What makes him so annoying?

Where to even begin...first off he's a delinquent who complains constantly about every little thing, secondly he'll eat the most disgusting things imaginable, this normally relates to bugs and larvae but he'll also eat anything he finds off the ground; whether it's dank murky liquid or anyone's dropped valuables...let's just say it's really difficult to get him to spit it out unless you can get a really good grip on him. Even if you insult him for his behavior, more often than not he'll either ignore it or take it in stride. When he does get offended however, he becomes incredibly lazy and unmotivated and never wants to do anything until whoever offended him apologizes.

Jeez, is there anything redeemable about this guy?

In all fairness he does seem to care about his friends and will try to defend them if they're in danger, he's not very good at defending anyone unless he's in the enemy's way but then again I suppose it's the thought that counts.

So remind me why they're keeping him around?

Again, living shield.


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