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Starcross - Gate and Buster Rod

Not actually a part of Starcross, these are designs for principal characters in the nonexistant story that preceded it. It was originally going to be the basis for the AXE/Mechs crossover back when we first vowed to do it, but over time I realized I wasn't going to get to do both this and Starcross, and I just wanted to skip to Starcross.

The story would have centered around the return of Fate, now merged with the remnants of Gamma and going by "Gate", along with his minion, Monkey, a.k.a. Buster Rod G(amma). They'd be on a quest to defeat the legendary warriors of the Cyberworld and claim their legendary weapons, these being the basis for all the rare battlechips in the games whose pictures don't have easy in-universe explanations, like GoldFist, ZeusHammer, Z-Saber, Gun Del Sol, etc. It would turn out these are all extradimensional visitors (obvious, in Zero's and Django's case) crossing over with the cyberworld under mysterious circumstances. This would provide the excuse for the Mechs to be involved. Gate would steal the weapons, power up, heroes would beat him, he would vanish into a black hole and emerge elsewhere in his Saturn form for the next storyline, at some point Flamechick would regain her lost memories and get a new mask setting her up for the next storyline.

The Starcross epilogue references Gate and this missing storyline, but in the end I figured everyone's imaginations could fill in the gaps better than another exhausting drawn-out saga from me.

spider.jpg SXflamechickmasks1.gif gaterod.jpg SXmarsxnapalm.jpg SXplutoxflame1.gif


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