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Megaman Juno: Friendly Greeting

Art for Megaman Juno, who has played some unexpected roles as villain in the epilogues from time to time, and then that one big time in Hardman's Bar.

This one didn't flow as easily as the last several entries did. I didn't quite accomplish all I'd set out to this week, and I'm already losing the feeling of that drawing surge I've been on since I got back from Toronto. I still have no less than five pics scanned in, sitting on my desktop, ready for colouring, but I'm not as enthused about getting to them as I was last week. Here's hoping I can keep this flame burning just a little longer.

Megaman Juno is Capcom's character. I just drew him.

mm3exe.gif Juno.gif juno.jpg mesmermanmadness.jpg Mesmerman_by_RaijinKarate.jpg


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