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Starcross - prototype designs

My original thought of "what if Stardroids were navis? Also Holst references for some reason" led to this sheet. I tried to cover as much of the planet symbolism as I could, which led to some really busy concepts. Particularly Uranus, who's named after a sky god, based on an earth bull robot, with theme music called "The Magician". Also threw in some astrological stuff to see what would stick.

At first I was drawing them as their own characters, but I soon hit on the idea that they would all be existing characters that underwent a transformation. Part of that was an older concept for Mars where he was a mutation of Napalm, part of it was Saturn coming out looking like Fate because I was going for the "Old Age" theme, part of it was wanting to do a little something different with my Navi Stardroids set from all the other fanartists.

SXmarsxnapalm.jpg SXplutoxflame1.gif SXsketches0.jpg SXsketches2.jpg SXsketches1.jpg


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